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Humpfh n Junk.

The “humpfh” is the SL lag I was suffering from as I was trying to take pictures of my new treats.   I popped over to Junk and treated myself to a great Barber chair and an upcycled table/lamp and then I stumbled on her SALE items and went crazy.  OK not that crazy but at the prices she’s slashed them to you can afford it.


Because the lag was bad I decided that instead of setting them out in my home as I intend to do, I rezzed a retro style house and placed them out.  Loving not only the texturing but the details on this “milo cabinet”.  Not only is it only 50Lds in price but only a single prim!!  You have to see it inworld to really appreciate the details, the sloped back and the books inside etc but also the other colour options she has set out.


The chair is also a Junk item but since when I relogged in Lag Hell was over I decided to take another piccie of that and just use this sky home as a retro back ground for my new FREE dress.  The style is now quite common but the satin sheen of the fabric and the folds at the neck and the scooped back are very natural looking.  A sign of quality.  A TDTH find (the dirty turkey hunt) item from ECRU.


This is a real statement chair in the  picture above this one you can see the cushion textures better, there is also a choice in the shop,  and in this photo you can see one of the great poses.  Tab Tatham doesn’t stint on the poses in her furniture and thats what makes the difference between a great piece of furniture and a greater piece of furniture.  One you like to look at and the other you like to look at and USE.  The poses aren’t rigid static but have gentle smooth AO’s to them. Only 4 prims and 75Lds for this statement chair.


Again another bargain, a classic magazine stand with the jug of flowers and only 50lds.and only 4 prims,  again a choice of colours in the shop.  I also picked up some 25Ld rugs as well and I’m using one of them in this picture.

A whole mix of stuff in Junk’s sale from simple rugs to chairs, tables etc so even if you’re not after what I’ve shown you

Special mention to the lamp.  It’s a permanent fixture in my home now no matter what style my home is in I just love this lamp and what I love even more, apart from the low price, 15Lds and low prims 2, it actually lights a room up.  This is in the inworld shop but not the Marketplace one and from what I can see there is stuff in the shop but not in the Marketplace one and visa versa so you need to check both out.  Going to be buying myself that “The Witches Hovel” as soon as I can.



Axo’s Mainshop Elemental Motifs

Axo’s Marketplace shop

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Get a new release and a dirty Turkey

If you’re looking for a big ole baggy sweater..Ive got it! Argyle Anonymous has released a whole host of seasonal sumptuousness for you…the sweater comes with a sweet plaid collar to wear underneath..or not…chunky monkey sleeves…its versatile and you’re gonna wear it HEAPS! Love how it slides over the AA skirts so easily…it went on me right outta the fiddling required love that…

If you’re fond of hunting…look for Argyle Anonymous’s Dirty Turkey Hunt gift..ohmaiLAWD..I had to get the troops in to help me find this (ie: Steve) it was soooooo well hidden darn it..but voila..I now have it in my feeeelthy mitts yay! It’s the big baggy sweater in a yummy forest green..I tossed my sad cactus Argyle Anon skirt on with it (I LOVE the name of that colour !) and wore it this time with no collar…I adore !  You can get a huge fat pack or buy singles , go check it out….Thank you swanners xx (ohhh psssst GUYS, theres one in the hunt for you too, plus more colours available in store, Steve should be along shortly to show you)

Sweater: Argyle Anonymous

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Gobble Gobble

I spent a short time this evening mooching a coupla stores in The Dirty Turkey Hunt…found some new-to-me ones, love that ! Hopped over to Eat Paste and managed to find their gift (Im useless at hunts, truly) Soooo glad I did..its this dusky orange dress , so chic and also a skin…with its delicate truffle lips and stylish melted toffee toned eye makeup..its sooper lush!

You also get these funky sunglasses that FLASH yay! Love it…the photo prop box Im stood in is also in the hunt, from Sparrowtree Studios Poses, comes with a few poses also and the window has heaps of different views..very pretty…very useful…

::.rb.::  have an adorable set out as their gift…antlers, nose,strawb for yer mouth..plush turkey to cuddle with…ears AND the custest twitching tail ever (NO! Iam not showing you my tail !) Im not big on pumpkins usually,specially after the Halloween overdoes of em..but I have to say I found these at mewmew and actually fell in love..lovely shape..nicely textured..keepers for moi..

Last up, as Im gettin sleepy…I made my way to “Julia”, Ive had items from this store in the past and just KNEW whatever the gift was, it would be well made and a quality item. I was sooper chuffed to find that not only is the gift fantabulous but its also WEARABLE hurrah! I adore wearables…you get this whole little *scene*…wear it and your sat by a cozy fire on some grungy pillows, and a barrell of empty bottles beside you…perfect…

Hunt web page for info and all participating stores: The Dirty Turkey Hunt

Feautred stores: Eat Paste     Julia     rb      Sparrowtree Studios Poses   mewmew