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Super Kawaii Freebieeesss.

5 Freebies in this picture, dress, necklace, hair bow, tights and last but not least the flowerpot in my hand and there was even more and such good ones I’m already planning where to set out a few of the lovely gifts my home and around the sim.


The dress is a lovely well textured dress with built-in small boobies which I love, the back is much longer and as you will see in the next picture there is a bit of a “swing” to it.  The pack of windy hair bows comes in 3 colours and I forgot to count how many shades of those stockings/pantyhose/socks there were because there not only quite a lot of colours but each comes with the Omega Appliers as well.  The necklace isn’t very clear in this picture but you can see that it’s a little Eiffel tower and there is a Macaroon attached to it as well and you can change the colour of the Macaroon.  The flower in the pot is a great Decor item, it flashes brightly on and off and at a single prim when I get back inworld I’m hoping that it is copy as it give off such a splash of colour a few of them dotted around will brighten up any room.


There was much more than what I’m showing you and I don’t want you to miss anything or spoil the surprise so I’m going to leave them for you to find.  This isn’t a vast shopping sim a nice pretty set of stands set out around a courtyard so it’s a very pleasant way of spending some SL time and once you’ve grabbed the gifts like me you might find an affordable little treat for yourself.  I tried my luck at a Gacha and won a new cute kitty for my home.

The Kawaii Project

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Sunday morning chores

Kawaii NEW

I popped to the bakery in real life early this morning, then popped to the Kawaii Project when I got back. I even managed to find a little bag of pastries there yay! The bag of treats are by Tentacio, and come with a pose for arm and hand – sweet! My ultimate bargain is the outfit by [Dami] – it’s an all in one kinda deal and only $69L a pop on the gacha – I scored on the first go with a rare, but stupidly hadnt tried the demo on and got a size small. Despite endless fiddling with my Slink Physique HUD I couldn’t get it to fit – anyone want it?, its free – just ask. Anyway I fought on and bought another three, all different and the medium size is perfect. Ooooodles of cuteness there, go see.

The Kawaii Project

Argrace hair Seri

Shoes by [Breathe] @ IDK

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Ocean ahoy



Omg I almost missed this offer from CIRCA ! Above is part of the “Ocean loft collection”, it’s currently on offer with a 50% discount at The Colour me Project” – which this round is all things blue. The chairs are very sleek and filled to brimming with unisex poses, I’m showing just a few of the pieces, you can buy the whole set or individual items. Now due to a few days downtime, when this event closes Circa will have the special offer on at their mainstore for a few more days – but don’t miss out ! Thanks Cherelle ❤


My outfit is a mish mash but really great bargains . The skirt and top are by Amiable and is currently on sale at The Kawaii project for just 130L the set. The neato thing is you get a HUD that allows you to wear just the top, makes it much more versatile. My shoes are by Hollyhood, you can wear the shoes on their own or add the gladiator style lacing with them, just 100L a pop ! I bought two of the packs at the Cosmopolitan event.

colour me project

The Kawaii project