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$25L Dress & 75L Hair

$25L outfit

I picked up sme pretty cute items in the w/e sales – what did you get?! Found this sassy little beach dress at 1 Hundred for just $25L. Its located just outside the building as a “budget” price item and its SO cute! My hair is the Saturday Sale offering from Faga called “Luna”, $75L for the basic pack and one style, I paid the extra and got the deluxe Hud for more styles, still at $150L its a steal. I’ve been loving me some tatts lately and most of them have been found at Vegas, totally adore their stuff and this one “resilience” was just $60L.

1 Hundred



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Free Tattoo

FREE tattoo

Another treat found during my lazy evening in bed surfing the market place ! I’m really into body art atm and have been snapping up some of the amazing deals during the w/e sales – found this beauty for free on the market place by Katita Design. Unusually for me I am wearing the dark version, I generally go for medium or light, but this design is just so pretty and light I darkened it – LOVE it ❤


✰ 3 versions – 75% – 50% – 30%
✰ Also You can clear the Tattoo with my HUD.
✰ Head Tattoo comes only in Bom.
✰ Appliers:
✰ Maitreya
✰ Omega
✰ Belleza
✰ Slink
✰ Signature Alice
✰ Legacy
✰ Avatares Clasicos
✰ Bake on Mesh

Katita Design Tattoo

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Promotion !

Easterling NEW!!!

Easterling have this stunning new frock for the warmer weather – comes with a HUD that includes forty-nine options on colour and pattern! At the moment its on promo for just $120L (market place for the promo ONLY) In the box are standard mesh sizes, Slink, Belleza, TMP,Venus, Maitreya and Freya. You’re all covered for mesh bodies ! Ohhhh btw, my tattoo is new , I don’t much get into tatts, but I saw this when I was out being random and snapped it up. It’s the “spring bird”, the colours are really fresh – like a watercolour, same design on the back also check out the Nanika store they have pretty thingsss!


HUD Easterling Lilou dress - 49 options!

As you can see, this little number will take you from day to-night, nip revealing to covered – brilliant offer.

Easterling Lilou dress offer market place

Easterling Store

Nanika market place

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Free n Vain.

This is my vanity shot.  When taking pictures I like to show them off as clearly as possible but then again I also like to fiddle and I have definately fiddled with this picture.  Although I do have to say most of the work was already done by the sim owner.


So here are the clear and untouched piccies.

XXXVanity un

Taken in my Nams setting only because I wanted you to see 2 things firstly the sheerness of the Tattoo which allows some cheeky nip action and also because the hair although a hunt win also costs 10Lds.

The Tattoo layer comes from Urban Street and you have not only a male and female version and  there are most if not all of the most popular appliers as well but of course it also comes with the tattoo layers for those who don’t have a Mesh Body.  There is a really simple hint and it is exactly where you think it should be but it is set a little bit lowwwwer than you think and so cam a bit lower…you will probably work out what I mean when you get there.  I also spotted some Group gifts but time ran out.  A shop full of punky edgy tats and even the decor has the same in your face attitude, the lamp gives you the finger and even the rug is held together with safety pins! Loved it. OH and because this is the Autumn Effect Hunt item it was FREE.


The hair was a win in The Shedding Hair Hunt which is the Addoness Shop only huntand what you’re looking for is a comb and each comb costs 10Lds.  There is a choice of 12 hairstyles and 24 colours, I know this because outside is a big board showing you what the prizes in the combs are.  Have to confess that even though all of these goodies are hidden in the 1 shop I only found this one, fortunately for me green is my fav colour, and then I was mesmerised by the SLink nails.  I had to leave SL then but when I’m back inworld I’m going to set it so I rezz back in this shop stood in front of the nails because I want at least 1 set of them.  Some real nice colours and at 120Ld not overpriced.

PS I’m pretty sure the sword I’m using was also a freebie and when I get back inworld I’ll hunt it down and check it out for you.

The Autumn Effect Hunt LMs&Hints

Urban Street

The Hair Shedding Hunt@Addoness

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Quickie Sickie(Freebie).

Here’s a brill quickie.  Wasn’t looking for this scary zipper tattoo but more than happy to find it and some other Free to Join Group Gifts.  I can just see Baylen popping in to just grab this goodie.  If I remember correctly if the LM doesn’t take you to the Group Gifties, and it should, then when you enter the shop veer to your right and it’s not far in.  When you click on the Group Gifts to grab them as long as you’re wearing your group tag you just click the Delivery tab on the pop up menu.  Honestly it’s simpler than I’ve explained.


The top tat comes from Letis and is a single layer tattoo and I think it looks great on my PumeC skin.


The big boobie splash is my addition to cover up the nip slips but I wanted to show you this dramatic unzipped flesh look.  As I’ve said this is a whole skin and it’s covered in bruises and scratches and that unzipped flesh is strangely scary and yet sexy.  Love that it comes with Appliers for Lola Tangoes, SLink Hands&Feet and also nail huds.

The LM’s take you to the shops but they’re on the same shopping sim so you can walk out the door of one and just across the road a but further down is the second shop.  As it happens Atik also has a cute mesh dress as well but I just didn’t have time to show you that.

Letis Tattoo Culture.


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All in black (with freebie)


I know I know its summer but black is neverrrr everrrr out of season. The outfit above is by new-to-me store Lies and is called Beatrix. It’s a complete look in a box kinda deal, mesh dress, necklace,earrings and boots ! The dress fits superbly and although I’ve seen this style of boots around and about a lot, they’ve been finished off really beautifully – they do NOT require slink feet btw which is a bonus for those of you that don’t have them. Theres also some black prim nails thrown in to make it super cute – all for 250L.

FREE outfit - Argrace YAE hair NEW!

While you’re there join the group – its free – and collect the group gift above, it’s not mesh but really sweet. In the box you’ll find a skirt, top,tattoo,belly piercing and bangles ! My hair is new from Agrace its called Yae, the scarf part comes with a HUD so you can change the patterns, nice!



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Stuff In Stock

Hagrid Smoke

“Stuff in Stock” is another excellent discounted shopping experience.   New stock is now in which draws a big crowd because at the prices they offer it’s a great way to treat yourself.  The hair is not only just 65Lds but it’s menu contains a massive 16 colour choices of everything from shocking pink to mossy green or if you want you can choose the natural pack which also contains 16 shades from black to platinum. Tameless is the name of the hair shop Hallie is the name of the hair.  Her hair uses a mix of everything from mesh to flexi prims whatever is need to create a natural look.  This is a big shop with loads of demos for you to try out and have fun doing it.

The skin is another Stuff in Stock bargain called “Jamie Berry” pale from annaA from and not only is it just 65Lds but it’s a Lola Tango ready skin.  2 Shade choices and I picked the pale but the demo is there for you to try out.


A much less “bright” photo from above but I do like to show skins off in a more natural light so people get a better I idea of how it looks without special effects.  Taken with a nam  optimal skin and prim (windlight) setting (my setting of choice for 90% of my photos and when I’m inworld, try it you might like it). It’s the 3 P’s, pale, pretty and pink. annaA Body Stuff has a lot more skins and shapes than I thought it would so lots of demos for you to try on.  Special mention to a few items. Loving the “cow patches” tattoos you can buy and the washing up mouth bottle is fun but this is the shop to come to if you have a man or are a man or even a woman who wants to have a more slender, femboy, androgynous  shape which are hard to find.

The TP takes you to the main hall  of the Stuff in Stock shop and one way takes you to the Day Room and the other way to the Night Room so make sure you check them both out because you can pick up shoes, poses, jewelry, tattoos, dresses and on and on and all at a great price.

Stuff In Stock


(annaA) Body Stuff (inworld shop)

(annaA) Body Stuff Marketplace