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Virtual Tourist – I found something I’ve always wanted !

What better to do on a Sunday (or any day really) than to take a leisurely walk around beautiful scenery ? I found it all at Natural Wilderness – Loch Haven. Lots of lazing opportunities ! If you’ve visited our sim Dreamworks, you might have noticed a beautiful  Teegle horse by Zan’s home.

I’ve been SO wanting one but funds meant I couldn’t – and I was lured into buying a wandering Springer spaniel ! So I was dead chuffed to see that at this venue you can rez a Teegle horse and use it to navigate around. Woooo! You can choose the colour, walk, trot, canter & gallop, it was lovely and a great way to demo the horse before buying.

I did my Tai Chi – something I’ve been learning from a daily You Tube session since the lock down came into force.

There is also a “library” – imagine that! All the bookcases contain genres – click for a menu – choose your book and its delivered via note card to you. Settle in, get comfy and read away.

Quite a few snuggle & sit spots to enjoy too – I had a lovely couple of gentle hours here – might return to read a book ❤

Natural Wilderness – Loch Haven

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Buying the dream.(I got spendy).

Like most kids, I had some riding lessons when I was very young but you know what it’s like, the cost in time and money mean you end up dropping out of it but a woman can dream.

Many years ago Faith bought me “Fred” who is my little shetland pony and no matter how many changes our sim goes through, Fred is always there.  At one stage both Faith and I owned the ridable horses, I can’t even remember what they were called but as much fun as they were, they were as limited as SL was all those years ago.

So apart from a few 1 prim stationary horses dotted around our sim I’ve never really tried to “live the dream” of having a horse.  Obviously, I’ve seen the newer range of Animesh horses inc the Teegle range and although I was very impressed with their ridablitliy(sic) and movements I thought the price tag was too much until now.

What I didn’t spot is that it is the “copy” version which is over 6,000Lds(not 100% sure on the exact cost) BUT the non-copy is only 1,500Lds so meet XXXX, I’ve not picked a name for her yet but she is the “Sugar Cookie” version/shape.

As soon as I rezzed the F**ker on my land she batted me over but I have forgiven her as the more I have watched her move the more I have come to appreciate the movements. So freaking natural, sometimes you can even see the nostrils flare and it’s all the small things that add up to make as realistic a horse as is possible.  I think the prims were…29..30 maybe not bad at all.

With the addition of an easy-riding hud and option hud, because you will have spotted that you can buy different coats and accessories for your horse, I finally decided to go for it.

I think there are only 3 main shapes, for me this one was the perfect height and shape, and the colour/pattern is the one it comes with but of course we will have all seen that there is now a massive market for new skins and at some stage I will buy myself a grey dapple skin but for now I’m loving it as it is.

BTW If you check out the Teegle shop it’s Horse AV’s to the right and rezz/ridable horses to the left.  Also outside is a whole padlock of horses for you to check out and of course ridable demos.