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You Will Find Free Treasures

Atmos Design Free gifts

Love a bit of gacha action so headed over to the latest round of The Gacha Garden. I resisted buying for once but I did collect a few free items on my way around. The group is free to join and you do need to be in it to grab the presents. Anyhoo this is what got me all excited ! The above items are the free gift from Atmos Design. The Baroque tables in dark wood or gold come with all the items attached (3Li) or as individual pieces – which is brill! The little tray of chocolates is just 1Li, I shall scatter a few of those around in my home for sure. Im going to investigate the main store of Atmos Design and check out all their stuff, love when I find a new-to-me designer ❤

The Gacha Garden

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Aww Hell NO! (Freebies).

There I was slowly and surely working my way through the FaMESHed event when the notice came through that the Gacha Gardens is now open for business and you know me when I get a sniff of freebies I’m off.

I wast going to save doing a post about it till tomorrow but as soon as I put this wearable floating cloud on I knew I just had to do it right now.

Another freebie and it’s “copy” & “Editable” so that’s why there is a nice pile of petals next to the pot.

I didn’t get around the whole event as it’s only just started and so I will have plenty of time to do the rest as I think there is another event for me to visit and then I really do need to sit down and sort through all the amazing gifts which have been given out over the past few days.

Are we being spoiled rotten with so many shops/people/designers etc making our SL just a bit nicer to take our minds off the sad bits of our RL.

The Gacha Garden.




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I didn’t go wild! (Freebies).

The Gimmie Gacha event is up and running which means lots of tempting Gacha’s and gifts.  I didn’t see many, if any, clothes in the gift boxes but I suspect I was having rezzing issues as it took a while for any gift box to appear, so you never know.  I did find this though in the Bunbun Gift box.

I’ve been logged out for a while since I took this picture, damn RL work! but if I’m remembering correctly this does have a really nice soft but strong glow to it.  Will have to check that when I can log back in and I might return to the event to see if I did miss more gifts plus there are some Animesh Rats I’m being so tempted to treat myself to.

Before I TP’d to the Gimmie Gacha event I was at the Egocentrikak shop where I’d picked up this top for free.

There is a whole mix of free group gifts and paid for group gifts and a nice discounted section where I recognise a few items I have blogged before.

BTW The jeans, which I have worn almost constantly since I picked them, up are on sale for only 33Lds. Even though I am wearing my SLink bod the fit is more than fine and I often wear this will crop tops I love these jeans so much I’m tempted to treat myself to a green pair in RL.  Anyhow these are in the Amataria shop and although the sign over the sale board says “50Lds” the items under are less than that and again in this case 33Ld for these jeans

UPDATE: So if you do go to the Amataria shop you will notice the large board with pictures of the Group Gifts but what you may not notice is on the other side of the reception desk are some more Group Gift in gift bags.  I have no idea of what they contain but if they’re the same quality as the gifts on the board then you will be in for some treats. ALSO, I noticed that both the big boards of the 50Ld and 125Ld items are actually reduced even more so if there is something on those boards do a price check and you may be tempted by the extra discounted price.


Gimmie Gacha Event



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Too Late! (75Ld Gacha Prize and mention of LOTS of FREEBIES).

I didn’t even get past the first “Sponsored” area of the Gacha Garden event because as soon as I saw this stunning hat/hair prize from the Doe Gacha I had to take a gamble and it’s paid off.

At only 75ld or maybe 70lds cheap enough and I won the “Ginger” pack. Obviously, all the prizes in this Gacha are the same thing just with different variations of colour and some come with leaves floating around etc.  There is a demo out for you to try.

As for the freebies, I think we all know this event by now and how most of the Gacha’s have nicely wrapped gifts for us.

UPDATE: I was planning on just logging in to LM grab but I couldn’t help myself and now I have a stuffed folder waiting for my return to sit and unpack.  I did resist buying anything else but there was 3 Gacha’s which I may just return to check out again.

The Gacha Garden.

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Done and dusted. (Lots and lots of FREEBIES).

It’s time to go gardening at “The Gacha Garden” event and as always next to almost all but not all Gachas are some lovely gifts for us.

This teapot is a keeper.

The rose headdress is sweet and comes with a nice hud of colours but the horns are a completely separate gift and I just thought they complimented each other.

As for the horns I never wear horns, it’s the same with jewellery, tattoo’s and panties…ain’t no one got time for that, but shockingly enough not only do I love these horns there was another set I’m going to keep and just as shocking is I’m going to keep a tattoo but I think once you’ve found these things I know you will understand why I like them.

The only other “keeper” for me is that Kawaii Cactus banner just behind me.  Although you can’t see the ends, they have the little suckers on the ends that we use in RL and even though it has that much detailing still only 2 prims.

I won’t be keeping the jewellery or top simply because I will never wear them but as you can see they’re very pretty.

Obviously lots of variety of items and of course lots of Gacha tempting going on.

The Gacha Garden

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Lesson 101.(Updated).

This outfit has cost me a FORTUNE! and I have only myself to blame.

You may recognise this outfit as it’s made up of !g0 Gacha prizes from the, The Gacha Garden Event, and I went click crazy.  I won a great pair of shorts, then I tried again and won another great pair of shorts and another try won me another great pair of shorts and even though I was obviously on a losing streak I ignored it and WON myself a great pair of shorts!!!!!

That it when my spirit just shrivelled up and died, just a little bit, so to cheer myself up I decided to Yardsale hunt in the hopes that people will be trying to offload their Miss Mary stuff…they aren’t but that didn’t stop me from buying.  So now I have even fewer Lindens and more clutter for my invent when I remembered the Marketplace!

Did you know that people can relist their Gacha wins on the MP?  So I basically logged in and searched under the “Used Items” and or “Everything Else” and VOILA I am now a proud owner of a few items of the Miss Mary look.

So the lesson I’m trying to teach you is don’t be a numpty like me and log in and check the Marketplace even for Gacha prizes.


Faith has just left a comment that now in the list of Categories there is one for Gachas! Nooooo and Yesssss I have wasted my RL morning having a good old rummage. I’m such a numpty.

PS.  Yes you know I’ve boxed up those unwanted shorts to pass on to you lot!

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Good Morning Sunday.(Freebies).

I will NOT moan about the heat and instead tell you to go to the Gacha Garden event if of course, you’ve not already been.

For this round, there seems to be many more gifts than normal and although so far I’ve only scratched the surface they’re turning out to be really nice gifts and so I’m looking forward to logging back inworld and having a lovely lazy Sunday morning unpacking and sorting through not just the freebies but the Gacha prizes I won.

Gacha Garden