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Its all Free & Happy Birthday !

FREE gifts flared hoodie - jeggings

The Chapter Four is celebrating its Birthday ! A lot of this rounds participants have set out little gifts for you, just join The Chapter Four group (its free to join) and collect – simple !

Above I’m wearing the jeggings from Fishy Strawberry, you get two colours in both curvy (worn above) and the usual standard sizes. Also worn is the fabulous flared Hoodie from offbeat. You get two versions in the box, both absolutely fabulous.

FREE gifts ! Jeggings & flared hoodie top

I’m wearing the standard sized jeggings this time, slightly more slender on my figure, which I have to say I prefer. Nice washed out tone that really fits with the flared hoodie . Ohhh btw, my boots are from FATEstep “atwell”, they come with a HUD the size of the UK with enough options for colours to keep even the most hardened fashionista happy.

The Chapter Four


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Give in (Freebies).

So many things going on at the moment it’s so hard with limited time to get to see them all and especially not to spend any more Lindens but then I caved in and went to the Chapter 4 Event and was pretty happy that I did.


POUFFES and free ones.  Actually if I had of known that Chapter 4 also has free to join group gifts I would have caved in sooner because if these are an example of their freebies I’ve missed some good stuff.  Just plain lovely, the texturing is so lovely I’ve taken this picture in my Origins Nams skin and prim settings (try it it’s the best windlight setting for all round clarity).  My only moan is WAHH they contain just cuddle poses! What about us cuddless!  Actually I should have checked to see if they are mod because it would be easy to pop in your own poses or use a pose ball if you don’t want a cuddle or because these are just so lovely have them as decor items in your home.

Not free..


There is a small selection of Gachas and for once I am really happy with what I won.  I normally wait for the yardsale to pick up Gacha items but both of these machines were packed with stuff I would have been happy with so I decided to blow caution to the wind and see what I won and I got my lovely lady bunny (from IONIC) for only 30Lds and my cute Robot light (turns off and on from Hideki) and 90Lds.  As always with the Gacha items non copy but trans and lovely pressies for someone you love in SL.

Bought more than these because there is a great mix of items from clothing to garden decor and some brill poses so something for everyone.

Chapter 4