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Hang Ten Hunt Gift @ The Artists Shed

Hang Ten Hunt Gift @ The Artists Shed 4Li

Found the gift from The Artists Shed while gulping down my first coffee of the day – its this lovely driftwood ladder with summery coloured towels hung on it. Just 4 Li and would suit a garden, beach or pool area. It is modify so I played around with it and got the LI down to 3 by removing the two pieces of trailing vine. Touch the poster upon entering the store to get a hint to find your gift.

The Artists Shed

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Same LM, Different Post.

I knew there was a reason I had to call into the “The Artist Shed” shop and it wasn’t until I was wandering around inside trying to find at least 1 of the 3 free hunt prizes I rembered and it’s this perfect little tree, not free!

Now that my home is smaller I couldn’t rezz the big bold tree I had out last year, it was a case of “understated or nothing” and this tree fits the bill perfectly.

Only 75Lds and 3 prims, even better is once Christmas is over I’m moving this outside into my garden.

As mentioned there are 3 hunts going on inside the shop, and if you’ve read my last post you will know there is a lot more going on outside of the shop as well.

The Artist Shed.

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“Alexa what day is it?” (Freebiesssss & 2 Ld Hunt).

Turns out it’s Thursday which feels just like a Wednesday, Tues or basically any bloddy day. Natually we will all just get on with it but I hope that you find something today which makes you smile just a little bit.

Which I did yesterday when I came across a couple of things. Regular readers and SLers will know this “cart sale” and occasional hunt event as it’s been going on for years. This year it’s called the “Patch of 1000 Pumpkin Cart Sale” and not only is there a gift on each stall the whole sim is a pumpkin hunting ground.

I’m not talking about that big pumpkin patch, you might just be able to see the single on at the front of this barn that is just one of the hunt prizes. Each pumpkin costs 2Ld, if you don’t like suprises then just click, go into edit and then check contents and you should get some idea of what that pumpkin contains.

As for the cart sale a lot of the carts have cheapies, bargains and lots of freebies, the orange gift boxes are the gifts. I don’t think there are many clothes in those boxes just lots of Halloween themed decor so I was pleased when I found this simple and yet handy outfit.

Just a simple look but a very servicable look as it comes as seperates which means that skirt can be teamed up with a few things and as for that top it was the pattern on it that I loved. BTW The skirt is a very dark brown not black.

I bet she thought I wouldn’t notice lol.

Yes I know I’m wearing Uggs lol, sorry I don’t think they’re freebies anymore.

Faith and I do pull the occasional joke on each other, I’ve had a witch flying over her house, a space craft shooting at her home, a foot chained up in her garage and my all time fave was the dead nun under her bed. This year she’s got me first and filled my home with spiders!

Back to the goodies. Don’t forget to pop into the “The Artist Shed” shop as I know there are some hunts going on inside, I did have a quick look and didn’t find them but now I’m inworld LM grabbing I’m going to have another look as I know they will be really good.

The Artish Shed, “Patch of 1000 Pumpkin Hunt/Cart Sale”.

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Unsexy. (5Ld, 3Ld Hunt Prize’s & Cheap finds).

There is a hunt going on called “Fantasy Forest Hunt” and each prize is only 5Lds, as soon as I saw the one for the “The Artist Shed” I knew I had to have it.

Green and orange my fav colours.  The title comes from my misreading of the pose as I thought it said “unsexy” when in fact it said “unisex” and you do get only the 1 pose but I like it, it’s unfussy and works well.

There is another hunt going on in the shop which is easy to find and it costs just 3Lds. I will leave it as a surprise for you but I will say it’s an item of decor.

I’m not a fan of the layout of this shop as I don’t think it’s user friendly and you may miss bits out so make sure you explore it fully as it has not only great bargains but some new designs.  I treated myself to a bucket with a plant in it, 25Lds, and a classic wood picnic table for 50Lds.

Then I went hunting for another “Fantasy Forest” prize and found it……I’m on a roll.

This large pool/pond is about 64 prims and it is very much a statement item.  Non-mod and no sexy menu in it.  The LM I used to get to the Splintered Creations seemed to take me to an RP cowboy sim and I was about to TP out till I spotted on the ground and a signpost the way to go to find items for sale plus where the Hunt item has been hidden….check out the funny raccoons!

PS. If you’ve not got them then under the desk in the Artist Shed is a gift for us, click the gift box, and you get wearable/rezzable corndogs.

PPS.  It’s that little group of mushrooms that you’re looking for.

The Artist Shed 

Splintered Creation

The Fantasy Forest Hunt. (Pictures, Hints & LMs).

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Immortal Words? (Freebies, Hunts, Dollarbies, 10Lds,Christmas Market).

Last night I was saying to my OH that it’s been such a busy week and I am going away this weekend to tomorrow, now today, I was going to take it easy, get up late, lay a breakfast out good enough to be “pinned” on Pinterest.  Snuggle on my chair with throws, kitties and a mug of coffee, surfing away at my leisure and all done in my Jim Jams….and then reality BITES and it’s now almost 1 o’clock and yes I’m still in my Jim Jams but that’s as relaxing as it’s been so far.


Even the Reindeer seems to be smirking at me!

OK, the reason for this one and only pictures is because a couple of days ago I popped over to The Artist Shed as I know there is a couple of hunts going on there at this moment so I went inside and did a bit of hunting around and once I’d found a few of the hunt items  I went back outside because there is a Christmas market on right there.  On each stall seems to be something priced at just 10Lds and I did spot a couple of gifts as well.

There is also another hunt going on outside and what you’re looking for is the snowballs you can see in this picture.  Each snowball costs 2Lds and so far I’ve only picked up 2 of them.  I’ve not had a chance to open anything I’ve picked up so far and I’ve already lined up the next hunt I want to do lol.

So basically in this one area you can find hunt’s,  bargains freebies and as a really nice touch there are piles of snowballs and if you click on these you get a snowball to wear and when you go into mouse mode and click your target you splatter your victim with a snowball.  One of the best snowball throwers I’ve tried out and you can even send a copy to your friend for a fair fight, or just ambush them.  There is even staged snowball walls for you to have a fight on the sim.  A lovely way to spend some time in SL for sure.

The Artist Shed, Hunts & Christmas Market

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OH The HORROR! (Super Cart Sale, Super Bargains & Super Spooky Hunt).

Because I couldn’t sleep I came inworld and did some mooching and it certainly paid off as I found this …..cart sale and just across the side of it is a fun and spooky hunt.

xxxhorribleuseSo I’m not going to show you what I got because I ended up with so many things and so many different prices I simply cannot remember what was what.  So this is one of the stalls and that’s me playing dead on the sofa.  Each stall seems to have at least 1 item priced at only 10LDs, some have gifts but most have set their priced to pretty darn bargain price.  I didn’t buy it but if you look at the left-hand side of this picture you can see those pot with weeds n spooky things in them they’re going to be mine when I log in if I remember correctly only 50Lds and most unusual.  I also treated myself to a simple wire and lit pumpkin for just 10Ld, be careful there is another similar one on another stall for 50Lds but that one has candles inside.

This is a regular Cart sale area, different themes throughout the year but it’s just outside of “The Artists Shed” shop.  A really nice sized event big enough to be packed with stuff but not too big to be overwhelming and a nice mix of nails, clothes, decor items etc.

So once I’d finished mooching around there I popped over to the hunting area next to this market.


Where you rezz is just outside of The Artists Shed shop and the cart sale is right in front of you and this hunt is to the left.  The only thing is the board that you slap for Hunt Hints didn’t seem to want to send me the note but really you don’t need it.


Just wander around the small area where homes are set up and what you’re looking for is weapons, they’re scattered around.  Each weapon cost just 2Lds and I snagged a few before I decided I was tired enough for bed so I’m not 100% sure but I do believe they say what’s in the prize so you can decide if you want to buy it but then again 2Lds a prize is just a pittance.

That’s me in one of the houses but it could be a home from home for me as I own those chairs and yes I also have that body under a rug tucked away in my invent with all the other corpses I’ve picked up over the years LOL.

So pop in this Sunday as I can’t think of a nicer way to kill some time.”Oh the horror cart sale”!

“Oh The Horror” Cart Sale