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Its tartan time

Goji NEW! Tulip skirt in tartan - cutie top in tartan - 4 tones per pack - supports most mesh bodies plus standard mesh sizes !

Oh yes indeedy, it’s the time of year we can all rummage in our closets and drag out the jolly old tartan. If you fancy something new and bang on trend, go take a peek at the newly opened store “Goji” from Janie Marlowe & Damien Fate. All of Goji’s clothing supports most of the mesh bodies we know and love (Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique + Hourglass, Belleza Isis + Freya) plus of course the standard mesh sizes. I’m wearing the cutie tartan top and tulip tartan skirt that’s brand spankin new in. The skirt features some pretty nifty detailing and the top is sooper cute, the shirt has a ruffly hem and sweetheart neckline – whats best of all though is I am wearing no alpha’s at all ! I’m wearing my Slink physique mesh body and have used the slink pieces from the pack – perfect! The prices are bloomin marvellous, four colour pack of the tartan cutie top’s will only set you back $100L, the tulip skirt four colour pack $125L!

Goji Store

Goji market place

Goji blog

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Roses Are Red


Sorry couldn’t help myself and wear my Lolas again, I am going to have to wean myself off them but until then I’ll wear them with pride. What you should be looking at is those amazing gloves and roses.  The gloves are mesh and although I’ve used a dramatic lightening effect they are that colour.  In fact there is a whole wall of deep rich colours or pretty pastel colours, so much so I was grateful that you could buy a fat pack so I chose the one that contained this colour Cherry Velvet and also Burgandy, Navy Cashmere, Tangerine and Black Suede all mesh and all lush and at 2oo  each the fat pack of 5 for 400Lds was a great investment.

A great investment because I then WON the random and first prize of  the “12 days of giving event” that  Boom, Piddle and Misteria  is running at this moment so not only do I get my piccie on the Christmas Tree but I get a 1000Lds worth of their goodies.  The only thing is one check of my invent and I think I already own most of their shop contents however and this is a big woo hoo Boom has a small and fledging selection of Lola Tango outfits and they’re going to be mine now.

This also gave me the good excuse to wear my Roses and that’s all they are.  Wearable roses however they have a little trick because if you or a loved one click on a rose they drop off until nothing is covering your blushes. A bargain price of 12Lds but please not once clicked thats them gone for good.   Gumi Flower shop is the shop and they have some lovely freebies and some beautiful flowers and cute critters.  Actually although the shop is a lovely open air area I’d reccoment a little bit of MP Surfing because it’s all there under one roof so to say and they just have some divine plants, pets and deccorations and all reasonably priced.

Some more piccies on my Flickr for you to see.

My Flickr


Gumi Flower Shop

Gumi MarketPlace


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Duffle Snuffle

Bang on time for my first seasonal cold..Monday Mania time at SF Design! This week you’re being treated to a superb piece of wardrobe kit..the ever-in- fashion duffle coat. Its more tailored than the ones you see at the school gates..a lot more swishhh…resizers or not…great big cuffs to keep your puddies warm..and the sweetest toggles along the seams with leather patch fastenings..only for Monday and only from the Monday Mania board,  at just 25L you really shouldnt pass this up ! I’ve teamed it up with some SF Design stunning leather pants and slipped into one of the muscle tee’s for ladies…Happy Monday! *sniffsniffsniff* thanks Swaffette xx

Duffle coat,leather jeans & muscles tee’s: SF Design