The shape I’m in.

This shape is so good I had to show it to Faith and as soon as she saw it she TPed off to the latest round of the Designer Circle  to get herself a copy that s how good it is.


Not a hundred percent sure why this shape has really struck me as being such a perfect one, at first I thought it was the leg length.  There seems to be 3 legs styles in SL, stretched stork, chubby ham hock and perfect and these legs to me are the perfect length.  I even went into edit mode to check out the exact number and tried on some of my other Anna shapes and I have ones with shorter legs and ones with longer legs but to me Analy Amat has got all the proportions right on this shape just perfect

All of Anna shapes are mod/copy which is something I sometimes forget because it’s the one shape I never have to tweak and I was hoping to get this done before I posted this but time has run out but when I get back inworld I’m going to make this very same shape more “curvalicious” put more “meat on her bones” as we say here so in other words a lovely big boobed, big bummed womans shape and I’ll let you see what that looks like.

Available at the slashed price of 80Lds which is a pretty generous discount from Analy’s usual shape price.   Demo Available and I always say “don’t take my word for it!” try the demo first. Shapes and skins are so personal to every individual and what has me ranting and raving about may have you wondering “what the hell is wrong with her!” LOL

If the LM doesn’t take you to right outside the shop, the sim owner can set the Landing area, the when you rezz simply turn left and you will find the super large shop with all the goodies inside.

Designer Discount Shop

Anna Shape Mainstore ((click the TP board)

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Squat with me (Freebie & Cheapie).

Since I flatly refused to go jogging again me and my friend have decided to do the 30 day Squat challenge, we’re only on day 2 so the novelty hasn’t worn off yet (but give it time).


Spotted these mesh joggy pants on one of my failed hunting expedition, you of course may have better luck, in Fe Style.  These only cost 20Lds and tbh I didn’t know they were mesh but at that price I decided to take a chance and happily they are mesh and come in all standard sized.  Only 1 colour a pack but you do have a choice of black, purple, yellow etc all at the same bargain price.  I’ve had the top now for weeks.  A simple mesh top with a strap slightly off the shoulder, I’ve been waiting for ages for the right outfit for this top and these joggers are perfect.  The top can only be got from the Marketplace as well as a couple of other freebies/cheapies.


I know I’m re posting a picture but my excuse is it’s such a damned fine picture showing how good these shapes are (Essence skin).

The top picture is of Anna’s latest slashed priced shape which you can only get at The Designer Circle, the bottom shape was last months which is now over, sorry, but if you really like it make sure you check out her main store but it will be at full price by now.  I have to confess and say that most of my shapes are the discounted price and although Analy does sometimes add an extra shape in usually just have the one shape I have a feeling that her full priced packs contain much more.  I really must check that out.

Sometimes the difference in the shape can be very subtle but Men will not understand this and women will, when shopping for a plain pair of black court shoes a woman will still try on as many as she can find whilst a man shakes his head in bemusement because to him they all look so similar why waste so much time and just buy the first pair but a woman knows that sometimes the smallest thing makes the biggest difference.  You really have to try on her shapes to understand how good they are.  In a perfect AV world these shapes are ideal, small well proportioned, unexaggerated, curvy and yet slim makes me wanna do my squats even more.

The skin is of course mine and as everyone knows I mainly wear Essences skins unless I find a stunning gift/freebie/cheapie to blogg then 90% of my pictures in Flickr are an Anna shape and an Essence skin.

Just remembered the headphones I am wearing are a Freebie from PSHCYO Bytes.  I had gone there to find Psikotik Gothly’s offering for the grotesque Burlesque hunt but I am useless and didn’t find that but more than happy with the bunny headphones and certainly worth popping in for them and also check out her cute kitty poses.

The Designer Circle, Discount Store

Anna’s Mainstore

Fe Style (joggers and hunt items)

The Hellish Diva (white top) Marketplace

PSYCHO Bytes Bunny Headphones

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Alas Poor Faith

Faith is MIA (missing in action due to raging toothache) I am MIA because RL is draging me kicking and screaming back to reality but I found time to snag this lovely freebie and yet more special offers for my FAV shape maker in SL.

Snapshot_016Sadly only the sky box is free, happily the shape I am wearing is on special offer.  I was mooching and came across Quark Fallen’s profile which brought me to a weird looking skybox, Arbres Obscurs.  Followed the instructions and clicked the subscription button and then reclicked and checked the history and then snagged all the free goodies that Quark Fallen had put out over the past year or so one of which is this sky box.  Very textured walls with a  door that does open although only onto a narrow corridor a  painting on the wall and richly draped curtains in the centre of the room is a slightly raised dias with a draped canopy over head which is begging to have a throne or a bed place underneath.  A very armospheric and beautiful room and not only free but only 28prims! But don’t ignore the other freebies as the Easter flower cross is gorgeous and the simple pot of Lily of the Valley is so sweet.


Not doing the shape justice because of lack of time but I’ve only just done some Anna shapes and I wasn’t planning on doing another one so quickly BUT she has some brill offers on at the moment so it was hard not to give her a mention again.  She has a shape out at Flawless for only 50Lds! and if you hunt down the strawberries on the barrows you can score yourself some freebies as well.  The other shape is from the new round of Designer Circle When I get released from horrible RL I will be able to do the shapes justice but until then you have my word that they are the best shapes I have found in all my years SLing.

If by any chance you have some spare time them spare a thought to visit this beautiful sim.  Because I’m doing a rush job I’ve not checked but it looks like a delightful place owned by Quark but open to all to wander and enjoy.


Arbres Obscurs

Leroy Lovely Sim

Anna Shapes at Flawless

Designer Circle

Anna Shapes Main Shop

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The Shape I’m In.

This is the first shape I have ever blogged in fact it’s the first shape I’ve tried on for many a year that I’m in love with.  I’ve had the same shape since almost day one and apart from a couple of tweaked shapes, my “skinny ass” for system skirts and my “saggy t*ts” one for some mesh tops, it hasn’t changed.  Thats not to say I haven’t tried many a freebie and demo and had a great laugh at the fish mouth, alien face, slits for eyes, midget height and monkey arm before I bin them and then today I got sent some samples from AnalyAmat (Anna Shapes) and I LOVE it.

Skin Smoke

Remember it’s the shape and not the skin to look at (the skin is from Essence and is called Wednesday).  Well rounded realistically sized boobs, small waist flaring to wide hips and  a rounded bottom.  Arms and legs are well proportioned.  This is a very natural real woman shape.  Although it does come as Mod (never ever buy a shape that isn’t mod or copy!) I just didn’t feel that it needed any modification.

Smoke 2

Again ignore the skin but check out the facial features.  A pouty mouth and the narrowed eyes that are very in vogue at the moment but without the extremes that some shapes take it to.

Smoke 3

Popped my smile on for this one because Woo Hoo this shape takes MOCK make up so well. This shape is called Jessica and I’ve tried on so many of the Demos from her shop and for once they’re all so good it would be hard to chose.  Some shapes for the boys as well.

Nitty Gritty so I popped over to “Anna Shapes” to check out prices which seem to average 800Lds which to a lot of people maybe a bit more than they can afford to pay but all is not lost because not only does she have some bargain, 80Lds priced shapes  on the Marketplace but if you want to  buy the Jessica shape I am wearing you can only get that from from The Discount Store (inworld ) for 80Lds as well.  Not only a BARGAIN but a damned fine shape.

A nice touch is that she includes a note in your purchase which tells you which hair, skin and eyes are being used in the picutre so if you want to recreate the look completely it’s a no brainer.  I wish more people did that.

The Discount Store

Anna Shapes Inworld

Anna Shapes MP