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Big Fat Fail.

First a Woo Hoo as I’ve just come back from a short and excellent holiday all refreshed and rarin’ to go, Boo Hoo because I’m failing miserably in finding a lot of The Homeless Hunt Items. The icing on the cake is look at this.   A private Brides changing room which for Tempestuous (the shops name) isn’t really a surprise as this is a shop that has some Bridal Bling that would even tempt me to say yes.

BrideYes I did go apesh*t with Windlight because I can and because this build can take it.

LomoIgnore the clutter as all of it apart from the picture isn’t included in the package.   If I was ever interested in getting SL married I’d set this up as it is  weeks before the big day and use it as my “campaign  room” and plan everything from there and set out a lot of what will be used such as flowers, wine, dress etc. As it happens since I don’t have a prop dress I simply rezzed one of my favs but in a size I don’t use and it looks just as stunning as a room decor as it does worn

r4frYou can add a rug or two but the flooring already comes with a very posh champagne style label.  The doorway doesn’t have a door to it and because I rezzed this on my platform in the sky instead of the ground opening onto a lovely view so I blocked it a curtain so that’s what that white panel is.

One for the boys as well. You could have his n hers facing each other while you prepare yourself for the big day.  The boys is the same overall design but with a slightly darker colouring but no less bright.

LightAlthough it has that burnished steel look it’s soft and bright and unharsh.  The roof has 2 panels missing so you can use a setting that shows off the stars or sky.  The candelabra speaks for itself and inside the shop you can buy either the same or very similar and what looks like matching lamps to add even more bling.

ShapeSlight gratuitous body shot but I’ve just received this new shape from Anna’s called Leticia.   As I always say I never blog shapes as 99% of the free or discounted shapes are NAFF but Anna’s shapes to me are just PERFECT.  The only shapes I never feel the need to fiddle with.  The proportions are perfect but of course this is very much a personal preference and so they do come as mod so if your preference is different to mine then you can do all the tweaking you want as even the discounted version comes as a mod.  This is Analy Amat’s  latest Designer Circle offering and everything there is priced between 50-100Ld which is a brilliant bargain price. Because this is at a bargain price you only get the one shape but make sure to check out her shop as well because she has so many demos for you to try on but also a few dollarbies which is pretty damned generous of her.

Because this is a discounted item you get just the 1 shape but I believe that in the full packs you get a small selection such as a model shape, more leggy, a smaller shape and the standard shape I could be wrong because I just wait for the discounted ones as they’re a brilliant bargain.

Again I LOVE her shapes they’re feminine, realistic, flattering and on and if you want to see a close up of the face then the next picture is of it with my usual Essence Wednesday skin (that’s a skin merchant I whole heartedly adore).

Although I must also mention the Homeless Hunt Shape I’ve previously posted about and I will put the link for that at the end because although I tweaked the lips a bit the overall shape is one of the nicest curviest shapes I’ve found so if you want more Oomph in your booty then this is for you.

TiaraClose up of the face,Analy Amat does such simple sweet pretty shaped faces.  Wearing my usual Essence Wednesday skin. The tiara comes from Tempestuous, called  Clara pearls and diamonds.  When I first put this one I thought it was more a fantasy of spikes and bubbles which means it is more wearable than for just a wedding setting.  I know I have some outfits that would look divine and ethereal with this on top.


This is the actual dress from my previous blog of Tempestuous and I still have it after all this time.  When I popped back to the shop to do my usual write up and check out any new goodies I couldn’t resit having a bit of fun with the model in the shop so now you have 4 images of this dress (me, her and the picture in the background). Personally I think I wear it better LOL.  Called Clara as well, unless I’m mistaken about the name, this is a shocking deep red but you can get the exact same dress but in virginal white with a veil to get married in.  Would be quite a funny thing if you wore the white dress to the wedding and then changed into the shocking one for the dance late OR wear the red one on your first year anniversary.  OOOO All I need is someone (daft enough) to marry me.


The Designer Circle (Discounted Shape)

Anna’s Shop

Curvy Shape for The Homeless Hunt

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

I Made Art! (and SAH item)

Believe it or not this is a skirt.  I’ve not used any special effects or colouring I just zoomed and clicked and look at the detail! Fine netting dotted with diamonds and edged with lace.

This is the first non mesh full ball gown dress I’ve worn in years and this is a reminder of how good they can be.  It flounces and  flows beautifully and positively sparkles.  I was so impressed I started to dance and then decided to take a quick snap so I could, hopefully, catch some of the movement. You can wear it as a full gown or as a fish tail gown.  What I’ve not managed to catch it the lovely fat bow on the hip with big juicy pearls and cools spikes.  You not only have a choice of colours but also this as a bridal version complete with veil AND a Demo so if your tempted but not sure handy to have.

This divine Pearl Tiara matches the pearl details on the bow on the dress  but it comes separately.  I think it looks like shards of ice and tiny  pearlescent soap bubbles.

I have some old costume jewelry in my box with the same stones and how I love the antique rainbow colours of these stones.

They sparkle slightly without that nasty trashy bling.  The last 2 tiaras are only 50Lds each!

This is a shop which has a lot of bridal goodies such as flowers for the pews, rings, and a wall of stunning tiaras and diamonds, enought to turn a girls head. If your planning to become a winter bride get yourself  here and even if your not planning on a wedding simply  indulge in some pretty gems.  Special mention to the small bridal chapels you can buy.  No demo but from the photos alone you can see they’re not your usual cutsie wootsie chapels they have a touch of the Art Deco to them.  Also some retro undies complete with a bow on your bum, cute and cheeky.

I found this shop doing the SAH and if you  look at the earrings and not the boobs they come from this shop as a hunt item.  She, Tempest Jewel, has also set out some Dollabies and Freebies.

PSSST wanna see some rude piccies.  When we blogg items we always check out the shops and also the owners and I noticed in the owners profile picks a rather rude name.  I followed the LM and came across such a sight.  A man and woman in very provocative, arty, tastefully (and untastefully) poses and you too can either buy the pose or the art or for the brave, bold and proud have them turn you and your loved one into a work of art.   Because WordPress has certain restrictions I’m not sure if  I can LM this shop but all I will say is check out Tempest Jewel profile picks and follow the link and I bet like me you will stand there and slightly drool and this goes for women as well as men because as we all know women also can appreciated a good looking well endowed man.