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Promo ! Get it while its hot and soapy <3

Dench Designs have a brilliant promo on at the moment, this newly released complete bathroom is just $149L ! It’s all low impact (of course) and has so many features you’ll get dizzy. Naturally I plumped for the pink tones for all pieces, however, there is a large selection of other choices, plus options for the taps etc so you can fit it in around your existing home.

The textures are truly gorgeous, single pringle poses & couples plus a few of Amanda’s funny ones – such as the air freshener pose & prop above – love it!

Each piece in the set has a menu to rez props such as candles, towels,rug,and toiletries etc. Even the Loo has books,magazines,flowers and newspapers.

The shower is a delight, simple and good animations, plus rez up the props and you’ve got a whole look for your home. Heres the deets:

► Copy
► No Poseballs
►Texture Change
► Low Land Impact
► [Male], [Female] and some [Couple] Sections
► Can Adjust Positions
► Props automatically attach to avatar
► Security for the Texture Change sections so you can set it to [ALL], [OWNER ONLY] or [GROUP ONLY]


► Shower (6LI)
► Bath (9LI)
► Toilet (7LI)
► Sink Unit (6LI)

Try it out in the store Dench Designs

Or buy direct from the market place store

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More Perfectness!


I’m always eager to sample what Lunar Seasonal Designs is offering in Perfect Ten, and this round is just perfect for the season. I’m reading on the “acorn blanket reading chair”, menu driven with lots of choices for blanket pattern and chair colour – so it will easily fit in with your decor. Great poses for relaxing, reading drinking etc – its SO snuggly! Best of all its only Li of 2 ! The little rug is also menu driven and on offer, plus the superb TV aquarium.


Via the menu you can change the amount of fish, the background, the sand and coral textures. The little fishies swim about happily and it’s actually rather memorising. You can alter the table & tv textures to fit in with your existing scheme also. Discounts only apply until the 15th November.

Perfect ten

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Entertain me

Chez Moi new release

Great set out from Chez Moi, its got the look of a traditional dining room but with the added bonus of texture change table-cloth and a heap of rezzable items for the table. If you touch the lemonade pot you’re given a refreshing juice! All pretty low land impact too. Deets:

The dining table has 12 scenes to choose by controlled menu.

Texture-change options: 9 colors to choose by controlled menu.

The copyable chair has 9 Textures and 29 single animations.
♥ Menu controlled
♥ Adjustable Poses

Also it comes with a wooden carving cabinet fully decorated. The decorations are not linked and they are modifiable, so you can take them off if you wish.

Chez Moi details

Take a look at just some of the table scenes – I love the games and the food selections are über cool! Available in store or on the market place – thanks Nanda ❤

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi market place

Chez Moi blog

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Seaward !



Just in time for the sunny summer weather, Circa has released some fahhhbulous items for your space.  This is the Seaward outdoor lounger set, you get two of the trendy mesh loungers in the box . They have colour/pattern change for the towel and also choices for the wood texture. I was totally impressed with the quality of the wood and fabric textures – SO realistically done.

CIRCA - NEW! Valentina E ruffled swimsuit - Clawtooth hair Cherry Bomb (hair fair) Pink Acid lip stick FiFridays

Above is the Seaward beach dock, its got 18 beach / dock animations for males & females. Not the usual run-of-the-mill ones we see so often either ! Every item in this Seaward collection is pretty low prim, so you wont be sacrificing much of your budget, always a plus. The dock comes complete with accessories scattered about, and plants attached to the walkway.( Go and check out the animations instore, some NEW ones added that are extra chic ohlala!)

CIRCA Floatie NEW!

What would a hot summers day be without floaties ! These are really marvellous, the level of detail such as the handles and the ever-so-gentle rotation is lovely. Make sure you get the right one, there is a male and a female choice and ooodles of colours !

CIRCA Mainstore

CIRCA market place

Hair – Cherry Bomb by Clawtooth @ The Hair Fair

Ruffled swimsuit by Valentina E