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Good Morning. (10Ld Gift, 10Ld Hunt & Mention of Freebies).

This post is a little bit of everything.

“The Annex” has a small hunt going on, pretty standard in that there is a picture board showing you the prize and although they’re not numbered when you find the blue boards you’re looking for it’s easy to see what prize is in them.

It took me a long time to find the 2 hunt items I wanted, I suspect they’re actually outside of the shop on the sim, it took me so long to find these 2 I forgot exactly where they were but I know for sure one of them was most definitely outside.

This top is really good, I may not keep it as I knew it didn’t come in my fav fit, only Freya, Maitreya and Hourglass.  The chinos are keepers.  They’re cropped at the shin and have a linen look to me and not only is the Maitreya a great fit both the shirt, pants and all the other hunt prizes are FATPACKS! So if I remember correctly you get 8 or 9 colours for the pants and 8 or 9 colours for the shirt

There are 2 free Group Gifts inside the shop and a lovely pink dress which is a TelelportHub Group Gift I know I have blogged them before and they’re well worth a reblog on their own but it’s always nicer to show you something fresh and new.

BTW let’s all ignore the blurred door, I’ve been up since before 6 am and I should have drunk more coffee before I logged into SL lol.

The Annex

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“Mesh Body Friends”.(Freebie).

I’m sure there is a NEW Freebie at the The Annex so I returned and I can’t find it, I could, of course, be wrong about it.  So to stop it from being a wasted TP I grabbed one of the other Freebies just to check it out and it’s this Kawaii dress.

The dress is familiar but the group you join to get it isn’t, “Mesh Body Friends”.  I would say that I am about 99% sure this has been blogged but it was years and years and maybe years ago but it has totally stood the test of time.  So maybe old to me but new to you?

If you haven’t guessed it then this and my last picture were taken on the “Comhar” sim.  As I was LM grabbing I’ve spotted that there is as much going on outside as inside and the 9 platforms packed with backdrops.  So I’ve put the LM for the Photostudio and you simply hop on the TP and if you’re like me you will go from backdrop to backdrop just loving it all.

The Annex

Comhar, Free Photostudio, Gardens and Caves

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I’m gonna have to learn! (Freebie). UPDATED.

In RL and SL great fashion will always come back and these tied cropped shirts were all the rage years ago but so were sculpties and the least said about them the better.

This gift from The Annex is top class, they’ve taken the old design and using mesh have refined it to bring it back to life.  A really simple shirt to be teamed up with so many things.

Here is the BUT bit, not my fit, you only get it in the SLink hourglass, Maitreya and emmm another one which isn’t my SLink one. I know in this picture it looks like a perfect fit but sometimes pictures do lie and I’ve cunningly edited the breakout bits.

There are a couple of other gifts but they’ve been blogged either by me or Faith a while ago, kinky latex outfits.  Make sure you’re wearing your The Annex tag as although it looks as though this is an SL frees & offers (sic) gift it’s not.

PS.  I am wearing undies but maybe black wasn’t the best choice lol.


So I quickly logged in and I was wrong, the “mini hud” doesn’t allow you to fine-tune your SLink Alphas so you can make your own to fit clothing which wasn’t designed to work with SLink so I am a bit sad about that but on the positive side what it does is allow you to create a mini hud for each outfit and have that tucked into the same folder so you change from a bikini to an evening gown you simple use the mini hud that you have set to fit that outfit and once click will change the Alphas from the bikini to the evening gown.  It’s actually very easy to do once you follow the step by step instructions and although I keep my SL Hud on my screen at all times it does mean those who stuggle with lag in SL have one less Hud to lag them.

The Annex

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OH Betty! (25Ld Swimsuit).

Urgh, I hate sleeping in it gives me mush for brains! By this time, 11.30am I usually have my house neatened up, emails checked, showered and dressed, work to-do list sorted, 2 cups of coffee, a big bowl of porridge and I’m SLing with a Halo over my head.  This morning I’ve got clean undies on and so far that’s as good as it has gotten.  Fortunately, I’d found “Bettie” yesterday and here she is.

Taken in our sim setting only so you can see that amazing metallic sheen.  I remember back in the day when you had to pay a lot of money to get this quality metallic sheen but in this case only 25Lds!  There is a demo for you to try because there is actually a small selection of colours to chose from and I struggled because they’re all stunning but in the end I went for this copper/brown shade.  Yo do have to join the Free group to be able to buy this discounted item.

I forgot to make a note of the fits but I would be surprised if the main mesh bods weren’t all in there but again there is a demo for you to try and it also inc all the different shades so you can see which one you like the best.  You will find this and 2 FREEBIES on the wall behind the reception desk.  The 2 freebies are for the “The Annex” group and SL offers and frees(sic) group and they’re the same item just in different shade packs.  An emm interesting outfit, what little there is to it lol.

PS Believe it or not the hair is a MINA! I don’t often wear it as it’s obviously a very stylised look so when I find an outfit I think it will suit it’s nice to be able to showcase one of her more unusual hairs, you should see the one with wings!  Sorry can’t remember the name of this hair I just have it labelled “Quiff” in my invent for easy finding LOL.

The Annex (New Main Shop)


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Ballroom or Bordello?

Spent a little time looking through my notices and came across one for the Genre event which is new to me.  The premiss is ” Genre is a new monthly event that focuses on celebrating the different cultures within SL” and even better nothing is priced over 100Lds.

urb100glassThis is The Annex’s offering of a completely sumptuous mesh dress with a very Victorian/steam punk inspired look.  Red Damask is the name with rich draped blood red Damask over a satin black underskirt. The low-cut top allows a lot of cleavage and the straps on the arm flex really well.  The main body of the skirt is non rigged  which means it doesn’t flow as much as a unrigged mesh and in fact I saw the demo of this on someone else and my first thought was it’s a sculpted skirt but it’s not, that still didn’t put me off trying the demo for myself and especially since it’s on special off of only 100Lds I was so pleased with it happily snapped it up but definitely try the demo first.   It’s so regal and, going to say it again, sumptuous.  Almost forgot to say gloves and veiled hat are also included.

The hair is another offer from Curio Obscura at Genre .and it’s from one of my fav quirky shops in SL.  I chose the “Victorina Ladylike” style but the is another equally as stylised hair option.  A very stylish thick look, piled high with thick ringlets.  Certainly a unique look.

GlassThen I turned off the light and walked “through the looking glass” and WOAH…..

urb100You enter a wonderland.  A large ballroom stuffed with all the weird and wonderful things we love about Alice in Wonderland.   I’ve already missed last Saturdays  ball but there is another one this Saturday so I have made a note of the time and I’m hoping to get there myself.  This is a massive build over many sims (yes I’ve forgotten how many).  I frequent it and never get bored because behind every door is  a stunning room or display.  The heart of all the sims is The Red Rose Theatre  a palace that would equal Versailles in opulence.  Open to all, you don’t have to be dressed up to the nines but this is a place to put on your full length gowns or best suit and tie and just go OTT.  Even if you’re not into dressing up you’re still more than welcome.  This isn’t a “naughty” place and you won’t find certain pose balls but what you will find it many areas to just sit and relax from the formal to the casual, pools and stables and plenty of gardens to wander.

A nice touch is that most of the furnishings are for sale but instead of having to TP to the shop you can just click and buy the item as it’s placed out in the palace AND WOW I’ve just seen in their blog that they now have whole suites for rent as soon as I rezz inworld I’m off for a mooch around for myself.

The Rose Theater and Art Gallery

The Rose Theater Blog


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Uffie Hair (Dollarbie).

I really wanted the shoes because I had tried the demo and they’re just great  but since I blew my budget on something else I had to settle for this hair which quite frankly was a complete surprise.  Usually free or in this case a Dollarbie hair is rubbish, unless a shop is feeling generous and giving out a shop standard hair most are just not worth it however I was pretty impressed with this one.

Cross process redDare I say “bang on trend” I hate that saying but certainly in the UK at the moment the big bun is in.  So not only is this a Dollarbie but you get the full 14 shades! so you have everything from a platinum to a dark brown. Another thing which almost put me off this was you really do need to wear the tattoo layer and then the hair on top but in this case the tattoo layer is an actual bonus because I noticed that it’s texturing was so good that if you like me have a lot of hats you never wear because you need to edit some hair to fit it but you never get around to doing it then this is going to be super handy.  Again the tattoo layers come in all 14 colours so a win win.  Only available on the Marketplace but so are the demos so like me check out those shoes, they’re lovely.and elegant.

HurFrom behind is a big fat bun.  I’m wearing it unadorned but I’m pretty sure that if I wanted to soften it I’ve got masses in my Hair Accessory folder which will make this look even more stunning.  This is only available from the Marketplace.

Special mention to the jumper as I believe The Annex is brand new and as a welcome you can join the group for free at the moment and you get this as a welcome gift. Non mesh with sculpted neck.   It’s as simple and as easy to wear as it looks.  Nice that even though it’s a deep turtleneck I don’t look drowned in it.  Not a massive selection at the moment but some original pieces and all in glorious Autumnal colours.  This is the clothing division of La Petite Morte which is skins n poses.  Have to confess I’ve not tried on any of their skins as yet but I think I own if not all then most of their poses.


The Annex