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Warming up

Zinnias New release

Looking ahead and wishing the days were warmer and the nights longer , I’ve been searching out some brighter decor for my Second Life home. I simply love to have a place to curl up…alone , with friends or a lover…and this new set “Sol” from Zinnias ticks all the boxes for me. Plenty of poses for both genders and the add-on decor pieces are just sooooo lovely. Its got a contemporary look but with the lush fabrics and textures it has real depth and warmth. This new collection is available at The Designer Warehouse curently…50% off this week !

Zinnias Decor detail - cushions

Heres a few photos to show the quality of the smaller items. I thought the upholstery, especially the plump & rich looking cushions are really well made..this set actually has 40 custom created textures used in its build !

Zinnias New cactus detail

All parts are available to buy you can have as much, or as little as you wish. Because I was a little slow posting this (sorry!) there are only a few days left to grab this collection at the 50% off sale price…so hurry along!

Zinnias New - decor detail pot

As you can see…everything about this set screams quality…and thats why I have so much of Zinnias work in my own home…thanks Zinnia ❤

ChiMia sandwich board FREE!

I did cruise on over to take a look around and noticed this cute sandwich board out as a gift from ChiMia, so I grabbed it up and place it by my coffee bar at home..sweet!

The Designer Warehouse






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SQEEE Alert!


Faith knows I love all things rattie or in this case mousie and I just couldn’t resist this adorable little piece of sqeeness.  A tiny little mouse on his own kite.  Although it looks as though he’s just about to fly away….


..if you look closely through the grass blades you can see his little friend is holding onto the kite string  keeping him tethered to the ground.

The little mouses are mouse size which makes it so cute.  The mouse on the land is standing on his own little pile of rocks and grass which blends well into the landscaping.  It’s cute little things like this dotted around your home and land that make just that extra special touch.  I got this from The Designer Warehouse for a 100Lds but make sure to check out Pattye Caproni shop Sleepy Hollow Farms Home and Garden Designs. I’m particularly impressed with the flower boxes that are designed to hang on banisters and railings and if I had a banister to hang one from I would buy them for sure.

The Designer Warehouse (this and other bargains)

Sleepy Hollow Farms Home and Garden Designs

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Happy Berfday The Designer Warehouse !

Cleo designs gift for The Designer Warehouse Anniversary

Yes indeed, The Designer Warehouse is one year old, lets give them some cake and plenty of bumps !!! Not only are there some really great deals out for you but…also each designer is giving away a special free gift to celebrate the Birthday. Cleo Design has a huge box crammed full of goodies…and too my great surprise it includes some wearables yippeee! You get some delicious decor items to pimp up your space…the cases etc above…a gorjus little pair of pumps to wear…

Cleo designs gift part one - The Designer Warehouse Anniversary

plusss there are two wearable trolley bag’s and a wearable travel case, sweet ! I so love the old battered leather flight bag and Im desperately trying to find a place for it in my home, and yes, you do also get the beautiful chair in the photo…fantastic gift, thank you Cleom ❤

Michigans Shack Spring Bed Adult & PG poses FREE 1

I couldnt quite believe my tired eyes when I opened the gift box from Michigans shack…wowser, its the “Around to spring” bed with both Adult & PG poses…such a curly wurly shape and all woody & warm…I adore the shabby chic stitched comforter on the bed…make sure you take a peek at the photo in the box, it tells you where to click to get the menus !

SHF Heart & flowers [CIRCA] Falling into you cushion FREE

Last gift I collected was from [CIRCA] and SFH…[CIRCA] have two gifts out, both sweet little pillows to sit on the floor with…and SFH have this darling little heart shaped hanging vase of flowers…both perfect if youre into low prim …Theres a few more gifts (such as the skyhome Zan showed earlier) so zoom over and take a gander, you do need to be in the Cookie Jar group to collect your pressies…its free join.

The Designer Warehouse