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Time to chill.(Hunt)

Obviously, these pictures aren’t “prizes” unless like me you’re always looking for great sims to use as a backdrop and in that case, I’ve won big time.

This is the starting point of “The Starfish Hunt”.  Ahead of me is the info cube which you must click on as you not only get this wearable cart which you do need but also a map of the sim and it’s marked as to where you will find the red Starfishes which is what you’re looking for.

You first walk into an underwater cave and in front of you is a set of stairs which lead you up to land level.

You can’t fly around the sim and so I’ve just walked a certain amount, dragging my cart behind me (I could of course just take it off and put it back on when I come across a Starfish).

I did find one of the red starfish that you’re hunting for but tbh I’m more interesting is using this place in future for posing in than I was unpacking it.

I can’t wait till I log in and I will be hunting, or rather just wandering around the sim and if I stumble on a starfish then that’s just a bonus.

IMPORTANT! I spent way too much time just trying to get to the start of this hunt as it’s not really clear how you start.  Turns out that if you click the wall/column to the left of the info box  “it slides to one side allowing you into the underwater cave.

PS. You don’t need to win all 12 prizes to open 12 prizes.  Just hunt for as many as you want.

UPDATE! So I’ve had time to do more of this hunt it’s not as hard as I had first expected but there is a few which are totally hiding from me.  Not all of the starfish contain a gift BUT those that do I have to say are pretty darn good little gifts!  You still have to collect all 12 Starfishes to win the big prize but if I was to just give up now I’m more than happy with what I’ve got.  I think I will continue on though as if the small gifts are this nice I can only image the biggie is even better.  BTW The delivery system is also different cute swim rings so you even score on those as well.

Starfish Hunt@The Horizon