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My Big Fat Furnishing post

Scarlet Creative TMD

Over at the Mens Dept (TMD) Scarlet Creative has this superb build out for sale. It is kinda “manly” and a little industrial in parts BUT – I love it for meeee! It’s a brill size for a water’s edge retreat, low Li and superbly made. There are two interior living spaces, a large spacious deck at the front, plus a smaller deck to enter the door. You could go crazzzzylegs decorating. Its called “craft cabin” and at the event is just $200L.

Scarlet Creative

I wanted to show you how some of the build is put together, really beautiful old nuts & bolts, timber beams and old plastering in some of the rooms.

CIRCA Bombay Retreat Hanging chair new

CIRCA have been super busy lately, with a whole bunch of Fall releases. I love this Bombay Retreat hanging chair, singleton & couple poses galore, plus colour/texture change for the cushion and pillow.

CIRCA Bench set NEW

Theres also this Autumnal bench set filled with lovely poses for females and males, coupled with two planters that have pumpkins and colour change planters. My basket of kittens was just $10L on the MP, rezzable versions plus wearable versions – cute !


Last up for today is the Montane gazebo set, I adore the shape of the chairs – low slung and über comfy looking. They come with a multitude of colours and patterns built right into the menu!


Even the fire pit has poses built-in ! The planters are totally beautiful and very low prim, so you can go to town and scatter them about all over the place. The Montane gazebo is available in other wood tones, so go check it all out at the mainstore. Thanks Cherelle ❤

The Mens Dept

Kittens in a basket

CIRCA store

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The Mens Dept & The Neighborhood

Culprit - The Neighborhood

Just 24 hours to go grab up the neighbourhood goodies for 200L ! Culprit have this Zebra for sale. I admit Im a bit addicted to Culprits “rides” , I own a few of them in various themes. Rockets to space ships ! However, for me the Zebra wins hands down. Heaps of animated poses, SO funny the giggle factor is high ! (I couldn’t find my copy so I had to take a pic at the store – sorry!)

Culprit - NEW!

At The Mens Dept they also have these awesome horse rides by Culprit, not just single pringle poses but they also have double rides in them – yay!

Culprit Horse The Neighbourhood

Did I mention how incredibly lowwwww prim they are? You’ll be surprised, scatter them about with abandon. So well detailed and realistic, just like the ones I used to clamber onto as a child awww memories! Thanks Eku ❤

The Mens Dept


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[kusshon] Mens Dept set

A new round of the Mens Dept is happening right now, and I’m a lucky girl cause I can show you whats new from [kusshon] for it ! There are chairs “Singapore” that are quite literally stuffed with poses for you…and also for a friend if you read the info. Plus two side tables…

kusshon Mens Dept - Singapore chairs & side tables

The tables come in two different styles and prim counts…if youre a frugal Fred like me the one with the wine & books on is just 6 prims..the fruit one is 10 prims..both are gorgeous and personally I think Id plump for the fruit laden table everytime ! Lovely organic feel to the wood used on the chairs, shabby yet stylish. I especially enjoyed the fabric used on the cushions…verrrrry homey. Pieces are available to buy as separates, so you can have as much or little as you please. Btw the stunning wall hangings are there just look UP above the chairs, they are wayyyyyyyy high !So uber cool… great patterns and they are such a scene stealer. Thanks Beo ❤

Mens Dept


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Clean Lines meets Fantasy

kusshon The Mens Dept.

I really enjoy decorating my spaces in Second Life…mingling together different styles and items to see how they look…Zan found this skybox and left it out for me to play around with. So when I was lucky enough to get my paws on the latest set for The Mens Dept from [kusshon], I headed inside and to have a try out. The totally great news is, that although this couch is in the “Mens Dept”, it’s not just made for the boys…it contains plenty of adorable couple poses and single poses that will suit both genders. It’s essential that you read the info note or you’ll miss out on some of the features ! Great smoking poses, with wearables, lap top to wear, with trans versions to give to your friends yay!…absolutely adore the clean-cut lines of the couch shape. The wood has a texture change, light (as above) medium and dark, so no problems fitting in with your existing decor. If you touch the mobile phone it plays a sms sound…so realistic it made me jump ! Two colour versions are available, I plumped to show you the grey…there is also one with more blue.

kusshon table detail

Heres a close up look at the table that is also available to go with the couch at The Mens Dept. I love how Beo does these pieces..always plenty of detail and so so classy…great looking table with a magazine, photography glossy and a beautiful china cup & saucer …low prim too. Thanks Beo ❤

Zinnias Woodland Flowers Mirror NEW !

Did you notice the stunning mirror on the wall? I had to girly up a little ! This is a new release from Zinnias….the blooms make me want to reach out and stroke their petals…nice contrast with the dark grey wizened wood…I wonder what the glass is reflecting…it makes me curious. It’s certainly a piece that will bring light to your home…and will brighten up a space… I feel it has an almost ethereal feel to it…divine. Thanks Zinnia ❤

[kusshon] at The Mens Dept


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Mens Dept – shhhhh !

kusshon Mens Dept.

Here Iam….reporting from the Mens Dept again …but shhhh…I dont think anyone noticed me sneak in ! Dont go thinking it’s just for guys ….there’s always something fabulous that is unisex, plus some absolute steals for your home…[kusshon] once again has produced the goodies for your Secondlife spaces…(thanks Beo <3) This is the Oslo decor…two parts. A square oversized ottoman, with shelves, magazines a handily placed sandwich etc. Sooper stylish , yet also fits in a more traditional area, such as my boathouse above.

kusshon decor detail

Naturally, it’s crammed with some great poses…a lap top (plus a transfer one for your sweetie aww). Both the seat cushions and decor pile have colour change options…and the drawers REALLY open…Take a good long look at the retro look shelving unit..its got sooo many elements to it…rows of storage boxes, neatly stacked books & potion bottles…did you notice the sweeping arrow leading to the lone bulb, neat huh?! Perfect together and über cool individually.

[kusshon] at The Mens Dept.

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I sneaked in…

kusshon Yes I did..why should the guys have all the groovy & great stuff? ! The Mens Dept is fast becoming a regular trip for me, they have goodies and gadgets and deeelicious stuffs ! Plus..its always chock-a-block with scrummy blokes.. This round one of my all time fav furniture makers has something fahhhbulous on offer, it’s the “nippon” writing desk set. kusshon writing desk set nippon Retro styling doesn’t come much better than this to be honest, the box is packed with goodies…naturally the sleek desk, a stool that has some sooper lovely poses in it (male & female yay!),and all the desk accessories – all that for only 150L… plus you can also purchase the three framed prints anddd the overhead shelf …

I was trying out the poses, I’m curious like that…and realised that there were also some wearable props…how neat! Mesh pen for the writing animation and a cup of coffee and magazine for the reading one…totally unisex and low in prims..means this little gem has won its place in my SL home…thanks Beolas ❤

The Mens Dept (for the nippon set)

[kusshon] (mainstore for all the other scrummy things)

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Shhhh…The Mens Dept…its not just for men

Soooo, like any chick worth her salts..I gate crashed the Mens Dept October Collection…why should the guys get all the glamour huh?! Anyyyywayyy…one of my all time fave interior design stores is in I HAD to go peek…kusshon always makes such FUN stuff…modern…retro…relevant …and this set was right up my alley. The “coffee time” set is just perfect…it comes with all you see above, stools,bench,decor pieces. The poses used are superb (as always) some for guys , some for chicks..wearables also !

Love the little touches like the iPad for the table and pizza. There is the option to change the wood shades  which makes it such a flexible item, especially if like moi, you change homes frequently. I think what really makes it a winner for me is it’s so versatile…and easy to “fit in” …sure its good for a kitchen type space, but also think by a window…even an office area…out on the balcony of a modern appartment…fahhhbulous! All this for 150L…steal deal.

The Mens Dept. October Collection