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Scavenger Hunt!

Cleo Design - The Nest Scavenger Hunt FREE!

The Nest has a pretty cool Scavenger Hunt happening right now…just like the hunts I used to love doing yearssss back ! The clues are riddles, which you have to solve to find the gifts…and they aren’t always in the store, they can be hidden anywhere on the sim ! Dont worry though, I found them and I’m absolutely dire at hunts, so it’s not SO hard. Above is the fabbo prize from Cleo Design…lovely chair (touch the shadow for options on cushion textures) and a side table laden down with afternoon tea treats ! I love this set and shall have to squeeeeze it in at home someplace.

The Nest Scavenger Hunt- culprit - cheekypea - iMukka

I also found this fantabulous cube gift from culprit…its stuffed with great poses and the texture of the piece is deeliciously strokabubble ! The wire frame is the prize from CheekyPea…low prim and perfect for your home…the rug is from iMukka…new-to-me store…blown away by the realism of the fur texture…(other furs available for sale)

The Nest Scavenger Hunt - Circa

Last up for today is the gift from CIRCA…It really tickled me ! If you manage to find this one you’ll gain yourself a rather splendid toilet, that not only has a sitting pose in it..but you can also have a goldfish swimming around in the bowl or a fountain spraying up ! Also included in the set is a really lovely framed aquarium…only 4 prims and a real keeper for me.

The Nest

The Nest Scavanger Hunt blog (for hints)

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Scrambled Eggs

Citrus NEW! Rip & cuff mesh jeans - dots mesh top - group gift chucks - [CIRCA] Egg Hunt wearable basket & antlers - doorstep bargains plant shelf & tool supply box 55L

I’m rapidly running out of time to share all the Easter goodies on offer before I go on vacation, so bear with me as I try to cram it all in ! I’ve got fabbalicious newness from Citrus…oh yes…I do…juicy colours and with those handy-dandy HUD’s that mean you have options for colours yay! Above I’m wearing the new rip & cuff mesh jeans…super fit and very summery…great thing is, each pair comes with a hud, which meansssssss you actually get THREE pairs in one …good huh?! Naturally as I’m in such a zesty mood…I choose to show them in a mouthwateringly lovely citrus green tone…and of courrrrrse…the new mesh dots top in a matching shade. The dots top comes in a zillion different colours (well ok, not exactly a zillion but a LOT) , such a handy little thing and definitely a wardrobe essential. I nabbed these chucks in the mainstore, group gift, group is free to join…result ! The absolutely MAD Eastery antlers are from [CIRCA}…love them to death …my wearable basket is also from [CIRCA] both are gifts in the Nest Egg hunt…so dash over and grab them up ASAP. The easel style shelf unit is a real peach…lovely wood tone, very organic, there’s also a matching Gardeners tool tray which is sooper cute. Both of these items are part of the Doorstep Bargain and can be found at the [CIRCA] mainstore (until the 28th so hurry) …both items for the princely sum of only 55L.

Citrus rip & cuff emsh jeans - Dots mesh top - group gift chucks

Incase you’re not a juicy colour kinda gal…I just wanted to show you the new Citrus jeans in a more trad colour…this pair is from the dark pack, so you get three shades of jeans, this,a classic blue and washed out…pretty nifty. Thanks Sejher & Cherelle ❤


The Nest Egg Hunt


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The Nest Egg Hunt

The Nest Easter Egg Hunt

While I was checking out Zinnias new store yesterday, I happened to notice a few Easter Eggs scattered around The Nest sim. They must be out early for the I stealthily snapped a few up and hauled them home to paw over. Super prizes ! Above I’m showing the sweetest bunny chair from floorplan,its only one single prim and has a lovely pose in it, I found a couple of these in different colours, so make sure you search sooper hard! Also, I found the beautiful shabby decor frame from Alouette, isn’t it quaint? Its modify so I think you could add your own photo in the centre . The wooden tulips are a gift from beach street, jaunty and just perfect for spring. My little candle lantern is just one of the gifts I found from Barnesworth Anubis…touch for on & off…low prim yay!

The Nest Easter Egg Hunt_002

Barnes was a busy bunny hiding many eggs across the sim..he was sneaky and I found them in allllll sorts of places – so don’t just look inside the shops, they could be anywhere ! Amongst my stash were these handy-dandy glazed pots and a sweet decor foot stool…The Nest Egg Hunt officially begins on the 15th March, but it looks as if the Easter Bunny has been putting in some overtime…

The Nest Egg Hunt

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Easter is happening…soon !

Zinnias - NEW Releases !

Easter always creeps up on me…and its almost arrived…guess what I’ve got to share with you? Eggs yay! These darlings are new from Zinnias…and only 7 prims unusual with some lovely ethnic designs around the broken shell. Sat inside is  a plump spiky cactus ! There are four designs…and happily they are on special offer this coming weekend for just 75L…Im also showing just one of the new collection of  3 different hand-painted chiminea’s…I adore these and already own an older version , it’s on my porch for those chilly spring evenings. They have a soft crackle as the logs burn and give off a gentle glow…also low prim.

Zinnias - The Nest Egg Hunt prizes!

More news ! Zinnias has expanded and opened a satellite store on The Nest (one of my favourite places to lurk) Starting on the 15th March there is an Egg hunt…little eggies will be hidden around the whole sim, and YOU have to search them out to get your paws on the prizes ..Zinnias has four eggs hidden…and if your hunting goggles are all clean & shiney, you’ll be able to grab up this collection of pieces. The gardeners bench (with a beautiful pose that looks as if you’re having a well-earned break), the bowl with eggs, and pots of Eastery flowers…perfect ! Ohhhh almost forgot to mention, if you pop over to Zinnias new location there is a little gift out for you to celebrate ! Thanks Zinnia ❤

Zinnias mainstore

Zinnias at The Nest (Hunt location 15th March)

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All you need is love

Prism Valentines

In the big run up too V day…dont forget it’s not all about chocolates and roses…for instance, why not decorate your home..or make a romantic place for you and your love? If you’re a single pringle, whats better than to create a cozy nook to curl up in and relax…Prism has this out at The Nest…its the “Love letters” set. The main piece is a stunning Futon, with couples and solo poses. Silky dark wood frame…to co ordinate with it there are side tables, lamps, rugs and some artwork to complete the mood. All pieces can be bought seperately…and one thing I adore , is it’s really really low prim ! The futon is only 8 prims *faints*…go on, spoil yourself…thanks Lilly ❤

Aphrodite Fondue Group Gift

If youre on a tight budget…pop over to Aphrodite’s main store. If you join the group (only 99L to join) you can collect a whole heap of group gifts …above is the latest for V Day…the Fondue set…great selection of couply smewchy poses and its transferable for gift giving hooray! It’s a little on the primtastic side at 30 prims BUT, if you’re only going to get it out for those special moments…Id say it’s just purrrfect.

Aphrodite free champagne tray

For joining the group you also get given this lovely champagne set, upon touching it you will receive a bubbly glass of Champers…which you can wear, snazzy huh?! Be warned, this store is huge and you will want to buy HEAPS !!

Prism at The Nest


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