Plastik…vinyl..very 50’s

Taste of the 50's hunt gift from Plastik & BDR Houssine outfit

I do, as you can imagine, a lot of hunts…I enjoy them and its a great chance to see new stores, try out new designers items etc..every once in a while I come across something that makes my eyes “pop” out..might be the sheer generosity of the designer, the awesome quality of the gift,or that its JUST what I was looking for…this skin , given as a gift in The Taste of the 50’s hunt by Plastik , nailed all three. ohmaiiii..not only is it just an absolutely beautiful skin but also you’re given it in sooo many shades and options. Freckles,cleavage,plus tattoo makeups for lips and eyes plussss eyes also..Im wearing the Ataciara skin in the “hymm” tone along with the lighter lip tattoo and also the “VaeColl beauty eyes”.  The body is incredibly detailed,dimples above the butt cheekies, the hands are the best I’ve seen….Just devine..thank you Plastik .

Beautiful Dirty Rich Houssine outfit 0L

If you’re wondering where my outfit is from (if you’re not tough cause I’m gonna tell you anyway) its off the marketplace from Beautiful Dirty Rich, for the princely sum of 0L. I adored the slightly washed out pink shade and lush satin fabric..comes complete with the top, sculpted skirt and slithery shiny black leggings..all great as seperates and has a simpledimple resizer for the skirt …you can grab it here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BDR-Houssine-Free-Outfit/1995675

Happy Monday !

Go get skinned: Plastik


Taste of the 50’s hunt

Brandys boutique xandy outfit & Cleo Designs retro furniture set

I lovvvvve retro gear! So The Taste of the 50’s hunt is right up my alley. I didn’t have time to do the whole thing though *boohoo* but was dead lucky that the coupla stores I did make it too had fantabulous hunt prizes!! I’m wearing Brandy’s Boutique “Xandy outfit” it’s a complete look with sweeeeet matching flat pumps and outrageously flouncy skirt & blouse, all with the poodle motif. Alongside me you can see the gift from Cleo Designs, I happened across this store in another hunt and when I saw they were in this one I “POUNCED” overrrr..and boy-oh-boy was I ever deeeelighted ! This retro furniture set (yes you get a WHOLE set) is just awesomesauce…the texturing is really lovely, teapot on a tray..wrinkly rug,coffee table with retro mags on it and to-die-for 50’s chairs,stuffed with poses ! (you actually get two chairs woohoo) My fav thing? Its gotta be that sideboard..its SO well made, even the doors open and the glass sllllidess along…perfect!

Sour Pickles 50's diner set

I also got to Sour Pickles (its a crazzzzy store and I ❤ wandering there) their hunt gift was this treeemendous 50’s diner set..all very low prim which is a blessing ! It seems the hunt is run by Sour Pickles themselves and here is the url for their blog showing all participating stores: http://sourpickleshunts.blogspot.com/2011/03/taste-of-50s-participants.html

Go get retro: sour pickles <– starting point  Cleo designs    Brandys Boutique