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Beautifully Curved


Chez Moi have a stunner of a bench out at The latest round of The Chapter Four. PG and Adult versions available, its! I’ve set mine up by the lake beside my home – such a peaceful spot. Love that you can choose between wood colours for the bench and also a few themes for the blanket and cushion. I chose the caramel wood above with theme one for the fabrics – gorjus! Thanks Nanda ❤

So here’s the deets:

♥ 60 single animations (female and male)
♥ 36 couple poses (18 x 2)♥ 60 sex animations (30 x 2) – only in Adult version
♥ Several “wearable” props as book, magazine, tea, pillow and more
♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when animations are chosen

Texture-change options: 4 wood colour options | 4 combinations of blanket and pillow.

Specification: 7 LI | Modifiable | Copy


Available in PG and Adult version. 50% off during the event!!

The Chapter Four

United Inshcon (for the 1Li little foxes)

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A New Chapter. (Freebies).

Faith recently did a couple of items from the Chapter Four event which is celebrating its 2nd year in SL but there was so much there to be grabbed she dropped me a note to say have a go and I did.


There are so many little gift boxes waiting to be picked up, you will have to join the Free to join Chapter Four group, but I have to be honest and say I didn’t notice any other trousers/pants/leggings other than the one’s Faith has already shown you but since these “jeggings” come in 2 Ombre shades I’ve picked the pair she didn’t wear.  As it happens you also get not just the standard mesh sizing but a whole set for those of you who lurve your curves, in this picture I’m wearing the non curvy pair which I think do still have a very womanly shape to them.  Loving this top as well with the exaggerated hem and a nice satin texturing to the neck and hemlines.  The glasses, shoes and sorry you can’t really see it, the bracelet are all Free.

It also turned out to be even luckier for me because I had a couple of RARE Gacha wins which is RARE for me LOL.  The build I’m standing on and a great looking table covered in Xfile type of things.  Lucky me.

The top is off the Le petites Details stall and the Jeggings from the Fishy Strawberry one.  Sorry but I’ve completely forgot who supplied the rest but trust me you will have fun snagging them all and then unpacking and sorting out all your new found Goodies.

Chapter Four


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Its all Free & Happy Birthday !

FREE gifts flared hoodie - jeggings

The Chapter Four is celebrating its Birthday ! A lot of this rounds participants have set out little gifts for you, just join The Chapter Four group (its free to join) and collect – simple !

Above I’m wearing the jeggings from Fishy Strawberry, you get two colours in both curvy (worn above) and the usual standard sizes. Also worn is the fabulous flared Hoodie from offbeat. You get two versions in the box, both absolutely fabulous.

FREE gifts ! Jeggings & flared hoodie top

I’m wearing the standard sized jeggings this time, slightly more slender on my figure, which I have to say I prefer. Nice washed out tone that really fits with the flared hoodie . Ohhh btw, my boots are from FATEstep “atwell”, they come with a HUD the size of the UK with enough options for colours to keep even the most hardened fashionista happy.

The Chapter Four


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Waving Goodbye (freebies n stuff).

As I’m working through my invent and dumping as much as I can I’m also re-checking places where I’ve either found brill freebies/groupies/cheapies or even items I think are worth spending Lindens on and Orsinired is one of these places.  Sadly since my last visit a lot of the stock that was originally there has now gone which is a real shame as one of my fav all round basic wearable jumper’s is now gone.   On the good side is this top, a sub gift and if you’re already a sub like me just pop over and subscribe and then resubscribe and the gift is sent straight to you .  There is also a group gift out and I’m going to assume it’s a free to join group but I didn’t have time to slap it and check it.


I’m off for my weekend away tomorrow so I packed up my little rental cabin on the new sim called Baja Cove.  I actually loved my first week there so I rented for a second week but now I’m going away it was time to pack up.  I only wish my RL break was a sunny as this sim but no rain is forecasted so for the North of the UK that’s as good as it gets.

The top I’m wearing is another freebie from Addams   It has that lovely tucked in the front bit which adds to its realistic look.  This top comes with a hud and some basic colours but it has one of those slider thingi’s which allows you to adjust the base colour to whatever shade you want.  I will confess that it took a few try of different trousers, jeans and in this case a pair of shorts to get the perfect fit but when you find it it’s just a great look.


Last but not least the hair.  I finally managed to get into The Chapter Four event and I’ve been trying for DAYS! and I was rewarded with not only a RARE from one of the Gachas there but also Mina’s new hair.  This is a brand new style and that bouffanted look is just stunning.  I remember a time in SL when “big” hair looked like a helmet but this is nothing like that and to me it screams of a modern retro look.  Priced at 125Lds just for this event so time to snag it before it ends.



The Chapter Four


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Unban me!(Mens Freebie)

For some strange reason Faith has her security system set up to eject me from her home! How rude especially since I wanted to give her a lovely bunch of flowers, she will have to settle on a lovely picture of me instead.


OK here is a more “dreamy” picture instead.


See I can be a Deamboy as well as your worst nightmare.  The Freebie is the Jacket and the flowers, Zan has already done a post about the flowers which are still out there at the Creator Collection Box event which looks like it has changed to a Valentines theme now.  So if you want these flowers then time to go grab.  The jacket is a freebie from ::K:: and is a one size fits all mesh.

The hair isn’t a freebie.  I have very few hair styles because I’m very lazy but just lately I’ve been wearing one of Mina’s hairs Bas, With it’s shaved side it’s edgy but wearable.  I’ll repost the picture.  This hair, Mark, can only be found at The Chapter Four Event and is at a discounted price for the moment.  Mina now has a much bigger mens hair dept so if you’ve never been there before it’s time to go.  A lot of the newer hairs are also Unisexed.  Zan was going to show you this hair at first as it really looked good on her and the new suit she had but since we don’t get to show that many mens hair it’s been left up to me.


This is the other Mina hair which I really like and I’ve worn it constantly since I got it.

In case you’re wondering about the mouth.  I just don’t like to be 100% perfect so I’ve always got something which is flawed just like RL people.  Sometimes it’s a bruise or a blindfold, I have a great safety-pin for my mouth and of course my Contraption Jaws.

::K:: (Coat)

RH Designs@Creators Collection Box (Bouquet)

Mina@The Chapter Four (Hair)

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Anyone for hair (some free!)

Elua NEW two styles for one price - Hollis 2

So I trundled along to Chapter Four and spotted a hair designer I hadn’t explored before. They are called Elua and they’ve got a great offer on at the event. Basically you get two hair do’s for the price of one – in your choice of colour pack ! The style is called Hollis, above is Hollis2 which is my personal favourite, gotta love that sweet crooked fringe! You do also get the hairbases and a HUD with your colour pack in.

Elua NEW two styles for one price - Hollis 1

Above is Hollis 1, lovely swept back styling with stray strands whipped around your face. $250L and you get both ! Only at Chapter Four.

Elua - Kei Group gift FREE

I was so impressed I decided to visit the main store for Elua and I got a nice surprise. If you join the group (and its free to join) you can also get the hat & hair combo in all tones as a gift! Absolutely adore it , it will be perfect for the warmer months ahead no?

Elua Beth - FREE

Also out as a group gift is “beth”, just the one colour, a scrummy chocolate-brown shade.

Chapter Four

Elua mainstore


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Free Summer Funess.


I give in! I’m trying to take a picture of the New Mina hair I’ve got and yet even though I’ve used it in my last post and this post I don’t think I’m doing it justice.  It’s a pretty nice high pony tail hair with, as standard, Mina’s easy to use colour Hud and the usual colour pack options etc.  So what makes it different?


It’s the “high brow” look. It’s almost Elvis in proportion, if you look at my previous post you can see that from the front it looks like a high fashion hair do and yet the pony tail makes it more everyday.  I should have maybe chosen a lighter brown to show it off better but as always even with special offers Mina Nakamura puts out the Demo for you to try the style and the colours before you buy.  At the moment you can only buy this hair, Janaa,  from the latest round of The Chapter four and that means it’s also at a bargain price.  So grab it from here before it ends up in her shop full priced.

If you want to check out all of the Specials Mina has on offer she has them on show in her main shop and you can TP to the event and since most of these events are full of special offers or unique and unavailable designs it’s a change to grab a bargain.

Sorry I should have mentioned the Free dress first before I teased you with the hair.  It comes from Luziefee Design and you do have to join her free to join group to grab it.  You get 2 in the pack, the lemon one I’m wearing and a peachy one.  A simple Summery mesh dress with a light sheen, it’s very wearable and sweet.  Whilst you’re here check out the New Releases Wall because there is a beautiful and stylish Autumnal coat and matching hat.


Luzifee Design

The Chapter Four

Mina Minastore