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My other pet shop & Event.

Woo Hoo my Boo has been off work today so we have a simply fabulous day of eating Smoothie bowls sprinkled with chia seeds and washed down with kale and wheat germ detox water then a day of fun and excitement with so many selfies of our fun time to be posted on to FB….yeah I lie, a long lie in till the howling of hungry cats dragged us (ME)out of bed then a squabble over who makes the toast and swilled down with a big mug of instant coffee then after we muttered over things we should be doing we spent it lazing and Gogglebox watching.  I hope that however you have spent your Good Friday with it was good for you.

OH and he didn’t get me an Easter Egg because I’m “on a diet” so I’ve eaten all of his peanut butter, serves him right.

OK so a bit of a lazy post because I’ve actually got quiet a few things from Ever Wonders shop “More than Ever”inc a NEW Freebie but you’re going to have to wait for that and tbh all I’m going to show you is a single pair of shoes…..lazy or what?  The thing is these shoes and 2 of the dresses I scored come from The Cart Sale and DOH there is only 5 more days left and I simply don’t know if I can do these items justice in time.  So I thought I would show you the shoes and tell you about the dresses.


These are in a way a reblog because I may not have shown you this shade before but I know I have shown you these “Daisy” shoes as I still have them in my invent and I remember them well but this time you get a special offer of 3 shades for only 50Ld and I love these shoes. The yellow stands out so well, the white is very Spring/Summer/Beachy and the black pair go with everything but you will need SLink High Feet needed.

The dresses on the More than Ever stand are only 10Lds each and the yellow one with its puffed 70ties style sleeves went perfectly with these shoes but I took a seriously naff picture and then ran out of time I also ran out of time to show you the daft strawberry dress which honestly I loved it for its daftness.  It has the texture and colouring of a freshly washed strawberry but it’s a dress.  You really have to see it to understand what I’m blabbing on about.  So I will give you the link to the More than Ever stall@The Cart Sale but I will also give you the LM to her mainshop where you might want to check out these shoes but in other shades or even pick up the New GG/Sub gift that has been set out for us.

Word of caution because not everything is priced at 1Lds at The Cart Sale but most things are and if they’re more than 10Lds then they’re seriously discounted.  I was/am so limited on time I literally ran my way around this event and grabbed a whole selection of shoes and household decor items and I’ve not had time to unpack.

More Than Ever@The Cart Sale

More Than Ever Mainshop

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What a difference a day makes.

Drat I’ve been so MIA I’ve almost missed the latest The Cart Sale which means I’ve missed out on ooodles of super 10Ld bargains.  From previous visits I know you can get everything from SLink shoes to full builds and everything in between.  However I also know that although it’s official last day is the 6th previously a lot of the designers are a bit lazy in clearing off their stands which means for us late comers there is still plenty of time to grab some cheap goodies.

The reason I’ve just remembered this event is that Ever Wonder who owns a shop called More Than Ever sent me a new discounted outfit.  This cardie/jeans combo isn’t her Cart sale item, thats a rather pretty dress and a very nice quality fur shrug, and I do believe that this dress is also the first she has done that comes with SLink Boobie Appliers.  This cardie/jeans combo is only found for the moment at the Designer Showcase event and Ever Wonder has upped her game even more because this outfit comes with all the fitmesh sizes but also a Mesh Body version so if you wear SLink, Maitreya, Belleza or Omega then there is a size for you and add to that the jeans also come with an applier and even after all this time fashion wh*res like me still need to have some system layers when you want to create a look with a lot of Mesh.  Nothing worse than getting a great pair of mesh jeans but you can’t wear them with the mesh boots or top you like so these jeans will come in very handy.


Now zoom in on this hair and imagine this hair on your OH!  Yet another late event post.  Gael is actually a mans hair but of course like many of Mina’s hairs it’s beautifully unisexed.


This hair is very similar to the female version called Stella but it’s a little bit shorter and Stella has a light windblown look to it as well.  The reason I’m talking about 2 hairs is that because so many of Mina hairs look just as gorgeous on both sexes that to just keep yourself to the womans dept in her shop is a shame and of course if you’re a man looking for hair then Mina’s has a ever growing mens dept.  This hair can be found at the latest round of the MOM event, that stands for Men only Month which fortunately still has 10 days to go.

OK you MUST CHECK THIS OUT….More Than Ever Blogg Spot I have to confess that I started this post this morning and it’s not this evening LOL.  Sorry RL again but I couldn’t help notice than Ever More has some lovely pictures of not just the 10Ld offerings at the cart sale but there is also a picture of her Free GG/Sub gift and since I’m running badly behind I’m sharing the link so you can check it out and then TP your AV over there as quickly as possible.

The Designer Showcase

More Than Ever Mainshop

Men Only Month

Mina’s Mainshop

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A day off@The Wash.

Sigh, in the UK it’s  a bank holiday which means it’s cool and dull in fact it’s like an Autumnal day rather than the beginning of Summer.  My OH has gone out for a run so I’ve snuck inworld to grab some warming piccies and tell you about this new goodie from Nerdy Girl.


Have to say that if Moira Serenity from Nerdy Girl hadn’t sent me these goodies the fact that there is a new round of The Wash on would have passed me by and I would have been annoyed.  Most items are still only 10Lds but sometimes when it’s a package then you can pay a few Lindens more and in this case for this SLink Physique & Omega Applier Bikini inc the matching SLink High shoes the 50Ld price tag is more than reasonable.


Obviously for the shoes you will need the SLink High feet but you do not need a mesh body for this bikini as it’s a system layer one and looks just as good with or without the mesh body and that top will make an esp good top on it’s own teamed up with shorts or under a shirt.


The rest of what I’m wearing are only 10Lds ie the bracelets, glasses and sorry what you can’t see is the nails which is as shame as I chose the red stripes out of the 4 options and you could actually see the pattern.

The Wash LM should take you right to her stall but I’ve also put the LM for her mainshop because it’s well worth a visit.  There is some cute sexy costumes as well as Summery clothes etc BUT again if you’ve not grabbed the Free GG yet then why not! a pair of SLink High shoes with a 4 colour Hud and now the previous Hunt items which I’ve blogged before are now available upstairs at a greatly reduced price (29lds I believe I TPed out and forgot it straight away LOL).

Nerdy Girl@The Wash

Nerdy Girl Mainshop

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Diana Dors.

As soon as I saw a picture of this hair I knew exactly what sort of look it would rock and then after a lot of Googling and brain storming I finally remembered the name Diana Dors.


Diana Dors was England’s version of Marilyn Monroe but dare I say more curvy, blousy and deliciously tarty.  I even dragged out a piece of Blinging jewelry from a long forgotten folder which is something she would have loved.  This is the newest Mina hair and it’s on special offer from the latest round of  The Dressing Room Fusion event.  I always feel that I repeat myself in a lot of posts but I just love Mina hair with it’s juicy colours but I’m so pleased that Mina Nakamura now seems to offer the black and white hair and other white/black combos in all of her new styles. It’s so hard to find black or white hair which doesn’t look like a helmet and in these shades you can get a stunning look but again it’s the juiciness of the others that I adore.  Goes without saying that even the more standard colour and natural colours such a browns and blondes have some lovely shading in them.  As always demo available for you to check out all the colour packs to see which suit you.

banabas us

I literally had to Google “Lady who dances with banana skirt” to get the name of this famous lady/look and of course it’s Josephine Baker. TBH I did this shot mainly for fun as much to show off another shade of the Mina hair and also the outfit that I grabbed from The Wash, cart sale for only 10Lds.  As it happens I had seen someone wearing this previously and I love how she was wearing a shape and hair which were identical to Josephine Bakers unique look she looked stunning and I didn’t realise that the whole outfit inc Lola Tango Appliers, bracelets, anklets etc all come inc for only 10Lds (yes I forgot to put on the pantie layer!).

Sorry can’t LM direct to the A.R.C stall for this outfit but it’s worth a visit just to see what there is and you should find it.

The Dressing room Fusion

Mina Hair

The Wash