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Seasons Greetings and all that jazz (freebies inc.)

Inspiration point hunt free gifts - liason garden items - iren skin

Zan was spot on when she reported about the hunt going on at Inspiration Point – what a doozy. I trudged over there and grabbed up a load of goodies for free. My cropped sweater is the gift from The Secret Store and the snood is a gift from Tee*fy, really look lovely together no? Wriggled into my coldLogic “knight” leggings, these really are handy girls – treat yourself to a quantum pack and you’ll never have to shop for leggings again – promise ! My adorable pose is by Le poppycock, they have a gacha machine dispensing various ones at this round of The Liason Collaborative, so sweet and so effective. I had a few goes – can’t stop once you start! The neato thing is, you not only get the animation for the pose, but also the prop (in this case the deer) and also a snow emitter.

Inspiration point hunt free gifts - liason garden items - iren skin_004

Once I was in full-on gacha mode I had a few pulls here and there, won this gorgeous chair by one of my new favourite designers {anc}, the sit animations in it are plentiful and sweet, low prim too. I also managed to win a rare little Christmas tree yay! This is by tarte and I seem to recall it was only 25L .

Inspiration point hunt free gifts - liason garden items - iren skin - Seasons greetings

One more pose I won from the Le poppycock machine and also just wanted to say I hope you and your families and friends have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year ! Thank you for reading the blog , we really appreciate it ❤

The Liason Collaborative

Inspiration Point Hunt

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

Hair by Magika “beans” – here


Safari – New round of collabor88

Scarlet Creative Safari Bed NEW - collabor88 - 88L!

Ohmailawd, I went a bit crazzzzzylegs at this months round of collabor88 ! So many goodies, so little cash pffft. If you’re looking for the deal of the century, check the new bed out from Scarlet Creative. Its SO luxurious and SO on theme. Id say it’s girly but it isn’t really, its more unisex. Four poster, with attached blinds artfully rolled up, half down, lowered etc. Actually you get two versions, one with blinds one without. 15Li is low for this size of item, and the amount of scattered pillows and detail, almost amaaaazing!. Poses for singles & couples btw. Alllll this for just 88L, can you resist? Thanks Charlotte ❤

Fairy Unique Rental - scarlet creative bed collabor88 - Teethy shirt - cheveux hair - bacalava glasses

I plundered the tee*fy stand and snapped up two of these shirts (and two pairs of matching shorts.) Nice touch that you get a shirt with or without pockets, like that. What I really wanted you to see was my newwwwww lips ! I trundled over to Pink Acid yesterday and saw this lipstick (with teeth or without), beautiful neutral summer shade, sorta peachy pink (?) I’m going back for more today ! I swear Pink Acid has the best lipsticks & glosses evaaar. O.o btw my glasses are from Balaclava – tbh I couldn’t tell if they were for guys or gals, so as it was their fifty linden friday item I took a chance. Brilliant ! You get a clear and sunglasses version in the pack, worth checking if they left them out – some merchants leave them for a coupla days.



Pink Acid


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Thats what friends are for

I’m a very fortunate girly…in that I have a few really close friends..of many years within SecondLife…they are what makes my Second Life worth having…Steve, is one of them….we’ve known each other for hmm a little over nine years online in one venue or another….he is my guy buddy….we can sit and say nothing…sit and yap..put the world to  rights…or just laugh about silly stuff….we’re also known to sit watching YouTube clips of adverts we find hilariously amusing  ! Anywayyyy…..yesterday we were trying to install a teleport for a resident….going up and dowwwwn….over and over…I thought he was paying attention to the matter in hand…BUT..what he was really doing was looking at the skirt I’m wearing above on the market place. He had seen it in tee*fy’s store…and was trying to work out what colour & pattern to get, to surprise me ! Its called the “skater skirt” and it’s just so feminine…he did well to choose the pink floral  one..cause I adore it…thank you Stevie xx If you like my new skin..its by al vulo..”yulia-dream of midnight” and is an incredible 90L at the new grunge soul project…go grab it up….totally deeelicious ! Top is called ellis and is by the totally fab coldLogic team…Im wearing it in the coffee tone…

Tee*fy market place store

Al vulo @ the grunge soul project

coldLogic mainstore

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Cheers everyone! When I met up with Faith this morning, we quickly discovered that we both had leopard prints on and ready to be blogged. Well, we couldn’t very well ignore the coincidence and we decided to pool resources and show them both together.

If you’ll remember, a couple of weeks ago I showed you guys The Men’s Dept, a store full of wonderful items from a bunch of cool designers and nothing over L$150. They’ve restocked the shelves for this month with some more awesomeness and I’ve picked up a few items such as the cardi and scarf I’ve got on above. The ‘Leopard Cardigan’ is from [pivaaca], an old favourite store of mine that I’ve not been to in a while so I was glad to see them have something here. Striking design on this as well as a lovely texture as you can see and there is a choice of two other colours you can buy. This cardi comes with sculpted body and cuffs and they all fit with a minimum of fuss. The scarf is from Tee*fy, a place I haven’t been to before and one I’ll be checking out for sure. This scarf comes with either a sculpted or rigged mesh version included and each version also comes in two different colour options (plain or with the accented ends). Both look super but I’d personally go with the mesh, it’s a great fitting one and just looks the better of the two I think.

Guys, seriously, you best head on down to The Men’s Dept and snag up some of these goodies before they switch them out for new stuff again!
Get the gear here: The Men’s Dept

Now, onto the lovely Faith and her ensemble. I believe that I may have mentioned once, twice, perhaps more times, that I am not particularly good at describing female fashion but I’ll give it my best.

Her frock is from Arisaris, it’s a fantastic, sexy little cocktail dress (it is one of those, right?) that looks sensational. I love the colours, the white is super fresh and really stands out from the black – a great contrast. The mesh is really well done with gorgeous detailing and it fits Faith like a dream, not too long, not too short it’s just about perfect. This pattern is called ‘mottled’ and is one of 4 available for the amazing price of L$250 each.

Get the gear here: Arisaris

Faith also has some new hair to share with you ladies; the new VIP gift from [elikatira]. It’s called ‘never’ and I was impressed when she showed it to me. I love the style and the way the hair hangs draped over her shoulders, it’s very flattering. I’m told that there’s a group join fee for this but if you like your hair ladies (and I know you do!), then gifts like these are worth the admission.

Get the gear here: [elikatira]

Last but not least, the pose Faith and I are using here is from Magnifique and is very appropriately titled “a toast!”. If you’re in the need for poses, this is definitely a store worth checking out.

Get the gear here: Magnifique poses