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Sci-Fi or Kawaii? (10Ld TeleportHub Group Gift & Mention of Freebies(?)).

This dress is made of a texture that looks like the finest satin or some sort of metallic cloth.

Not sure how I’d class this dress, maybe it’s a bit more Kawaii than Sci-Fi as it does have a lovely bow at the back and Sci-Fi isn’t known for its love of bows and frills.

This is a TeleportHub gift from a shop called Pink Mango.  There are other gifts but I couldn’t seem to get them as either the Group invites weren’t working or my computer had decided to be stroppy.

PS.  When I was LM grabbing the group invites for the other gifts do seem to be working and so I know the Pink Mango Group costs 15Ld and if I’d had time I’d liked to have shown you that dress as well.  I’m guessing some of the groups on the wall are Free to join.

Pink Mango

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It cost me nothing! (10Ld Belle Epoque/TeleportHub Group Gift).

I suspected that this brand new gift from Belle Epoque wouldn’t fit me and I was right.

What a bloody shame as it has a lovely light windblown look to the skirt, wrinkled shorts sleeves etc the usual Belle Epoque quality. Since I was already in the TeleportHub Group it didn’t cost me anything but it will cost you 10Lds to join that group.

BTW it’s not a backless dress, it just the way the mesh dress looks without a body in it.

Belle Epoque

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Rushing in and out!(10Ld TeleportHub Group Gift)

It’s a moany Monday, actually apart from the fact the power to my house has been tripping all morning considering the sort of trouble people, not just in the UK, are facing at the moment my moans are just small thing.  So I will shut up and show you this.

If you haven’t joined the TeleportHub Group then it’s going to cost you the 10Lds joining fee if you’re already in this group then it’s free and check out one of my posts from yesterday for another new TeleportHub Gift.  Honestly, it’s one of the groups I remain in all the time as it just has so many posts for great finds as well as the gifts put out just for this group.

This little outfit comes in many fits and the hoodie can be worn as separates.



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Getting Sassy.(Freebie & 10Ld Gift).

I’ve been to a couple of the big events going on in SL and Oh Boy my computer is complaining and on a “go-slow” process.

Just before I decided to throw the towel in I found this Kawaii dress in the Sass shop.  It’s a TeleportHub gift, so only the 10Ld joining fee.  You get a 2 option hud, this pink version and a pastel purple one.  I love the pattern on the skirt and wish the whole dress was that pattern only.

Then I remembered these Mosquito’s Way boots which are their newest Group Gifts and couldn’t think of anything more perfect to go with this outfit.

Ok, I did forget to turn around and take a picture of the front but I think you can see that all the details are in the back which leaves the front nice and simple.

The TeleportHub Group Gift is on the wall next to the door in the Sass shop and the New Mosquito’s Way Group Gift is on the wall next to the desk but also if you check the wall to your left as you go into the Mosquito’s shop then that’s where the older gifts are and on the other side is the Lucky Chairs.

Mosquito’s Way 


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REZZ DAMNIT! (10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

I’m just going with this one picture but I’d have loved to have shown you the other colours in the hud esp the very bold checked ones but rezzing became an issue and I “ain’t got no time for that” shit.

These are in the Nala shop but are a TeleportHub group gift which is why they come with a 10Ld price tag.

The Nala group does cost to join but you will see dotted around a few other Gifts for free or cheap groups.  It’s not a massive shop so it shouldn’t be too hard however there are 2 doors to this shop and it’s the one on your left as you TP in.

Nala Designs

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A TPHG Gift.(10Ld Gift).

The “TPH” stands for TeleportHub Group, just as I was checking my groups to see if there was anything I was missing this notice came out from one of my fav groups for this gift.

You get this from the Pearl Fashion shop, I didn’t linger long to see if there was anything else in the shop because the notice had just gone out and people were standing on top of each other as they TPed in lol.

The TeleportHub group does cost 10Lds to join and I’ve always said it’s worth it.  I think you get 4 patterns and I know one of them was a more evening beach pattern of pastel stripes.  Those “patches” you see are actually part of the pattern and I think it gives it that little bit extra!

Pearls Fashion

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I have a complaint.(10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

My complaint is a small one, it’s the size of the Gift Boards that the TeleportHub Group uses to show off their gifts, it’s TOO SMALL! Which is how when I last visited Mystique I didn’t spot this fabulous Autumn jumper.

Only 10Lds to join the TeleportHub group and as for sizes this top comes in so many inc some of the more uncommon shapes there is a fit for all.  This is a KEEPER for me.