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Brum Brum, Gacha Win.

Somehow I landed up at the “The Crossroads” event which only has 3 days left and nope as far as I could tell no gifties, the meanies, but check out what made me open my SL wallet and release the moths.

A FREAKING ADORABLE Gacha win for just 80Lds, and if you think this is cute you should see the Rare, a floral painted car towing a matching caravan! I want the rare so badly I actually went back for another attempt and now Faith has the white version of this LOL.

I actually took a little bit of a chance as on the stall the models set out are child sized and if it had turned out to be a child’s toy then it would still make a lovely prop for my home but nope it’s full adult size and check out all that detailing for ONLY 6 prims!  This is a decor item only so no driving and I can’t wait to get back inworld and put some suitcases in the back seat and move it a bit closer to my house and yes I will be packing up my red car as this shabby wreck is a much nicer fit to my home.

I have to go back inworld to see if I can put the LM next to the Bad Seed stall at this event and then I’m going to check out their mainshop.  If the LM doesn’t take you directly to their stall just head for the “Cute” section as they have lumped everything into its own section ie menswear, women’s clothes etc. I’m actually dreading going for the LM as I so want the Rare so badly I can already feel that urge to try, try and try again or I wonder if a begging note to the shop would work LOL.

I’ve put a link to the Seraphim site for you to see pictures of what’s on offer as well as the LM to the event.

PS. The note that comes with the cars does say that if you drop the seller a note they will exchange your non copy/trans to a copy/non-trans and I wonder if I BEGGED I could “win” the rare lol.

The Crossroads Event. Pictures

The Crossroad Event(Inworld).

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Meet me at “The Crossroads”(Freebie).

Super quick post cos RL is Bat Sh*t Crazy!


At the Crossroads Event, you will find a small selection of freebies inc these boots at the LM given.  Spotted that a couple of them are for men which makes a really nice change.  Don’t know if there are other gifts on the stalls because my limited SL time meant I didn’t have time to check them out.

And that’s it LOL.  Have a great day peeps.

The Crossroads

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Add on(Freebies).

A quickie post.

xxxhouse3 I had popped over to The Crossroads just long enough to grab the free for all gifts, next to the LM, which inc these shoes. (SLink, Maitreya andBelleze fits, 3 colour options.


This lovely wind chime in metallic colours, 3D in shape not flat so it hangs from the ceiling and not flat against a wall.  Lovely quality and 1 prim!  I did spot a great lamp, gorgeous tiara and stunning belt…thingy, I didn’t get time to try that one on and then RL wouldn’t leave me alone and I had to log out.  There might be more gifts as my visit was all too brief but I will be back as not only is this is stunning shopping sim it is now nice and calm and maybe by the time I get back over there I will either find more gifts or even by that stage treat myself to a little something.

The Crossroads

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Its all happening at Mandalay Square


Neve sparkle top NEW! KoKoLoReS NEW Lennox@ Crossroads event - Trendz jeans - Vixie red boots (both at the Mandalay Square event

New-to-me event is happening at Mandalay Square today, better hop on over and check it out! Fell in want with these classic cropped jeans from Designs by Anara. You get a pack of three colour tones (denim blue,white & black) with a Hud to alter the belt colour also. Fantastic fit over my Slink Physique mesh body and also caters for other mesh & standard avatars. Worn with my new neve “trio sparkle” top, four colours per pack yay! The boots are from Vixies and despite not saying what feet they fit – I slipped them on my Slink trotters et voila – fab. Hair is a new release from KoKoLoReS called “Lennox”, you can find this at the Crossroads event that begins on the 3rd Sept.

Kosmetik - glitter eyeliner @ Mandalay Square event & kosmetik eyeshadow tropics FREE !

I’m a real cosmetic fan since I went over to the Catwa mesh head (I wear Jessica) and in the Mandalay Sq. event I found a newwwww maker yippeeee! The store is called Kosmetik, top photo is of the glitter eyeliner that’s in the event this round and the bottom photo is a FREE item (tropics eyeshadow) I won by slapping the Lucky board in store. I adore both looks and have added this designer to my list of “must visit often” shops.

Mandalay Square event

The crossroads event (not open till the 3rd)

Kosmetik store (lucky board here)

Neve store


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It’s Time.(Freebie, Sub and NEW Mina hair).

This is a New Mina hair called Riva which I have to be honest and say it has a lot in common with another very new release called Odyle.  What Mina Nakamura does is take winning elements from one hair and incorporates it into a new hair in a new way.  As always I will put the LM for Mina’s main shop because this new hair, and another brand NEW hair which I haven’t even shown you yet, should be there in demo form for you to try in lag free comfort and then you can check out both Riva and Odyle and see which one sings to you.

Riva is only available at an event called “The Crossroads” and I must confess I don’t really know much about this event except the standard it’s GONNA BE PACKED which is why you might like to try out the Mina hairs in her inworld shop first!   Anyhow fortunately this is a month long event so it gives you plenty of time to go shopping when it’s a lot quieter.

UPDATE on The Crossroads because I’ve just checked out their Flickr page and nooo so much temptation, so many new designs, poses, shoes, hairs, homes and DAMNIT Gachas!!!!


OK now for some money saving freebies so you can afford great hair lol. This cheeky sheer undies, although it’s called a sheer bikini in the folder, is  actually a sub gift from l<3F] and an even nicer treat is that the sub gift’s are automatically sent to you.  I’m not sure if the sub gifts are fortnightly/monthly but I know they’re pretty regular.  This set comes with  appliers for Maitreya, Omega and a third one which I can’t remember but also of course system layers so even if you don’t have a mesh bod still wearable.

Since this has already been sent out chances are if you’re not already subbed you will have to go sub and if it doesn’t automatically get sent to you click and see if it is in it’s history.


I’m never sure why straight hair always makes me feel I should choose a blonde colour and thick curly hair brings out the brunette in me? I’m just showing you the back of the hair as well as my cute ass.


Last one is these shoes from Cremosa.  The base is a mesh and those black dots are like sequins and you do get a 4 colour hud for the meshy bits.  A pretty damned good Free to join GG.

Soo a bit of a rush job because I have to finish my RL work, some housework, then I’m off out to the opticians because I need new speccies, then I’m off to a cat cafe because you can never have too many kitties in your life (shame on you if you thought I was going to make a pussy joke here) and then to make up from all the cakes and cat cuddles I’m going to indulge in I’m swinging by the gym to wobble some of the flab off before I come home.

Mina Mainshop

The Crossroads


Cremosa (shoes)

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Ouch it’s TOOOOO Big!(Freebies n an event).

Sorry about the smuttiness, I’m cold, bored and hungry and that’s a lousy combination.

The “Big” is “the Crossroads” and the blurb says….

“The Crossroads is a unique new event featuring six sections called Worlds, each with its own theme. The outstanding designers that take part in this event are distributed among the Roleplay, Vintage, Cute, Contemporary, Apocalypse and Lust worlds. From gachas to regular vendors, from lovely and cute to dark and apocalyptic, you’re bound to find something to suit your taste! So head on over to the very first round of The Crossroads, you have until July 28th to explore and shop” cutting and pasting has saved me a lot of typing.

What I say is “Woah” this is big, stalls and stalls of sheer temptation and as the blurb above says there are 6 areas to explore and I just didn’t have the time to scratch more than the surface but of course being a “cheap biatch” I grabbed the freebies at the rezzing area and I’m pretty sure that you can grab a note, there is a board there, which looks as though it gives you the LMs to all the stalls so if you don’t have the time to hunt any particular stall down you want to check out.


Sadly for a Cheap Biatch like me not as many freebies as my greedy little heart desires lol but check this out! Unique and gorgeous and there is a “Beach pallette” from Bauwerk which is definitely beach lounging worthy and this exc plant from Apt B and although the other items are wearables ie a couple of piercings, sunglasses, necklace, poses I’ve actually put them on and I’m keeping those piercings for sure.  Sometimes the small things can surprise you more.

PS Don’t let my “big” comments put you off I think that once you have a wander around it’s not redic big and there is also a sign post to the different area.

The Crossroads