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He’s a good kisser

oops! I’m lagging behind Steve with the latest in releases from T junction dammit…but even though there are no releases this week..I had to show this one ,love the logo *grins*. Special offer on till the end of the week…ten random tee’s have been reduced to just 25L !! Five for boys, five for girls…you just hafta findddd them…thats a massive 50L reduction…go seek !

Go get saving: Tjunction  (poses by Magnifique thanks Scarlet!)

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Far From Normal

Maybe I am but that is beside the point because T Junction have new releases and I’ve got a couple of ’em here to show you. Cool, funny or maybe just a little rude, whatever your mood T Junction have the tee for you. The great colours and awesome design make them a definite favourite of mine.

There’s no need to be confused about how cool these shirts are. They come on all layers so you can wear them just about anyway you could want and they are so affordable. As you can see the new releases are brilliant and there’s also a third one you guys should check out as well. For you ladies, there are three new ones, too! Head on down there and add some more to your collection.

Get the gear here: T Junction


o.O how naughty

Are you ready for some more fabulous tees from T Junction? Faith and I got our hands on the latest releases tonight, one for each of us.

The boy’s shirt is an eye-catching red and called ‘My Other Ride’ and the slogan is that usual mix of just a little rude and funny that I always love. The girl’s is gorgeous grey titled ‘So, You’re an Internet Playa…’ As the slogan says, it’s very cute.

Both t-shirts are, as always, really well made with great creases and textures and each of them come on multiple layers so you can mix and match them to your heart’s content.

Head on down to T Junction today and pick yourself up some of these super tops. With their look and prices, you won’t regret it.

Get the gear here: T Junction

PS: Thanks Faith for the pic!


Cupcakes not war

If only everyone would….the world would be a sweeter place …new stuffage from T Junction hurrrah!

Slogans range from cute to funny to rooooood! You just can’t leave without seeing at least FIVE you neeed…great for gifts on the market place (instore is no trans) See it all here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/26976

Girls rule…yeah we dooo *grins* and I’ve got the Tshirt to proove it…ohhh other news also, there is a suggestion box at the store now, so if you have an idea drop it in the box, if your idea for a slogan/graphic is used, you get the tee free! T Junction are also participating in the Ch1C event and have  a pack of four tee’s for just 50L…see them here : ch1c event (lotsa other designers also in this,well worth a trip)

Dont forget to check the lucky boards and discount area for some old fav’s at reduced prices ! (thanks Kalli x)

Go get teed: T Junction



Ohhhhhh a sale in one of my fav stores ! Argyle Anonymous has mooooved to a new fahbulous store..its pretty funky…and for a few days everything (cept the ties) is 25L *faint*…I snapped up a pair of the yummmy bloomers and a cuppy cake tee..

Doesnt that cupcake look tasty? gawd just how cute is that huh !!??

I adore how Swan makes her bloomers..currently holding the world record for being the only ones I’ve ever found that fit me without massive amounts of prim fiddling..wear-em-n-go gotta love it…all outfits & items shown just 25L.theres tee’s,jeans,skirts,shirts,shoes and more more more….what you doing here still gawping..go grab yourself some pretties before the sale ends !

Go get bloomered: Argyle Anonymous


Say what you mean..mean what you say

Great batch of T Junction shirts out for your perusal this week..as always…they pretty much speak for themselves, they always strike a chord with me !

Each is shirt is just 75L, great quality…you can also purchase on the market place as gifts here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/26976

Pop over to the store today, there’s a discount section ,guys store,freebies & Lucky boards !

Go say it : T Junction


I got Trapt

Trapt Spring outfit 90L

Oh yeahh… Mister Trapt Brentley owner of “trapt” has some juicy new releases to show off…First up The Spring outfit…cropped tank and perfect low slung denim shorts…really great texturing on these…the tee has a subtle sheen to it, the shorts have awesome stitching around all the seams…lotsa colours to choose from…’course I went for the green !

Trapt ripped shorts & spring outfit tee

One thing I noticed is that a lot of the jeans & shorts are unisex, when I say unisex I mean REALLY…not some guys/girls stuff shrunk or made larger..I’ll see if I can nab Steve later and get him to show these ripped knee length shorts..they like totally ROCK my world..bikini tops,tanks,tee’s all would look hot with them, they come in quite a few shades..fat pack of all four tones will set you back just 200L,single colour is only 70L..you will wear these to death trust me.

Trapt Argyle Shorts 125L

Last up I had to show you the Argyle shorts (Id call em capris but as their unisex I’m guessing shorts is better for the guysss  ) You can grab a hold of these in heapsss of colour ways..muted two tones that I love..naturally Im gonna go with a pinky & purple combo right? The fabric is lushhh strokable sort of velvet..great cuffs that required no prim fiddling..some awesome greeny blue palettes also..fat pack of them is gonna cost you only 600L-thats seven versions I counted..singles are  125L…snaffle up that greedy box for a steal deal…

Trapt Argyle shorts

Go get trapped: Trapt

Credits: poses: hate me eat me (prices from 2L-25L) sneakers HOC (45L I seem to recall  with colour change)