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The Nest Egg Hunt

The Nest Easter Egg Hunt

While I was checking out Zinnias new store yesterday, I happened to notice a few Easter Eggs scattered around The Nest sim. They must be out early for the I stealthily snapped a few up and hauled them home to paw over. Super prizes ! Above I’m showing the sweetest bunny chair from floorplan,its only one single prim and has a lovely pose in it, I found a couple of these in different colours, so make sure you search sooper hard! Also, I found the beautiful shabby decor frame from Alouette, isn’t it quaint? Its modify so I think you could add your own photo in the centre . The wooden tulips are a gift from beach street, jaunty and just perfect for spring. My little candle lantern is just one of the gifts I found from Barnesworth Anubis…touch for on & off…low prim yay!

The Nest Easter Egg Hunt_002

Barnes was a busy bunny hiding many eggs across the sim..he was sneaky and I found them in allllll sorts of places – so don’t just look inside the shops, they could be anywhere ! Amongst my stash were these handy-dandy glazed pots and a sweet decor foot stool…The Nest Egg Hunt officially begins on the 15th March, but it looks as if the Easter Bunny has been putting in some overtime…

The Nest Egg Hunt

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The Nest Egg Hunt

A real quicky..cause they can be fun ! I whizzzed over for a few moments to check out the egg hunt going on…great fun! Headed straight over to Cleo Design..and found the basket …and ohmaiiii its a HUGE gift ! You get the artists easel, which you can paint at…plus the fabulous side table that holds all the brushes and tubes of paint…totally adorable ! plussss

…thats not all..also included is this snuggly comfy chair, stool, rug, side table with a drink and muffins on AND the hanging ivy *gasp*. Dont forget to read the notecard with these items..cleom packs her furniture with heapss of poses and wearables..and you don’t wanna miss out !

I also nabbed a fine gift from a new-to-me store fucifino.. two chairs, a table with candles and the bunting..sweet ! Go over today and see what you can find..any store with the egg hunt poster outside has a basket waiting for you to find it !

The nest egg hunt