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Seasons Huntings

I’ve got good news and bad news. The Seasons Hunt has started again! I’ve always loved those as there is so much goodness to be found in them. The bad news is that this will be the last one, boo. Oh well, there’s still time to make hay while the sun shines and I’ve run out and grabbed a few items to show you.

First is the hat and scarf you can see above. They are the hunt gift from NSD. I was extra happy to find this gift because the last hunt that took me to NSD I failed at miserably and could not find anything.  The hat is especially awesome here and it fit surprisingly well on my large noggin as did the scarf.

Next up is the cable knitting vest from [pivaaca], one of my favourite stores when it comes to this kind of clothing. Check out the details and texture on this vest and you can see why, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Perfect to wear over…well whatever you want really and features great fitting attachments which also come in a  female size.

Ah Willow, being here brought back memories of the summer version of the Seasons Hunt, trying to find a gift amongst the many sharks. Not that much has changed as this time I had to wade through an orange sea of pumpkins and perplexed people. However, just like before, finding the gift is well worth it as you will get this fabulous pair of the Creek Moccasins. These are some very rugged and wild-looking boots which definitely do not have that ‘freshly made at the factory’ look about them. Girls you can try to find this one as well because there are both male and female versions included in the gift.

So there’s a few gifts for you to check out from this brilliant hunt and I’m sure I’ll have some more to show you before it all ends on the 29th of this month.

Get the gear here:
Hat & Scarf: NSD
Vest: [pivaaca]
Shoes: Willow

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The Seasons Hunt (Autumn)

I managed to whizz around a few of the stores in the Seasons Autumn Hunt yesterday…some top notch gifts on offer..some are REALLY hard to find…some not..so guess which ones I found ?! Above I’m wearing the prize from Inenue, it’s very cuddly and winter warm..beautiful plummy pink shade, teamed up with the fabuuulous hair & hat from Fri.day..comes in different shades , bound to be one you love..

I also dashed to Fir & MNA ,got these sooper sweet loafers..dont fret chaps..they come in sizes for guys too hurrah! Such a handy dandy pair of slip ons…dont miss out.

Loafers : Fir & MNA

Dress : Ingenue

Hair: Fri.day

The Seasons Hunt web site: http://theseasonshunt.com/autumn/

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The Seasons Hunt

Seasons Greetings! As you might have noticed, the Summer edition of the Seasons Hunt is on at the moment and there are some brilliant gifts for guys and girls to be had. I’ve not been up to my usual hunting standards so far. In fact, I’m failing quite miserably but I have managed to find a few bits and pieces to show you.

In the picture above I’m wearing the ‘Linen Check Shirt’ from [pivaaca] and ‘Linen Pants’ from Willow. As soon as I put these two gifts on together, I found an instant favourite outfit. I haven’t taken them off since I put them on. I love the way they look together and individually they’re just as good. Perfect for summer with the lightweight linen and the textures on both are fantastic, as are the colours. You put purple on anything and there’s a good chance I’ll like it but with the Check Shirt, it works even better than usual. They both come with some beautifully made and perfect fitting attachments that come in male and female versions! How great is that?

The other item that I’m really loving from this hunt are these Boston Sandals from [Sleepy Eddy]. The straw texture on them is so good you can almost feel it and the colours, the strap and buckle are just executed to a tee.

If you haven’t felt like getting out and doing some Summer hunting, I think that these three items alone should be enough to get you moving. Seriously, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to get these as gifts. There are a lot more Season Hunt gifts out there just waiting to be found, as well. This hunt will end on the 30th of this month so you better get moving. For more info you can visit their website: http://theseasonshunt.com/.

Get the gear here:
Linen Check Shirt: [pivaaca]
Linen Pants: Willow
Boston Sandals: [Sleepy Eddy]

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Covering The Bases

Zan has been on fire as of late and she’s come back to us yet again. This time with a little bit of everything for every taste. Enjoy.

I didn’t think there was a sale on at Cupcakes at the moment but now I’m not sure because at these prices there seems to be too many bargains for it not to be a sale. Outside of the store they have two large stalls set up with reduced price gift bags stuffed with skins,eyes, clothes etc all mixed so check before you buy but all seems to be L$50. Good looking skins as well. Inside, however, everything seems to be priced at a shocking L$20! I decided on this simple Bandeau Heart Bikini and the brown and red jackets (see picture below) because I have so many dresses it’s embarrassing. A lot of quality for not a lot of lindens. Take a look inside, especially the lovely dresses at the back.

I was on a roll when I visited *Suzy*, as I managed to find all 3 hunt items!  Your looking for a shark, waffle and a strawberry. The Seasons Hunt shark is easy peasy to find and as a hint for the others, all I will say is that there is an upstairs to this shop.  A small shop with a mix of clothes and furniture but I highly recommend you check out both!  Their dresses are very prim and proper.

As for the prize I’m showing: it’s the rather naughty black jeans you see above.  The description is “loosely” unzipped.  Teamed with some colourful undies helps to hide my blushes.  You also get prim cuffs for these jeans as well. The other prizes are nice flattie shoes.

I yelled with happiness when I found this hunt item from The Seasons Hunt as it certainly looked good on the poster and it  didn’t disappoint once I’d gotten it on. This lovely dress is patterned with leaves in shades of brown, orange, yellow and a light blue. The top half comes in all layers and a poofy prims skirt finished with a neat white belt. Skirt does come with a resizer although I didn’t have to edit it for it to fit nicely. And as a nice finishing touch you can then delete the script once you have edited the skirt to your liking. Always a handy feature. Four hunts are going on in this store at the moment so there is plenty to tempt you there.

Get pretty here:

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Urban Girl

Happy Monday everyone! To get your week off right..Ive found a new store with some lush gear for very little Linden pennies yay! Its called Urban Girl..and everything in it is just 10L..we like that right?! Above Im posing with new sooper cool bicycle that’s in the Seasons Hunt from {what next} and wearing a long shorts & plaid blouse outfit …cost 10L

I fell in love with the style of the long shorts…big ole chunky cuffs…great colours ! This pair comes with a shorty sweater that skims your boobs…and a lovely floppy collar…again just 10L

I thought Id better snap up an outfit without shorts also to show you,and saw this black & white combo of sleeveless skinny fit top and flowing two tiered skirt…also comes with the gorgeous wide suede belt…and youve guessed it…10L for the complete thing…

Ohhhhh so ok…just one more shorts set ! Tartan black and white..great belt..and a pure jet black vee neck sweater,..whats not to love?!

Take a look around..theres also skins for 10L, shoooooz…and a group members lucky board…

Go get Urbanised: Urban Girl


The Seasons Hunt

The Seasons Hunt

 Spring into action for the Season’s Hunt has begun! Many great stores are involved giving away tremendous Spring related gifts and today I’ve got a Wavie Haller double for you guys: the hunt items from Valiant and Sacred Skins.

First off is the Andrew skin from Sacred. As you all know, I wear my Sacred skin almost constantly so I don’t have to tell you that I think this is a wicked store. I don’t see too many skins with ginger eyebrows and beards like this one. In skin tone and hair colour it’s very similar to my real life self. Alas, I don’t have the wonderfully defined but not overdone musculature you get with Andrew (and my hair isn’t that ginger). I can identify with the freckles as well, but what fair-skinned redhead would be worth his salt without some freckles? With this gift you get two versions of the skin, one with a ginger hairbase attached and one without and you get three tattoo layers to pick and choose from: an eyeshadow, rosy cheeks and a lip shadow gap.

Valiant’s Season Hunt gift is a cool pair of green three-quarter chino style pants. They make a great combination with the pale skin and ginger hair of Andrew with some lovely creases. I especially like the white stitching around the hip pockets, little touches that make them awesome. You get these pants on the underwear layer as well and you also get well-fitting, great-looking sculpted cuffs.

Both gifts are definitely worth hunting for, you’re looking for a little bumblebee and the ones in Valiant and Sacred aren’t awfully difficult to find.

Get the gear here:
Skin: Andrew – Sacred Skins
Pants: 3/4 Chino Style – Valiant

*Credits: Hair by Truth | Eyes by KMadd | Poses by BeScene (available on the Marketplace) | Thanks to Faith for the brilliant pictures*

The Seasons Hunt

A quicky

Alphavillain - Nautical Shirt

Perfect Sunday morning here in England…here Iam in the garden enjoying the warm sunrays and a coffee (the bench is a free gift currently at kusshon) I found this nautical sweet shirt in The Seasons hunt yesterday, it’s from a guys store but I think it looks equally cute on us chicks. Pretty babyblue stripes with a scooped neckline, ideal for slipping on with crisp white jeans on a spring day. You can find it at  “Alphavillain”..go get it !

Go get nautical: Alphavillain