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Thanks to the lovely Shiada I can give you a bit of an update, and I’m so sorry Shaida if I’ve got the spelling of your name wrong I jotted it down so quickly! anyhow it turns out that the Teleport Hub Group is Free to join but for a limited time, although it was a super cheap group in the first place.  But if it being free and the GG of a full garden I showed you a couple of posts ago isn’t enough to tempt you then I’ve put the LM for Ever Wonders shop “More than Ever” as there is a lovely dress in her shop next to her LBs.  so you can quickly join the Teleport Hud Group there and grab that dress BUT wait because there is even more.

A Give Away which inc one of my FAV, and nonfree, Group MADPEA.  I’ve only scanned the details but I’ve put the link for you to read fully.  Madpea is an amazing group/shop and event creationist in SL.  MADPEA is what Second Life is all about their events sometimes are not cheap to do but the fun and brainstorming and ultimately the gifts you win far out surpass any cost of joining.  The MADPEA hunts are the only ones I happily pay to join if only I had time to do more of them I would but this is a chance for you to try so read the link and keep your fingers crossed your a winner.

But I have to go now so BIG THANKS to Shiada for the update because I would have missed it and yes I’ve rejoined the Teleport Hub group because even though I am a Mad MADPEAer the chances to win the entry to one of their hunts is a prize worth trying for.

Teleport Hud Promotion/Madpea

More Than Ever