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Lounge around

If I’m ever feeling a little under the weather in real life..I tend to look for something snuggly and comfortable to wear in Second Life..weird I know but hey..thats moi. So, I hopped onto the market place and searched for a new robe to cuddle up in..and hey presto, found this one by “The Bitter Heart”..a new store for me and one I shall be making a trip to inworld later…its you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see it correctly (I’m using Dolphin currently which just rocks) I did try the demo on first as I don’t know this store..and found it to be perfect in the medium size…the HUD that changes the colours and *patterns* isn’t in the I was intrigued to see what it did exactly.

Hustled up the pennies, only 125L of them..and bought it ! Totally adoring it…fits like a dream..and I found that the HUD allows you to make your own colours (and save them for future use) plus…there is a range of very subtle towelling textures to add…love love LOVE ! I sat at my breakfast table overlooking the coast and relaxed in style…life is good.

The Bitter Heart (market place)