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A bit of randomess.(99Lds).

Faith and I are trying to find a “WOW” factor for the middle of our sim and so today I am wandering around SL in the hopes I find it and this tent is not it but I still had to have it.

For only 99Lds and 3 prims I may not use it now but I can just see this as a sim/garden decor item in the spring/summer/autumn seasons and if it did come with a snow option I’d even have it out now but it doesn’t so I will carefully label it and then LOSE IT IN MY INVENT!

The shop it comes from is small and only really contains this tent, there are other colour options available to buy, and a few matching decor items.

Generation X

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Toasting my mallows

Great camping set is now for sale at Shiny Shabby by Chez Moi! Super low prim and full of fun stuff for single pringles or couples. There is the rug that’s stuffed with fantastic animations the little pot suspended over a small fire and of course the brill tent with a double sleeping bag inside. Love that on the spooning pose the blanket appears and snuggles you up! (This is a couples pose but also works for singles yay!)

PG & Adult versions available.


The Double Camping Tent comes with 64 animations in PG version and 114 animations in Adult version.

The Blanket comes with 74 animations in PG version and 124 animations in Adult version.

♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ Functionality SWAP

Texture change options: tap the blanket/bed to change texture – 11 fabric options to choose.

Tap the firewood to display the fire menu – Sound and Light Fx.

♥ 100% Original Mesh

Exclusive for Shiny Shabby Event from October 20th to November 15th.

Shiny Shabby

Chez Moi Blog for more info

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Bohemian Life

Aphrodite tent & lanterns Tres Chic

Aphrodite has some totally gorgeous items out for the new round of Tres Chic, including this fantastic tent made entirely of squares of fabric. It’s all knotted together and makes it  fragile and whimsical. The anchor pegs for the tent are old bits of tree wood, dead cute. The prim count is incredibly low for something so complex, I was verrrry surprised ! This is primarily a couples tent, not essentially romantically involved couples though – it would also suit friends (in some poses). Theres eating, drinking, dancing and guitar playing plus of course , plenty of snuggles ! The rugs Ive scattered around on the grass are also new – very vibrant and shabby chic .

Aphrodite @ Tres Chic

Close up look at some points of interest, new lanterns that come in packs of hanging and table varieties, only 1 Li and also turn on and off. The fabrics used for the cushions are varied and eclectic, some with lovely words written across them. All this and much more from Aphrodite make sure to check it out !

Tres Chic

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Camp out ! (Freebie)

Dench Designs FREE gift - FATE wear Free shorts & towel

I popped over to Dench Designs yesterday and spotted the new group gift – the group is free to join BTW. Above is the gift, a brilliant camp out set. It’s really low in prims and the animations are superb. Amanda Dench always adds in some unusual adorable poses that I don’t see anywhere else ! There are couples & singles poses that have that system of no balls to bother with and that ask for permission to rez props directly into your hands – gotta love that. My towel and shorts are a group gift from Damien Fate @ FATEwear – you get the USA version AND Canada ! Might be worth checking the subscribo to see if you can get this in retrospect. (YES – they are for guys but the medium size in the shorts and small towel fitted a treat on me)

Dench Designs FREE gift - SPOOKY !

The animations I got the giggles over  is the “spooky” one, you are shivering and hunched up inside the tent, while outside a terrifying ghost floats around groaningggg ! Theres also marshmallow roasting, eating a picnic, drinking and smewchy cuddles for couples.

Dench Designs Chickens !

While you’re in the store wander outside and take a look at the animal section. This chicken coop won a place on my home sim straight away ! The chickens wander about and cluck, its sooo sweet (and low prim yay) I also snapped up the guinea pigs in a cage – I love guinea pigs ! Ohhh almost forgot to say, there’s a whopping big sale on some of the adult items upstairs – 50% off !


Dench Designs


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Be a Tarte.


Gratuitous scenic shot.  In the summer I laid out throws and blankets on the ground and draped some over a line to create a lovely summer hidy hole and I’ve found something similar from Tarte.  Called Blanket Fort. A thickly knitted blanket with small light globes.  Poses for singles, friends and snuggles not too many but all are sweet and simple.  Click and join Tartes group because although they’re not clear the lights in front are bottles with lights in them and only 2 prims and Group Gifts. I’m being rather quick with this post because Tarte is having a 50% sale, woo hoo, but it’s limited to this weekend only so I popped over and snagged the full length mirror I had wanted and rezzed this from my invent.  The tent is reduced to 125 and the mirror is now just a 100Lds.


Just a bit clearer and closer so you can see the lights and texturing a bit better and also the group gift bottles.


But I was also sneaky and got the new !gO group gift before Faith.  Both of us have been long-term group members and it’s not free but every month there is a great free GG and often a slashed price on another item in store so this is one of the paid groups that payback really well in the quality of the gifts.  LOL Almost forgot to say what it is in case it’s not obvious, it’s this top.  A crunchy knitted hoodie.  The back is longer than the front, a hood and ties down the front.

I’m hoping the !gO LM takes you straight to some of the best mesh and non mesh free/dollarbies I know so before you go inside !gO grab the goodies off the washing line now OK get TPing now.



Tarte Blog

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Blanket Heaven

In all my years in SL I have never found a Hammock that doesn’t make you look as though your “planking” that is until now this hammock is simply the best I’ve found.  As you can see from the picture my AV is snuggled up so nicely.  All of the poses and there is a total of 21 single poses and 9 couple poses. Lovely textures to the fabrics and the netting and chain.  Shabby Chic lovelyness.  550Lds for what I consider to be the best hammock ever and at only 11 prims so reasonable.  You can pay a little bit extra 600lds (for tent and table) and get a table that matches with a tea pot, 2 mugs and a pile of magazines for 10 prims.

For those of you who are waiting for payday, aren’t we all, or prim counting then check out the matching Blanket Tent.  Same fabrics, similar poses but you get “12 animations for 2 AVs (2 sets of 6)” which basically means you can sit comfortably on your own or with a friend.  Priced at a very reasonable 125 lindens and an excellent 3prims and that includes the lights inside and the cushions! . Both are so low prim and so pretty I’m keeping them both out on my land yes if your wondering that is a Wind Turbine in the background I have a secret, that Wind Turbine is actually running SL or thats what it feels like sometimes.

Time to check out CheekyPea because they’ve had a little revamp and now have their furniture set up in boxes, very cute.

Cheeky Pea

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Garden Party from the Home & Garden Expo

Ok I admit it..I have a *thing* for tents in second life..I cant resist them..and when I saw this one from Interior Addiction that came along with the fahhbulous boardgame table (including animations that are sooo coolbeans and cookies & milk) I HAD to get it..the totally funky thing is..its their donation item, so the cash goes into the pot yay! At 150L for the whole set..its a steal for sure…go grab it while you can..the Home & Garden Expo closes on the 28th..dont dilly dally ! (btw, Steve thinks the tent is a bit *girly*..but I notice that he stayed in it wayyyyyy after I had taken the photo…mmhmm)

To get there, open up the world map, and search for Dreamseeker Home Expo. Interior Addiction is on the Expo 2 sim.

Home & Garden Expo blog