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I used to be a Tart….

…but now I’m a reformed character and shop at Fall in Fall out(formerly known as Tart) . Knowing the quality of their clothing as soon as the notice was sent that they have a special offer of jeans for a mere 10Lds and knowing that this is the sort of shop where you pay for good quality I TPed and clicked and was sooo not disapointed.  They haven’t skipped on quality from the open, studded belt to the prim bottoms that don’t resemble great big bells these are simple damned fine wearable jeans.  Have to say  I did have to edit the belt down a bit and a reziser would have been handy but then I have an exceptionally skinny ass and for us old timers a little bit of editing is a doddle.  Placed just inside the entrance and you even have a choice of colours 4 shades of blue.  Sexy clothes for those who dare to wear.