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Its a Shiki Summertastic

I skipped over to Shiki to claim my prize in the Platinum hunt, which is this refreshing white shift dress,stunning ruffle collar completes the look, so summery ! It’s a cool little number..hence the name “Icy White”…love it…then I decided to head over to the group members area and make sure I hadn’t missed anything from the gifts given out…and boy-oh-boy…

I just hadn’t realised just how many summer dresses Shiki had given us….and they are all deserving of a place in your wardrobe..the Tapa dress above is striking blue & white pattern with a navy bold belt and jaunty scarf…

The Hawaiian Dress in kauai blue is a sweety with vintage print appeal, huge corsage of tropical flowers sit on your hip to accentuate the delicate fabric..

I also scooped up the zingy blossoms dress with its wide bright yellow belt and mouth watering floral print..adored the wrap of flowers across the bodice..

I couldn’t leave without slipping this adorable bright blue babydoll dress into my bag…with its layers and layers of frothy netting and cute bodice bow…its a scene stealer for sure !

Last into my swagbag I collected this months group gift..the grunge denim jacket. Its got boy bits in the box so its unisex yay! Really fabbaliciously detailed…with paint splatters and rough worn denim,the prims are modify but I didn’t have to fiddle with a bit of it , it just fitted straight outta the box…thanks Shiki I feel loved ! All of the above can be yours for free – or 10L if you add in the Platinum hunt gift..now that IS a deal..just join the group and go crazyyyyylegs !

Go get the summer goodies: Shiki

All poses used by Magnifique poses

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Grandma’s Wardrobe…I kinda like it

All my favourite things in one item…chocolate…silk…and a dress for not a lotta pennies hurrah! Baiastice is in the Platinum hunt…and yes this can be yours for just 10 Lindens…beautifuly silky frock…in rich chocolate brown…with  a wrap waist and fluted hem..its adorable..

In the entrance hall you will also find some fantastique gifts…such as this suit…dont be put off by the name *grandmas closet* cause it’s actually pretty classy modern gear with a retro feel ..one thing…the closet, is actually a closet, its 45 prims to rez, but once you’ve copied the clothing you can delete it (or keep it as its pretty cool as a decor item in its own right)

There really is heaps of gifties…the pretty & young dress I just loved, with its collection of purples and pinks, the fluffy bag & arms (it’s even got a hat) plus shoes to match !.I’ve just chosen a couple to show you…if youre into role play there is a whole grandma thing going down,skin,hair AO etc…its awesome!

Go get investigating: Baiastice

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Damm you Platinum Hunt ! You roused me from my slumber to grab up more treats…yesyesyes I had to go snaffle up a few more pretties..and here they are..above I have the glorious dress on from justB..simply adoring the colour tones on this…and the printed on wide high belt…its just super stylish…teamed it up with some Kookie boots (old FLF item)…and the Lara Hurley skin “dessa” also a Platinum hunt gifty for 10L..

Heres a closer look…dead pretty…as you know I’m not usually into the paler toned skins…but this is fabulous ! I added a glamorize lip gloss tattoo…voila!

Tulip are offering this complete set…high waist denim skirt and semi sheer knitted tee…has an under bra look to it also…I just knowww that skirt is going to feature highly in my day to day wear!

Last little lovely is from Chantkare…a paisley print skirt with big tie at the waist..and a high shine satin blouse…great colour combos and tres classy…dont forget all items in the Platinum Hunt are priced at 10L…and thats a real bargain!

Go get a huntin : Chantkare      Tulip       Lara Hurley    justB

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More Platinum

Traala la la I got time to do a little more Platinum hunting ! Player is off trekking in the mountains and being all “ohmmm”..so Im totally on my own and you know how rubbish I’m at hunting..but I scored ! Above is one of the dresses from Fishy Strawberry…”carioca” its a peach…lovely crochet detail around the halter neck and no prim mucking around required…

House of Fox have these stunning “Arch” boots as their gift in nude…utterly fahhbulous and they sure aren’t coming offa my trotters anytime soon…

Heres the corioca dress in PINK ! Yes you get both colour ways in the one gift….

Last find of the mawnin is this bow-lero from The Secret Store…candy pink with white trim…knew the Malkin denim jumpsuit from nyte n day would look sooper with it! Dont forget,each hunt prize is just 10L..youre lookin for a little box with beads on it…good luck!

Go get huntin: The Secret Store             Fishy Strawberry           House of Fox

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An old favourite revisted

Whoaaaa Flashback!! I used to literally haunt  nyte n day’s hallowed portals wayyyy back…and Im SO glad to see they are still here..I headed over to snap up the Platinum hunt gift for just 10L..its this gorjusss dress called “Bubbles”, glorious hues of greeny blues…fahhbulous sculpted skirt and a sweet halter neck…so summery…so feminine..dont forget there is also a discount store on the lower level where prices range from about 35L to 100L…this is GREAT gear girls…check it out !

Go get summery: nyte n day