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Keep your cool

Neve swing stripe top NEW!

I’m back ! Had two lovely holidays now its back to the grind – boohoo. Neve has some brilliant new releases out, that cheered me up. If you’re looking to keep cool, head over and check out the pretties. Above is the “swing stripe”, one top and a Hud with four colours. Just adore this bright blue, so summery and sweet. The shirt falls around you from the halter neck, the rear is nicely detailed too. Other packs in the same style with different colours/patterns.

Neve peace vest top NEW! DP yum yum hair $50L (bangs purchased sep)

I also got grabby paws over this one called “trio peace”, easy to wear and über stylish. One design, Hud with four colours – whats not to love?!

Fits for both tops: Body Support:
Includes Standard Sizes XXS, XS, SM, M
Includes Maitreya Lara Fitted
Includes Belleza Isis & Freya Perky Fitted
Includes Slink Physique& Hourglass Fitted

Ohhhh btw, I am also wearing the neve shorts, gawd these have saved my bacon this summer. Mesh body fits, and damn they fit awesomely. You get options on pockets etc and four colours each pack

Neve store

Neve blog

Neve market place

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Back to the Junction

It’s been such a long time since I’ve gotten my hands on some T Junction goodness, it’s awesome to be wearing them again!

I’ve got two new shirts here to show you, both of which are just perfect for this time of year.

If you find yourself like me, tongue-tied when trying to say the right words to your special someone, wearing either of these shirts should help with that immensely. Not only are the sentiments lovely but they have the look as well, just what you’d expect from a T Junction tee. Great creases and shading along with fantastic colours. They also come on every layer you could possibly want, but there’s still more. Right now, these tees are transferable so you can pick them up as a gift (there’s also a female version available) and they’ll only set you back L$100.

Head on down to T Junction today and pick up one or both of these romantic little tees and check out the rest of the awesomeness on offer while you’re at it.

Get the gear here: T Junction


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Oh boy, do b[elle]issima have a group gift for you guys this July. It’s absolutely jam-packed with gear. Everything you see in the following pictures (aside from the hair base and hair) is part of the gift and yes, that does include the skin!

Since we’re getting close to the American Independence Day, the gift definitely has a 4th of July feel with the American flag shown on the awesomely made white t-shirt and very celebratory top hat (love the fireworks and flashing lights!). Aside from the shirt, top hat and skin you also get a pair of dark red leather pants which come in three versions: regular, distressed and worn (which I’ve got on in these pictures) and these come with some well-fitting prim cuffs.

And I’m still going! I told you this gift was jam-packed. Last but not least you get this pair of red ankle boots. They are easily fitted and come with that wicked alpha layer. I know I mention that a lot but I personally find it very helpful. I love the leather texture on these boots and the little strap that goes across the back of the boot, brilliant.

If you haven’t joined up already, now is the time to head on down to
b[ELLE]issima and do so to take advantage of their wonderful gifts. Just so you know, the group does carry a little L$10 joining fee. There is also a group gift for you ladies as well and I’ve been told that Bella will be blogging that soon, so look out for that.

Get the gear here: b[ELLE]issima

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You guys didn’t think that there were no new releases for us from T Junction this week did you? Well you’d be wrong if you did, I’ve got ’em right here to show you.

This week sees three new releases and I’ve got to say that they are just a smidge more risqué than the girls. But then, I like that kind of thing. It seems I cannot try one of these shirts on without some kind of reaction and it’s usually a chuckle. They are just too cool.

I don’t know this Haywood guy, not sure I want to, but he does have his own tee and it’s awesome. All of these t-shirts come on multiple layers so you can fiddle with how you’d like to wear them and with the brilliant colours, creases and shading, you should get yourself a couple.

Get the gear here: T Junction

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Since I had some time tonight, I was looking through my inventory, visiting stores that I hadn’t been to in a fair while and came across Ninikoboy. While I was there I saw that they had a little ‘freebie corner’ so naturally I picked up a couple to show you.

First one is the Gremlins t-shirt. You get a white one and a yellow one of these and they are awesome. More and more I’m liking my shirts with a bottom prim attachment, I just like the realistic look they give. You also get sleeves with these and they all fit very, very well. The Gremlins shirt, as you can see, has a little picture of said gremlin on the front and the ever-important gremlin ‘rules’ written on the back. I think I’m going to have to see if I can find the movie now that I’ve got this shirt, I haven’t watched it in years.

The other shirt I picked up whilst there is the mTan-T. I’m showing it in black here but you also get it in white, grey and red as well all in the same pack. As with the gremlins shirt, this comes on multiple layers and features the bottom and sleeve attachments which blend in so well with the rest of the shirt that you can barely notice you’re wearing them. They are most definitely coolness.

Ninikoboy is definitely worth a visit, some great looking clothes and freebies to pick up! Go and check it out.

Get the gear here: Ninikoboy

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Beach Boy

It’s time for some new releases from SF Design boys! swaffette Firefly sent me her new summer line to have a look at and I’ve got to say that they are simply awesome.

Generally I’m not a big ‘summer clothes’ wearing kind of guy. Left to my own devices I usually stick to jackets or long-sleeve shirts and jeans or pants but the new ‘Beach Boy’ outfits are really something.

 This outfit features the t-shirt and board shorts that you can see and they come in four summery colours: yellow, red, green and blue. The shirts are really well made, clinging to those hard-earned muscles. The floral patterns down the left side of each nicely add to that beach feeling as well. They also come on multiple layers so you can wear them tucked in or out or under something.

The board shorts carry on the floral design of the shirts and look equally good worn alone or with their top counterpart. Loose and flowing, they really have that summer shorts look to them. They come with two versions of the cuffs: one with a resizer script and one without but they really fit well so you shouldn’t need much help there. You also get a cool little waist-tie to keep them up when you get barreled over by a wave. These wicked beach outfits will only set you back L$150 for the entire lot!

Just to finish off the beach theme perfectly, SF Design has also released these fantastic ‘beach shoes’ which are now my absolute favourite sandals! I usually have a little phobia about prim feet (or toes in this case) but there are so many options to recolour them with in the super-handy HUD that you can merge them pretty easily. The HUD also lets you resize and change the colour of the sandals (there are 12 different ones to choose from!). Just take a look at the texture on those, absolutely gorgeous, you can see why I’ve anointed these sandals as my favourites. The price of them helped a lot with that too as they are only L$250 which is just a super-bargain for footwear of this quality.

Run on down and get yourself completely decked out for summer with these fabulous new releases… as quick as you can!

Get the gear here:
SF Design
SF Design Shoes

Hair by Uw.St | Skin by Sacred | Tattoo by Aitui | Glasses by HOC

Poses by Izumiya

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I am in Shape

Well I am…aren’t I? My new t-shirt from T Junction says so anyway. Yes indeedy, once again I have a couple of new releases from this fab store to show you guys.

As always, these shirts are beautifully made with great colours and the irreverent slogans that will make you smile. I always look forward to taking a peek at what will be written on my new tees, you just never know and that’s part of the fun!

Indeed I don’t care because I know I look good in these tops and so will you. Awesome shirts at fantastic prices, you have to go down and take a look.

Get the gear here: T Junction