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Sun dusted, Freckles & Beach life

ArisAris - Flowey - kokolores Faye hair NEW!

ArisAris have just released this chic little outfit, its perfect for beach time, or wandering about in. It comprises of a short wrapped skit with a wide matching belt, and a frilled bandeau style top. Theres even a little brooch that teams up with the floral print on the fabric ! Btw my fantastical binoculars are from Flowey at collabor88, two poses in them one stood up and this one above.

ArisAris -sandals for flat Slink feet NEW!

You can also nab a pair of matching toe post sandals to wear with it, these are for Slink flat feet. Love the details on these, check out the stitching and the co-ordinating flower !

Kokolores freckles & sun

I also popped over to see the Cosmetic Fair Beach Party event, if you’re into your makeup , hair & nails you’ve gotta go ! KoKoLoReS is there with a newly released hair-do called Faye, which I’m wearing above. You get a busty version in the pack for those of you that lurve your bewbs. My favourite thing was the Beach Glow makeups ! Freckles (light and darker versions) and a lovely sunshine glow !

ArisAris store

ArisAris Blog

ArisAris market place

Cosmetic Fair Beach Party


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Easter Treats

Easter Goodies 2

I decided to take a look on the market place this morning and see what Easter time goodies I could rustle up. I came away with a mahoosive haul, mostly for free , some costing 1 – 10L ! The mesh “Easter peeps” sweater by Rebelle wear, is adorable, and cost just 1L, you get two colours in the box, my basket of chicks from !GO!, was also just 1L , the chicks blink and are dead cute, it also comes with a wearable version. My hair is a free gift from Divalicious, hunt info below.

Easter Goodies 1

I couldn’t believe that this Easter scene from Chez Moi was just 10L (one of my most expensive purchases!) Its got bunnies and flowers and a ginormous basket of colourful eggs, all of which have some sweet and funny poses inside. My pooch is from Boudoir and also 10L, I have to say he was my absolute favourite thing, he even has bunneh teeth !

Easter Goodies 4 FREE sneakers !

I snapped up these Easter Bunny sneakers for a single Linden, aren’t they huggable? Really nicely made with added fluffiness on the heel.

Easter Goodies 3 FREE hair - FREE bunny makeup -FREE sweater !

Last up is a closer view of the free hair and the utterly charming Bunny makeup I found for 1 L from YaYo, you get a choice of layers, or you can wear it all together as I have.

YaYo makeup

Chez Moi

Bunny sneakers

Easter chick basket


Rebelle wear Easter sweater

Flawless Hug the Earth Hunt (free hair)


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A bit of this…bit of that (Freebies inc.)

MonCheri gift leggings FREE - zip up turtle neck NEW! MonCheri gift smokey eyeshadow, tsg sakura lipgloss

I was perusing flickr yesterday and came across a lovely photo by Sisch Firecaster . It was primarily featuring a skin but the sweater caught my attention also. So much so, I HAD to go and buy one ! This zipup turtle neck is by Mon Cheri and comes in a range of colours – I plumped for white, but will probably go back for a few more ! It’s just so perfect, and sparkly, little sequins cover the front, and the knit texture on the arms is sooper cute. As I was leaving the store I noticed a table bulging with gifts hurray! Naturally I collected a few to share with you. My leggings are one of them (you get three colours in the box) Not mesh but really lovely and handy.

MonCheri backpack with HUDcolour change FREE

Then I spied this gorgeous backpack, another free gift ! It’s really just the right size to sling on, and comes with a HUD that changes the colours on most parts, from white, silver and a frosty iced blue.

MonCheri FREE outfit - Mon Cheri FREE red lipstick

I also snapped up this stunning Burlesque outfit (its has some shoes with it too). Another gift from the table in Mon Cheri’s store. The feather boa comes in three sections, the chest and hip frills are non mesh, as is the corset itself. Such quality in a non mesh free item I was astounded . There were also little boxes containing make-up layers, I’m wearing the lush red lipstick in this photo, along with the smokey eye shadow, both gifts.

MonCheri FREE mesh lingerie - with slink toes & nails hud - FREE smeared makeup layers

Last up, is this to-die-for free gift mesh lingerie. Such a pretty fabric used, floral border print on both the panties and bra. Thought Id show you the free smudged mascara and lipstick that I found as a gift too. There are heaps of pressies at Mon Cherie, don’t forget to check out the rest of the store too, its stuffed with gorgeousness.

Mon Cheri

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Mystical Moment

Bubblez NEW ! png

Ready for something different? Bubblez has just released this superbio outfit called Mystic, it’s also available for guys…its So unique I just LOVE it ! Hard to describe really..but its like a hoodie mixed up with a long cardigan jacket. There is also the mask in the pack, this would be brilliant for role play !

Bubblez NEW !


I wore it with some dark tights and flat boots “Liberty” by LaRoo which really are a must-have item. (huge range of colours and they fit like a dream) My makeup is a makeover layer by MOCK Cosmetics, deadly and pretty all at once ! Thanks Milo ❤




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Unexpected gift & gatcha!

ooohlala I logged inworld this evening to find  a gifty from MOCK this isn’t a rare thing to be honest…cause if you’re a member of this group, you’ll know we are VERY spoilt with pressies ! Anyyyway….this one was a makeover and ohmaiii its gorjus! “Rumour Has it”, is the name ,soft lush lips and dramatic eyes makes it über sultry, yum. If you’re not familiar with makeovers such as this…its really simple…a makeover in Mock terms is just that..a tattoo layer..that changes your makeup – usually eyes & lips. It can totally alter your skin ! Onto the mesh sweater.. Chantkare launched a gatcha last night…only 20L per play oot oot! Of course I had to check it out..and bagged two of these darling woolies…powder blue and also a red…I won two more , but passed those to Zan as they are also transferable yippeee! The gatcha holds all sorts of stuff…when I was there it was handing out these sweaters..but apparently there are other items..whats not to love? !

Mock Cosmetics (join fee applies, SO worth it)


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Friday Round up

Yeee hah! Yus its Friiiiday..I gotta few things I have been saving to show you…A new make up from hate me eat me…yesyes known for fantastic poses but also makeup…scrummy eye shades..I’m wearing the grey version, dramatic and soooo versatile! The range is called “le papyvore” each make up is just 45L.  The top is from CandyMetal and comes in a squillionnn colours, I just adored this gun-metal grey (but the PINK is sooper prettty too!) only 99L…and as I’m SO behind on my jewelry fair items..I thought Id tease you with this release from Dark Mouse, the necklace is from the Whirling Dervish collection…pretty aint it? The matching bangles are just divine (earings also available) 200L a piece, optional metal tones – if you want to see the Dark Mouse collections without the jewelry fair lag..its all out in the mainstore yay!

eye make up: hate me eat me

Top: CandyMetal

necklace: Dark Mouse mainstore     Dark Mouse jewelry fair


Are you a blonde and wanted that skin?

When Faeth showed that bare sensual nicole skin for 25L I was truly gutted..I loved it but it was just toooo dark for me..BUT..I found a fix hurrah and now its mine mine mine ! I was taking a stroll around the The Wash’s back of a truck sale and happened across this handy dandy skin lightener tattoo by Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)..only I thought Id give it a get various levels of skin lightening effect from 5% too 30%. To get this level I used 15% and it’s just purrfect. Im predicting this inexpensive gadget will get real dash over and snap one up today…

Go get the happy gadget: The wash   for the nicole skin as below: bare sensual