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Home & Garden Expo part quatre


HGE Glas Houses - Veronika prefab

I had the pleasure of taking a look at some of the new builds by Sandi Glas, the one above is “Veronika” and its my favourite ! Veronika is a large and spacious bungalow type home. A huge lounge area with bricked wall one end which is perfect for placing a fire against. Some lovely features with working blinds (open,closed and a little of both) The front is very traditional with flower beds all ready to plant up and a rear patio area that’s large enough to take furniture and plants. It feel so homely and cozy inside, beautiful cream doors fitted throughout.

HGE Veronika home - Loks plants

I found the patio of the Veronika home ideal for the Lok planters, which I totally fell in love with as they are almost identical to the one in my real life garden. Pumpkin patches for seasonal colour above . Free bucket & mop from [DDD] btw.

HGE Veronika home Lok's

Some vibrant daisies in a quadrant shaped pallet  which stole my heart right away (yes I’m a sucker for pretty flowers)

HGE Lok's

At the front in those bedding areas I placed these vibrant sunflowers ! I adore sunflowers, they always remind me of soldiers in a row. Loks has plenty of new items to get you busy ferreting in your wallets – from plants to industrial styled bedrooms and lounges.

Glas Houses @ The Home & Garden Expo

Lok’s @ The Home & Garden Expo

Home & Garden Expo Blog

[DDD] Group gift bucket & mop


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Just in time

Cleo Design Hunt Prize (partial shown) The Home & Garden Expo

Hubbidy Hubba I have time to do ONE more Expo post yay! Above is the Expo hunt prize from Cleo Design, and be WARNED…its mahoooooosive! I’m showing only a small selection of the gift, three deck chairs which carry some pretty coolio poses in them and also are texture change hurrah! A table laden down with alllll sorts of treats, including beers, cokes, cakes and heaps more. In the box is also a projector, screen,cushions, fences etc…its such a generous hunt prize so make sure you search it out !

Cleo Design - Mesh beach house Home & Garden Expo

If you’re over at the Expo, take a gander at Cleom’s new mesh beach house…sooper low prim…three floors , and some lovely little details that will knock your socks off. First floor is your living space, teleport up a level to the bedroom, door to a beautiful deck and stairs will take you to the galleried upper patio…thats how Id use it..its up too you though ! I’ve placed one of the new benches on the lower level…

Cleo Design- bench for The Home & Garden Expo

…here it is a little closer up….I just adore the quality of the shrubs in these, realistic and so homey. The poses are brill, one of them animates you to spray the blossoms and even gives you a spray can to wear, perfect! Better dash only 48 hours left ! Thanks Cleom ❤

The Home & Garden Expo website (all landmarks and hunt info here)

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Higgeldy Piggeldy

CIRCA - table & chairs set -  Eclectica Flora summer hat NEW! Eclectica Hollywood shoes  coldLogic louise dress - [ba] mesh prefab bungalow

Ohmaigosh, only a couple more days for The Home & Garden Expo ! I still have SO much to share with you , sooo in a brave all out attempt not to miss (too much anyway) I’m going to post a LOT …feel free to ignore my rambling and eyeball only ! Here I am sat on the patio of yet another home by the talented Mister Anubis, that I just couldn’t refuse to own. It’s a mesh bungalow style build, a really spacious layout with lots of rooms and features built right in. Its even got a fireplace on the patio ! Check it out, you can’t fail to notice the quality of the build. I’m having a coffee (as per usual) lounging on the [CIRCA] – “French Persuation”  table and chairs set, absolutely love the animations in the chairs and the wearable props are top notch! (thank you Cherelle xx) Ohhh just a teaser, I’m wearing the new “Flora” sun hat by Elcectica, isn’t it just gorgy?! As with Tiffy’s jewelry pieces, this has SO many options on colour for lots of parts, hair included, or without if you prefer . (Thanks Tiffy xx)


Another item from [CIRCA] is this Ocean Traveller Ladder set, beautifully textured pillows, set before a shelving unit crammed with nic naks and a pretty potted fern.

Home & Garden Expo BA

Inside, the Barnesworth Anubis bungalow is just as well-built as the outside, I’ve placed these stunning pieces by  Dekute Dekore, a new-to-me designer, but one I shall definitely go visit when the Expo is over to see more ! Incredible realism on both the couch and chair…and SO low prim, plus great poses, whats not to love.

Home & Garden Expo Cobblestone RFL items

Couldnt resist sharing these items from Cobblestone with bright & breezy. The ladder inspired shelf is so right now and the framed prints would jolly up any home ! Both these pieces are RFL items I believe…so dig deep !

The Home & Garden Expo web site (all landmarks and hunt info here)

Eclectica (for the Flora sunhat)


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You are all wonderful…truly

The Home & Graden Expo dont give up

I checked in on the official website for the Home & Garden and Breedables Expo and W – O – W !

I was truly astounded by the amount raised for RFL and the American Cancer Society to date. There is still plenty of time to get over there and enjoy eleven sims of gorgeousness. It’s not only furniture, or plants…its SO much more, theres entertainment, talks, a stunning memorial garden. Iam always drawn to the sim that represents the American Cancer Society. It’s a beautiful & peaceful place and that’s where I took the photo above. It’s a hopeful photo (at least I feel so!), we mustn’t give up or lose hope, one day…one day…cancer will become something we “used” to know of…I believe that in my heart. Take a journey over, drop a few pennies in a donation box if you are able, or shop a little (more!)

much love…

Fai ❤

The Home & Garden and Breedables Expo web site (for landmarks, info and hunt details)

pssst. my dress is by Glow Designs, I thought the lively fresh print really shone through, and it made me feel SO ALIVE ! Currently available at the summer cart sale

Summer cart sale


Chapel of Style

Scarlet Creative - mesh Chapel

Not often you hear the words “chapel” & “style” used together is it? I’m going to though !  Charlotte @ Scarlet Creative very kindly let me play with her new meshy chapel that’s currently on show at The Home & Garden Expo… its in fact a happy coincidence that I have recently viewed two churches nearby to me in real life, they are up for auction and I’ve alwaysss yearned to live in one ! Charlotte’s version here in Second Life helped me see what might be possible in a conversion of a chapel…if only I had enough cash. Outside it’s still recognisable as a church…and why ever change that, I certainly wouldn’t.

Scarlet Creative - my Chapel - mesh NEW! -  [bauwerk] Felt bench NEW!

Inside however, it’s totally mind blowing ! The traditional shaped arched windows, lend themselves to blend in with modern decor. Its odd, but modern pieces just seamlessly fit in this space. [bauwerk] have a new range out at the Expo, I placed one of the felt benches infront of the windows and it looked like it had been made for that spot.

scarlet creative  [bauwerk] Hanging Bench Nature

Inside, the chapel has been shaped to accommodate living areas. There is a pool, complete with single and couple poses and further spaces that would be brill for a dining area or lounge . I placed one of the  [bauwerk] hanging benches in this passageway between the door and pool…love the effect…

Scarlet Creative - bed NEW!

Scarlet Creative also have two beds out as RFL items, cuddle and relax menu, single pringles and couples catered for ! Only 16 prims, a beautiful piece well made. It fits in the chapel perfectly…walk up the stairs to the galleried area…glass waist height walls make it light and airy.

The Home & Garden Expo web site (lists all exhibitors and the sims they are on PLUS hunt info!)

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Finishing Touches at The Home & Garden Expo

I decorate & furnish many homes …and Im always looking for those little “touches”, you know..the ones that give interest to shelf..or brighten a corner? Well I was chuffed to be invited over to see the pretties out at [CIRCA] by Cherelle the owner & designer . I popped over to The Home & Garden Expo take a peek and was so surprised to find pieces Ive not seen before in Secondlife….I noticed the terraniums straight away…light  and delicate…I stared at them for ages, noticing all the different plants and shells inside..

Theres a range of these, the jars are super cute ! They had a real “homey” appeal, almost as if youd saved the jars from something else and potted them up…I ❤ these sooo much ! Imagine them on a wooden counter..or the dome shaped one on a small table in the corner of your living room..beautiful …

These Paradise planters caught my vibrant ! I have always admired the bird of paradise plant..and this is a really faithful production of felt like I could reach out and touch the fat velvety flowers…totally stunning..

Last but not least, I thought Id show you one of the donation items from [CIRCA] , all proceeds going to the RFL fund yay! The “Living Life Greenhouse” is so charming…gorgeous texturing makes it come to life…inside this timber build are shelves…a stool…and some dainty pots of lavender..I have something like this at home (not as grand!) and spend many happy hours pottering about in it, hiding from incoming relatives *winks*…Im not going to spoil the other donation item…BUT…I’d be very surprised if you dont return home with it ! Go see for yourself..the lag weather is fine..and you can wander around blissfully unaware that this amazing event is SO big !

[CIRCA] at The Home & Garden Expo

[CIRCA] Mainstore

The Home & Garden Expo blog –  for all the info you could possibly need about the event !