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Don’t Be Lazy Lady!

Stumbled upon these skins from The Plastik which is their Lazy Sunday offer so I am assuming that this is last Sundays offering in which case RUN and grab them because you not only get 2 amazingly individually unique skins but for the small price of 75Lds but a lot of eyes, brows n stuff AND they’re Lola’d.

SmudgetvThis is the Astrali skin which is a stunningly dark intense skin.  Comes with a choice of eyes, lips and body/face freckles and this has a n applier in it which although it doesn’t say Lola Tango does actually work with my Lolas.

Smudge 2This is the other skin which is called Turk Mer Skin  yet again comes with a load of choices in freckles and brows.

Both skins are so unique and beautiful and ethreal the Lolas applier is not the only added bonus but each box comes with a massive amount of shop quality freebies.  Sorry I’m not sure which box contains which freeness and I wasn’t even going to look at them but I’m so glad I did because you get a massive amount of eyes, tattoos (light coloured animal prints which are so subtle and lovely) and a vast selection of great eye make up.

So be quick and be different and TP direct to and these are just in the entrance.

The Plastik

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Plastik Fantastik with added Gos !

Ya know…somedays Iam just astounded by how people just “are”..good…bad…inbetweeny…The good news is…today I found somebody behaving in a totally “hurrrah” style..and that would be aikea rieko of Plastik ! Lordy…I had heard on the Pure grapevine that I should reallllly go an slap the subscribo there…and oh-my-stars was I in for a huge surprise…I received this m a s s i v e box of goodies as a gift for joining…I mean..totally..H U G E.

There are dresses,jeans,capri’s,shorts,skinsss galore,eyes…and and and more !(yes boys EVEN something for you) I lurved the shorts I’m wearin above…slung on one of the dress tops with them which is pretty handy dandy to use as a tank…

Showing another of the dresses in the Plastik gift box here along with my newwwww totally rocking GOS boots ! They are called ” Curvaceous” and are the fifty Linden Friday item *faintsdies*.. the FLF pair are white…but the SO cool thing is you can  add colours by buying little pots of “polish” for just 300L (the boots are usually priced at 695 a pair) soooo I couldn’t resist and I bought the camel & black polish. (how obvious was it Id do that huh lol)

Soooo anyway I havent told you about the cool other features on these pretties…not only can you add colours..but they are whats known as “heel shift”, meaning you get a choice of a wedge heel,stiletto orrrrr chunky heel…plussss as you see above, you can mix & match your polishes to get a fahhhbulous effect..(you can also choose leather or suede for the finished effect).I used camel & black…awesome right??!! Mister Gos did goood!

Not sure how long the Plastik subscribo gift lasts so do hurry along and collect it while you can..obviously the Gos boots are JUST for dashhhhh…

Go get the goodies: Plastik   GOS


Plastik…vinyl..very 50’s

Taste of the 50's hunt gift from Plastik & BDR Houssine outfit

I do, as you can imagine, a lot of hunts…I enjoy them and its a great chance to see new stores, try out new designers items etc..every once in a while I come across something that makes my eyes “pop” out..might be the sheer generosity of the designer, the awesome quality of the gift,or that its JUST what I was looking for…this skin , given as a gift in The Taste of the 50’s hunt by Plastik , nailed all three. ohmaiiii..not only is it just an absolutely beautiful skin but also you’re given it in sooo many shades and options. Freckles,cleavage,plus tattoo makeups for lips and eyes plussss eyes also..Im wearing the Ataciara skin in the “hymm” tone along with the lighter lip tattoo and also the “VaeColl beauty eyes”.  The body is incredibly detailed,dimples above the butt cheekies, the hands are the best I’ve seen….Just devine..thank you Plastik .

Beautiful Dirty Rich Houssine outfit 0L

If you’re wondering where my outfit is from (if you’re not tough cause I’m gonna tell you anyway) its off the marketplace from Beautiful Dirty Rich, for the princely sum of 0L. I adored the slightly washed out pink shade and lush satin fabric..comes complete with the top, sculpted skirt and slithery shiny black leggings..all great as seperates and has a simpledimple resizer for the skirt …you can grab it here :

Happy Monday !

Go get skinned: Plastik


Plastik fantastik and get Ganked…

Gooooood morning ! 6am and I’m zestily fresh from the shower and almost awake! What better way to start my day then a bigggg box of goodies from The Plastik with the addition of sparkliness from Ganked yippeee! YES  no rambling from me…lets get straight onto the each one for a more detailed view!

The Plastik-Ambrice-Full-Mountains of Utah & Ganked "something old necklace"

The Plastik very generously sent out a box of goodness to its group members (there’s tons in it, I’m showing just two items!) and I just love this dark green corset & skirt combo, there’s two versions in the box, the second being a bandeaux top with the skirt. I’ve teamed this with a superb sparkly necklace from Ganked called *something old* isn’t it just glorious? A serious amount of glittery, huge cascade across your intricate! This necklace is the current in store can be found as you arrive by the couch in a pretty bow tied box .

The Plastik-Courtesan-J-Atlanta Lakes & Ganked "royalty necklace"

Next I delved back into my Plastik box and found this! A feast in forest green “Courtesan-J-Atlanta Lakes” dress, lace insert across your cleavage, along the bottom edge also..has a gorgeous satiny feel to it..Ive paired this with the Ganked Royalty necklace/choker, which actually comes in…oh-let-me-count..SIX options! Naturally I chose to wear the PINK one . (3 options in gold, 3 in silver) This is part of the Think Pink hunt and you need to find a teeny little wrapped candy in store to get…even *I* found it and I’m awful at finding hunt items !

Ganked Sherbet Jewelry -Lucky chair prize , whoaaa I won!

-oh-mai-gawd! I never win on lucky chairs! As I was in stood in Ganked the ? came up and I launched myself at the chair to win! (almost embarrasingly fast actually lol) I think the letter “F” is jinxed or something but it never seems to come up for me booo hooo ! Anywayy I was thrilled and won this set “sherbert” muchhhhh sparkliness its unreal! This is real statement stuff girls..(also comes with bracelets) scrummmmmmy!

Ganked Flora Dress&Jewelry Set
Ganked Flora Dress&Jewelry Set

Okkkk so by now, I was totally overwhelmed and a wee bit squealy (I get like that around jewels) umm and I can’t quite recall why or how I ended up with the Flora dress & jewel set..I have a suspicion its the subscribo gift…I think it was..but go find it..searching makes it more fun!

The Flora dress is pretty …somewhere between ballerina length and full..check out the lush texturing on the skirt, it really JUMPS out at you..such a vivid cerise pink . It comes with jewelry.the arm bracelets are just incredibly beautiful…from wrist to elbow a maze of bands and colours reach up to a large fluted section around your arm, also a matching hair piece…that sits perfectly amongst your hair to complete the look.

To receive the gifts from The Plastik just join their group and go through the notice to take the attachment, it’s very generously a free join also! If you can’t find the group, check my groups in my profile and double-click .

To go get all the sparkles & jewels : $GaNKeD$