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Santa Baby (freebies)

Bubbles free gift

I had a note from milo bubble of Bubblez today, a new group gift is out and she has been beavering away making her store look at wintry ! This little tartan outfit is majorly cute, I’m not 100% sure but I think its fitted mesh as it came in one size fits all kinda deal. It fitted perfectly over my Slink physique body and my non mesh body. You also get a darling little Santa hat with it. Soooo as I had a little time to wander I took the opportunity to walk around Bubblez land, there’s a lot to see plus some adorable items with poses in them to prance about on. Photographers dream! I noticed a little white door and clicked on it…it revealed a TP – whats a girl to do?! Went up to another snowy area and found a gift! I’ll leave it to you to find out what and where it is.

Bubblez 1 prim decor gacha 10L a pop !

Uhm I also have an admission to make, inside the Bubblez store, right by the Christmas tree is a gacha machine. I had noticed this little doll around the place and saw it was just 1 prim, thennnn I saw it was inside the gacha machine – ohmaiii! I went on a bit of a gacha bender to be honest. I won some gorgeous winter decor items a tiny fir cone Christmas tree and finally won the dolly yay! Everything seems to be mesh and 1 prim, at 10L a pop give it a whirl. All the prizes are transfer so would also make brilliant gifts to give to friends. Thanks Milo ❤


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Essential element

I’ve got a “keeper” for your wardrobe girls..a real essential piece of kit that you will wear and wear…the chic black roll neck sweater . When Swaffette Firefly told me about her Monday Mania item for this week, I did a quick check of my invent and was shocked to find I owned just one roll neck real life I’ve got heaps! They are just sooper versatile, and effortlessly stylish…toss them on with jeans, leggings, a short winter skirt and you’re good to go. I generally wear mine always with a long necklace or chain, sometimes a scarf, if its chilly maybe a sleeveless jacket and snuggly ankle boots with jeans…Swaffette said shed been wearing her roll neck with one of the natty tartan skirts released hmm just last week I think…and this look stuck..add in a dash of SF Design bright red ballet pumps,  a pair of leggings…voila! (I am so going to have to find a body warmer /vest now in red or black to go with this look.) Thanks Swaffette xx .

Dont forget the offer for this sweater is only for Monday and only at the reduced price of 25L from the Monday Mania board in the ladies department !

Roll neck,ballet pumps & tartan skirt: SF Design

Hair by [e] 88L : Collabor88

Leggings : ohmaigosh I don’t know circa 2008 ?!