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Bedazzle with a Vajazzle !

Oh finally..someone made a vajazzle…Pretties for your kitties *grins*…Mock cosmetics gave this awesome little tattoo layer out for the group members today…I want more and more and more to buy please ! Pro-tip..join this group (I think it was 250L when I joined) you wont regret it…ever. For the spontaneous gifts..the hilarious chat…(it really makes my day)..and the store is stuffed with make up goodies you wont be able to resist..whats more..it wont cost you an arm and a leg to transform yourself..blush, eyeliners, lippy’s, full make over..the list is endless..I cant leave home without my makeup on these days ! Thanks Mock ❤

Mock Cosmetics

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I’m on the Grain Train

The MENstuff hunt continues to impress me with its superb lineup of stores and high quality gifts to be found. Gifts such as this Grain Train sweater from Aitui. Great colours and creasing on it and with a super easy to fit sculpted body, this is easy to wear and looks great in the bargain. It also comes on multiple layers so it can be worn in all sorts of ways.

Also in the Aitui gift you get this funky little tattoo called Inhale (for obvious reasons). I’m wearing it here with one of Alphamale’s hunt gifts. There are six pairs of these gorgeous cotton boxers included, I love the texture on all of these but for colour, I had to go with dark purple. There are also two pairs of swim trunks in their gift as well so you are well sorted for underwear and the beach when you find the Alphamale prize.

I was surprised and very excited to see that Redgrave were in the MENstuff hunt as they have some very cool clothes to go along with their line of skins. This shirt and vest combo is absolutely gorgeous, I even like the look of the drawn-on collar which is unusual for me. The vest is my favourite part though, it just looks awesomely real, so good.

I had to do a quick change of skins here so you could get the full effect of these too-cute tattoo layer freckles that you can score from Adjunct as part of their gift. There are three different types: a light spray on the nose or more severe freckles on the nose and cheeks.

Adjunct have also thrown in these wicked camo fatigue pants that come with the leather belt, rolled up cuffs and pockets for the sides and back. The green camo pattern looks sweet and they are just a great pair of casual shorts all over. That’s not all Adjunct are giving away though as you also get a set of two shapes: Brandon and Josh so you can see this is definitely a well-packed bag of goodies.

So there you have a few more bits and pieces from this tremendous hunt. Get on out there and track ’em down.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Aitui
Picture #2: Alphamale
Picture #3: Redgrave
Pictures #4 & #5: Adjunct

You can also view the hints and SLurls to all the stores here: http://stuff-sl.com/menstuff/hunt/hints/

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Marky Mark

I saw a notice the other day advertising a very special gift from a store that I’d never heard of before called Akeruka. I had to go and check it out and am extremely glad that I did.

For the crazy price of just L$1 you can grab the brilliant skin Mark. I’m really liking this; with its strong face and super looking chin-strap beard it is definitely very masculine. The details on the body are also fantastic: subtle body hair and clearly defined but not overly done muscles. The tattoo you see is included already on the skin and is called ‘Maori Rising’ from Essential Soul. Usually I’m not keen on pre-tattooed skins but this is my kind of tattoo and an excellent inclusion.

As I mentioned, this skin will only cost you L$1 and is definitely something you should run on down and pick up as soon as you can.

Get the gear here: Akeruka

Pose by Diesel Works
Hair by MADesigns

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Make it for Eternity

Get ready to be Bubbly ! Bubblez has a new release “Eternity”, its slinky…and sparkly…soooper tight dress in chunky fabric, with jewelled bands for your arms and a jewel collar that sits around the neck….

You might also notice a totally awesome tattoo that’s on both upper arms…love it ! This ticks all the right boxes for moi..and until the 5th of September its on a special promotion of just 99L -thanks milo xx

New poses are out from Magnifique also yay! The stairs prop has poses built-in and also a new pack of modelling poses called cheerleader- thanks Scarlet xx

Eternity Dress: Bubblez

Pose: Stairs by Magnifique – 1st Photo pose by Magnifique cheerleaders set


Top pics

While Faeth is on hiatus I popped over to Esther Jen to snaffle up a new group gifty! It’s a sooper mauve/purple tunic with the sweetest white bow at the hip..tres chic!

Decided it had been farrr too long since I snooped M2M out..so headed there next and found this darling little plaid top for 1L ! Beautiful pastels and cutie-pie bows adorn the layers…

” But for now, let me say – Without hope or agenda – Just because it’s Monday – And on Mondays you tell the truth – To me, you are perfect – And my wasted heart will love you – Until you look like this.” (outrageously stolen from the film “Love Actually!-I dunno why) I found this set on the table at M2M inside the main store….10L you will get the t-shirt,denim shorts,a cinnamon roll for your mouth,a tattoo layer of cream..and a whole scenery set ! Theres lounging pillows,a mattress,lamp,pictures on the walls..and of course..a plate of naughty creamy cinnamon rolls to dive into yay!

Go get topped:             M2M               Esther Jen

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Zombify Me

I told you there were hunts galore going on at the moment. Another one of these is the Zombie Popcorn Hunt which is running from the 1st of this month until the 15th. There are a lot of cool, different items to be snapped up in this hunt and I’ve got a couple to show you here.

The hair I’m wearing in the above picture is MADesigns entry into this hunt and is called Izaak, an awesome flouncy kind of style. The colour is called ‘club black I’, which isn’t a shade I’d seen from there before but I was loving it in no time.

The tattoo is from Para Designs, a store I hadn’t visited in a long while and I was definitely glad to go back. It’s called ‘Loyalty’ and comes on every layer you could want for a tattoo and comes in two different styles, the non-coloured version which I’m wearing as well as a coloured style. Both versions come with different shades: light, dark and medium. This is definitely a tattoo that will suit almost any mood you might be in.

If you want more information about this hunt, you can go and have a look here: http://zombiepopcornsl.com/zombiepopcorn-hunt/

Get the gear here:
Hair: MADesigns
Tattoo: Para Designs


Happy Birthday to Issy Wonder!

M.O.a.R. - Red Corset & White High Waisted Leggins

Biiiiig Happy RL Birthday to Issy Wonder, created of [M.O.a.R.]!!! In celebration, today June 3rd, and today only….the ENTIRE store is marked down to 10L!  Yes you read that correctly….allll items in the store are marked down to 10L but only for today!  I snatched up pretty much everything there was! Head on in and check out the awesome product available!  Above, I’m wearing the Retro Red Corset paired back to the White Highwaisted Leggins.  Super adorable and really gives off a fabulous vintage feel!  There are so many items to choose from, you’ll be squeeing all the way through the store!

M.O.a.R. - Delicacy Tattoo

Definitely head upstairs and check out the great tattoo’s available!  This one is the Delicacy tattoo…and again is only 10L for TODAY only! I love the detailing of this tattoo, the delicate swirls really giving you that feminine edge.  (Bandaids and shorts not included).  You can find these shorts within the June In-Store Group Gift as you walk in, but make sure you join the group first!  And yes….this is the same pair of shorts!  Two-toned, you get a different view from the front and back!  If you see Issy, don’t forget to say Happy Birthday!

I repeat…this deal is only good for today, June 3rd!

Grab the 10L deals here –> [M.O.a.R.]