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Who wears it better?

Not a single Mina hair passes me by untried and even though “Waylon” is aimed at the menfolk as soon as I put it on I thought sod it it’s mine! zanNothing used but my sim windlight setting and a very very light face light and although I popped a paler PumeC skin on I left the make up alone from my last post as I loved the red look and red hair, pale skins and freckles make such a good combination.

I will be honest and say I wasn’t that keen on this hair at first as it was too big for my little head but then spotted that in the colour Hud is also the resizing options and just by reducing it by 5% has made all the difference to me.  I think it definately makes a really cute girls hair.

Actually at Mina’s Mainshop there are a lot of Mens hair and a lot of them are “unisexed” and often they can be overlooked by us because of that.

Now for Baylen.


I don’t like “floppy” hair and tbh I normally wouldn’t even have tried a style like this but it just goes to show that sometimes you should try more and judge less.  Like with Zan I reduced the size but by 10% which made it a closer fit.  I don’t have many hairs from choice not because I’m mean or a lazy shopper but because I’m more particular about what I wear and I’m going to be wearing this one a lot.

This hair is only available at The Mens Department at the moment but that means it has a 25% discount on the price.  At The Mens Department it’s not just clothes, shoes, hairs etc there is usually decor items.

I think the link should take you to the section where Mina has this hair.

The Mens Department

Mina Mainstore



raincoatI was so impressed with the clothes in Deadwool that I just couldn’t decided which to buy  as I’m an AV on a limited budget, so I stowed all the demos away in a folder for a later date and then as luck would have it I decided to go to The Mens Dept and there was one of the coats, Walden Raincoat,  I had stowed away and at a reduced price.  A choice of colours and I chose the yellow as it’s a very Sou’wester style of coat.  Then took myself off to a sim with a lighthouse and placed out a spooky ghost (can you spot it?).

coatDecided to do a closer up shot so you can see the texturing and colour better.

I think I could possibly buy the whole contents of this shop because I’ve tried on all the demos and there is something quiet unique with it’s styling.  Very “Deadwood” themed and definately a place for people who RP but more than that it’s for people who like to look good even in SL.   Sadly not a vast shop but everything you could need is here for an incredible long duster coat to boots, hats, shirts etc and not everything is mesh.  Obviously the non mesh doesn’t come with demos but if the same quality of texturing is used then they too will be excellent.   This coat in the shop is 340Lds but at The Mens Dept it’s on offer for 190Lds.

Deadwool Tailors Cabin

Deadwool Marketplace

The Mens Dept