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Click Bait(Freebies).

I’ve just eaten the last slice of cake which was supposed to be my OH’s but it didn’t have his name on it and just because he called Dibs on it doesn’t mean it was his plus I’m PMTing so if he’s got any sense not only will he not bring up the subject of the last slice he will also come home with an armful of chocolate and won’t bitch when I put that crappy horror movie on.  If it’s any consolation I not only do feel a bit guilty, I had to text him to confess I was a pig, but I actually also now feel rather queasy.

Anyhow whilst he’s out I was finally able to get inworld and start unpacking and unpacking and unpacking even more.  I’d popped over to the Vintage Cacha event and didn’t realise that yet again almost every stall has a gift set out on it for us!  So naturally, I clicked away and have ended up with a completely stuffed folder.

xxxvintageuserapI’ve given up unpacking anymore! Not everything in this picture is a freebie but there is a whole selection of stuff.


Lots of the standard horns, jewelry etc NOT that there is anything wrong with that at all, in fact, check out the adorable headdress I am wearing, but I just don’t have the time needed to throw a whole look together inc accessories but of course lots of people do.

There is also quite a few decor items, plates of food, the backdrop behind me, the floating candles and a keeper for me in the small rug I’m standing on.  Honestly, way too much stuff to tell you about and I think you will have much more fun unpacking all this stuff for yourself in any case.

But don’t just go for the Freebies because although I’m not showing you them I did have a few goes on the Gacha’s and not only won myself some goodies but also a Junbug RARE for only 30Lds, the Gacha’s are various prices and when they’re only 30Lds a pop it sometimes is worth trying and when you win what you were hoping for it has a feel good factor.  I also picked up a couple of dress demos and OMG one of them is based on a bordello floozy look with sexy nip slip and when I go back to LM grab I’m going to check out the cost of that Gacha because I want it.

PS I didn’t get the dress I wanted because it was 75Lds a try and although that’s a great price for someone who has way too much I already I will hold off but of course I’ve TPed over to the shop it came from and you never know there might be a freebie for this Cheap B*.

The 11th Vintage Gacha Fair