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The Freebies are the icing on the cake!(Free Hunt).

OMG if it wasn’t for one of our regular readers,Shi, contacting me I would have completely missed this excellent hunt called “The Nightmare Event” which would have been such a shame as  I had such a blast.  It was so much fun I actually stayed up well past my bedtime, what a rebel!


OK I have to confess she sent me a cheat sheet but then again she must have read about how useless I am at hunts and without this cheat sheet I would actually not even manage to get to the first room LOL.  However, I did try my best not to cheat too much and it was only when I couldn’t get through one door and when I was killed 3 times in a row that I finally decided enough is enough and I peeked for the answers.  Don’t worry though if you get killed because you only get “bumped” back a little bit and not right back at the start.


You go from scene to scene everything from a street full of ghosts to a giant sized child’s bedroom.


You creep and crawl and wade through tunnels walk through rooms all in the hunt for teeth and keys, 25 teeth and I think it’s 5 keys but not sure but don’t worry as the Hud you must use shows you not only how many teeth/keys you need but how many you have managed to find.  Fortunately, both these items are big and esp the teeth very easy to find but I think a lot of people find the last “room” the sewers a real maze but I persevered and once I’d found the last tooth you can then return to the shopping area and on most stands is the Hunt prize.  The stands of course also have lots of spooky clothes, decor and nasty stuff for you to buy and I was so tempted by some of the stuff for sale but since I’ve not had time to unpack all 25 gifts I thought I would check them out first as I did spot amongst the usual jewels etc some stuff which suits my ghoulish side perfectly.

This is a FREE to join hunt so when you TP in stay where you are and click the glowing platform and TP again to the entrance of this Hunt, on the wall you will see instructions and click for a wearable torch and click the other side for the Hud you need and then click the door and you’re on your way.

So a BIG FAT FRENCH KISS to Shi, full name not given as I don’t know if I have permission, for the heads up and of course a BIG FAT FRENCH KISS to the people who have spent so much time, effort and Lindens to make this a fun thing for all.  All I need to do now is LM for you lot and then spend a happy hour unpacking all 25 prizes.

The Nightmare Event

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Its a Nightmare for sure

Free hair, jewellery,complete outfit with shoes,eye patch

The Nightmare Event 2015 is open for business, not only a great shopping location for all things spooktacular but also a hunt. The hunt is fantastic, quite challenging at the end if you’re useless like moi. You grab a HUD at the start point and have to find and touch pumpkins – sounds easy huh? Wait till you get to the maze of doooooom ! I admit I scare quite easily and some of the stuff did actually make me jump – loved it from beginning to end, beautiful locations and well worth doing – IF you find all 25 pumpkins, you proceed to the shopping venue and go to the stores who have the hunt thingy outside. Touch it whilst wearing your full HUD et voila! You get giftssssss – twenty-five gifts in all (although two stores I couldn’t get the gift for some reason) Iam SO not going to show you everything , go and do it – but but but I had to show just a few things that I adored. The Plastik had this amazeballs stonking huge box of everyyyyything a their gift, seriously – dresses, tops,complete outfits,shoes,jewellery. The outfit above called Sanguine is fantastic, you even get shoes for Slink high feet with a colour change HUD. The eye-patch was from Quirky and has tons of colours for you to choose from via a HUD. Hair is from the Alice Project, massive pack of ALL shades, style as above all bloodied up and also another version with barbed wire around it.

Free hair, jewellery,mesh top, mesh pants, eyepatch,underarm cobwebs

Another mesh outfit from The Plastik (top and pants) and more jewellery from them also. Had to take this photo in this pose to show off my underarm cobwebs ! Brilliantly done and really effective, this was the gift from {aii}, you might also be able to make out my “Glasgow smile” tattoo in this shot, it was the gift from Nox.  (Its not alllll clothing for prize btw, I also got decor items.)

The Nightmare Event 2015