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Making a splash.(10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

A super quickie.

A simply fab gift for the TeleportHub Group which is why it costs the 10Lds.  Only a Maitreya fit but not too shabby on my SLink frame and it fits over my boobies very nicely so don’t let that put you off buying it.  This is a strapless dress and I now wish I’d worn a different hair to show you that but then again look at that hair colour/hat colour.

This dress comes from the “Thalia Heckrock” shop.  When you TP in it’s sorta behind you lol.

Thalia Heckrock.

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What a day.(10Ld & Mention of Freebies).

This is one of my “keeper” outfits so I was happy to see that it’s still a Teleporthub gift in the ASO shop.

I know it’s a reblog but I think enough time has passed to show you this great outfit.  My editing has made it slightly “pinkier” than it is but it’s fab which is why it is a “keeper” for me.  Lots of fits as well and comes as separates.  I don’t own any of the ASO clothes which is a shame as they are a pretty unique style/brand so make sure to check the shop out as well.

PS.  There are free ASO Group Gifts but I didn’t see anything new.

Before I go I will show you this other freebie as it’s an excuse to tell you about the shop.

Those coloured pixelated lines are “toys” for ladies or men and I didn’t actually pick one up so I don’t know if you get all of the colours, if it buzzes or comes with any sort of poses all of that is for you to find out lol.   .

This shop, Lemme, isn’t one I’m familiar with and to keep this post family-friendly I can only say that it’s packed with Kinky Kawaii Kuteness(sic).  Lots of decor items for with kinky twists to them.  As someone who lives a “PG” life even, I was tempted and I took a chance on one of the Gacha’s and although my prize was most PG I was more than happy with it.

So a very interesting shop to visit for your playful SL lives.



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Your last day to dream. (10Ld Gift & Mention of other goodies).

Good morning and let’s hope for a good day for all of us.

I only picked this TeleportHub Group Gift up so I had something to show you, 10Lds to join, in the end I’m loving the colour.  It’s their Valentines gift and I thought it was going to be the standard red but as you can see it’s a very orangy-red which is just my cup of tea.

Dreams is the shop it came from.  The Dreams Group does costs 50Lds to join but for that there are not just Group Gifts and Lucky Chairs but also a very generous 500Ld Gift Card to celebrate their 4th year in SL.

BETTER YET is that upstairs is the men’s section.  Obviously, I don’t check out men’s shops so I don’t know how often they get treated with Group Gifts etc so it was nice to see.  So send your fave male friend/alt over to check this offer out.

The reason I’m doing this post so early is that today is the LAST day for this offer so as you’re slurping your morning beverage pop in and check it out.


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Walking Tall.(10Ld gift & Mention of Freebies).

A nice gift for us in the TeleportHub Group has been set out in the StephanieL shop.

As you can see these are definitely for high feet and the 3 main mesh feet fits.

They will cost you but at just the 10Lds it costs to join the TeleportHub Group.  There are other gifts for a mix of paid and free groups and I did grab a pair of the StephanieL free to join Group gifts but I had to log out before I could take a decent picture of them….but they are nice.

Check out the Marketplace shop as well, from the brief glance it looks like most shoes are priced at 99Lds.  I will add the link to the Marketplace shop when I can next log in which won’t be too long.




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Barbie Pink. (10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

It’s a nope for me because although I don’t mind some shades of pink this “Barbie” pink is not my cup of tea and added to that not my SLink preferred size it’s straight into the “Trash” BUT got to love those ruffled edges and there is a hint of sheerness.

I won’t judge you if you live a Barbie girl life in SL and this outfit is right up your street then I’m happy.

Usual mesh fits and separates AND if it gets you to join the TeleportHub group to grab this goodie then it’s worth it.  Again it’s one of the groups I remain in as I’ve found some really nice stuff through this group.

You will find this in the “Enigma Apparel” shop and there are other gifts both free and cheap in the same area as this gift.

Enigma Apparel.

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Cigarette Break. (10Ld Belle Epoque Group Gift).

It suddenly occurred to me that when I feel the need to take a break instead of lighting up I log in lol.  So basically SL is my cigarette/vaping break.

It’s a Belle Epoque outfit and we all know Belle Epoque but just in case you don’t then it’s 10Lds to join the group, most things inc this outfit come in the one fit and there are other gifts for the Belle Epoque Group as well as the TeleportHub Group and even one for I think it’s SL frees and offers.

PS. I don’t smoke or even vape, damn it I don’t even drink so I guess SL is my only addiction.

Belle Epoque


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Nothing better than repeats.(10Ld Group Gift).

I think I have shown you these boots before but since I know I would have kept them and I can’t find them in my invent I’m going to assume I haven’t.

Not that I really mind blogging things I’ve blogged before as it maybe old to some and new to others and when the gift is this good quality who cares.

So to get these you do have to join the TeleportHub Group which costs 10Lds and for that you not only get these boots, with a great colour hud, but of course, you can find TeleportHub gifts in many other shops.

PS.  In the back of this shop is where you will find these and some Freebies.

New Line Store