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Decisions decisions ($50 offer!)

Easterling Daisy dress NEW!

Easterling has some newness going on that I want to share ! Above is the Daisy dress, sweet little strapless flirty piece. The daisy chain belt really sets it off a treat. Perfect to take you through Spring into summer, whats really impressive is that it comes with a HUD. If you’ve bought from this store before, it wont surprise you to know just how many versions of this dress you get for your cash.

Easterling Daisy dress HUD


Tadah! Lacey , plain,various colour set, plus you can also change the belt – brilliant. Plenty of sizes for mesh bodies, plus the usual standard. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique body and its an absolutely perfect fit.

Easterling tank & skirt - NEW

If you liked the skirt I blogged the other day “Marzia”, the  coordinating tank top “Lisa” is now out – yay! Once again a fantastic fit, the included HUD allows you to maximise its flexibility.

easterling tank hud

Voila! As we head into (hopefully) warmer weather this nifty item will be sooper handy-dandy.

Easterling Tube dress NEW - inc HUD with 4 styles & 23 variats!

This is the offer piece, the Elle Tube dress, if you buy this from the market place store (and ONLY the market place) it’s just $50L ! Cute as a button and check out the HUD that comes with it…

Easterling tube dress HUD

A.mazing huh? Four styles – Sporty, Simple,Dainty & Sensual – all for the price of one single dress. Plenty of excitement with the more sheer options and the lacey bits, then dead casual if you opt for the sporty look. Mesh body sizes included, plus standard – you really can’t go wrong with $50L.

Easterling Market place ($50L offer)

Easterling store

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Beach Life

coldLogic fray top gomez shorts

The new releases are coming fast and furious from coldLogic…Ive got heaps to share with you. Above is the “fray” top and “gomez” shorts…the colour I picked to show them in is ocean…isnt it pretty? Turquoise is a firm favourite of mine for a day on the beach…its so seas-sidey! The top would lend itself to a dressier outfit, beautifully draped over the tum area…it has a subtle sheen to it also. The shorts have a linen feel ..and a faint stripe…o.O did you notice my necklace?


It’s from Electica…and is part of the new “solaria” collection..big plump jewel surrounded by either silver or gold. There is turquoise, ivory,sulphur or cyan to choose from…I particulary liked the gold, it’s not overly sparkly or twinkly, you know? Its more antique looking…totally gorgeous. Incase you’re wondering..YES, there are ear rings to match in the pack, but my fluffy hair always covers them ! Thanks Tiffy ❤

coldLogic fenty top mccarthy shorts

Here is  the “fenty” tank top…great range of colours in this, and with it sweet flipped-to-the side front opening its adorable. I teamed it up with the “mccarthy” shorts…sooper spotty , just right for a walk along the shore. More colours instore.


Now for something juicy ! This is the “tisdale” top…plain top and a striped bottom, the colour palette for these makes them everrrrr so versatile. You can match up any of the tones on the stripes with jeans,pants,shorts etc yay!…Im wearing it with the “dion” Capri leggings..adore this colour called flamingo…tiny calf split gives them bags of style. Go take a peek instore or the market place to see the whole massive set of new releases, its huge and fahhhbulous – thanks coldLogic team ❤

Talking of bags…I found some at =IZUMIYA=  yesterday…gawd, only 80L and in the pack you get SO many versions PLUS, colour change ! Wearable for your shoulder, hand, across your front and draped at the back…Im wearing the the “leather” one above,  you get  oodles of tones to play with, colour change via a simple to use menu, howzat?! There are a few on offer, naturally I got all of them *winks*. Look upstairs also, there are freebies scattered around for you to grab!

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


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Give me more Mondays

Ah it feels good to be back! Back just in time for Monday Mania and for the guys this week it is something simple yet just awesome.

Today you can score yourself this amazing leather tanktop as SF Design’s Monday Mania item. As I said, it is simple but it do indeed rock. Check out the leather texture on it, the slight shine, the great creases and shading, it looks fantastic. Looks fabulous with a pair of jeans and maybe a jacket tossed over the top if you’re feeling a little chilly but as you can see, by itself it does just fine. It comes on multiple layers so you have options with this as well.

If you want something that’s no fuss and looks tremendous, then run yourself down onto SF Design today to pick this up while it’s available for the special price of L$25. Remember, you can only get it at this price for today and from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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*FAC* Me

Faith talked me into checking out the ‘walk of freebies’ down at FA Creations and I’m back to report that it was definitely time well worth spent. There are a number of group gifts to be grabbed for us guys to go along with the female ones Faith already showed.

I’ve got a few to show you including the ‘Brown Outfit’ shown above which includes the shirt, jeans and hand-wraps you can see in the picture. A great casual outfit this is in an awesome shade of brown. The shirt is slightly open and includes the sculpted collar and rolled cuffs which I didn’t have to edit at all. The hand-wraps look like they’ve seen some kind of action having suspicious red stains on them.

There are a few cool-looking tanks to be grabbed on the walk down at *FAC* but I chose the striped Maya top to show here. It comes on both the jacket and shirt and underwear layers so you can wear it out or tucked in beneath something else. I like the dark shades of the stripes as well as the design in the centre, definitely my favourite tank out of a good bunch.

Finally I picked up the other awesome full outfit on offer, this time in black. It features another somewhat open casual shirt but this one comes with button-up rolled cuffs and epaulets along with a little scarf to wear under the collar. All of which I yet again did not have to edit at all. The jeans you get with this outfit are very cool, faded and worn with a loose look to them.

So you see, the Walk of Freebies is not just for the ladies, you guys should head on down and take a stroll, collecting some cool freebies while you’re there. Just remember to join the group first (something I neglected to do the first time, oops).

Get the gear here: FA Creations


Happy 4th of July ! (sale sale sale)

If you’re looking for some quality 4th of July shopping anddd a brilliant sale, hop over to Pink Label! There is a massive sale on…above Im wearing the sparkle tank & skirt both pieces just 10L each…also the oh-so-slurpable Dita shoes in scarlet only 40L *faints* (you SO need these shoes,they come in squillionsss of colours too)

I slung on an old shrug gift from STC & a Leezu free scarf  for a different look- don’t be afraid to mingle in bits of your wardrobe girls…

Ya ya ya I’m addicted to tank tops..but reallllly…they are SO useful…loved this one in sparkly bright white for just 10L ! Toss them on and you’re good to go! (Thanks Talena xx)

Go sale shopping: Pink Label

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The Men Stuff Keeps Coming

Fore! There are still many amazing gifts yet to be found (for myself at least) in the MENstuff Hunt so I’ve been out and picked up a bunch more.

First up is this neat outfit from Tres Beau. Fittingly enough, it’s called ‘Golf’ and you can see why. Featuring a gorgeous white sweater, checked pants, visor and sunglasses, this is definitely an outfit that will have you looking cool on the links. The trousers come in two different lengths: full length and the shorter ones I’m wearing above and both come with sculpted cuffs. The sweater also comes with two different sleeve lengths and the shorter version has sweet looking rolled up cuff attachments as well.

Above is the ‘Thief in the Night’ outfit from Geezer Garments. Blend into the shadows wearing this leather jacket, jeans and beanie. You also get a cigarette in the gift as well as a hoodie for your jacket and all the attachments fit perfectly. I’m liking the texture on this jacket a lot. Steal away with this one.

Oh yes, another complete outfit. This time it’s the Urban Cowboy from [hate this]. Comes with an awesome maroon t-shirt with prim sleeves and a shirt bottom that looks fantastic. The jeans have a great denim texture to them and come in either boot cut or regular with cuff attachments.

What Urban Cowboy would be complete without a pair of boots? These come with the outfit and are absolutely gorgeous. Great stitching and texturing on these and you can also change the colours. The finish off this look wonderfully well.

WatAnabe is offering this fabulous blue floral polo shirt for its gift. I love the design on this, it reminds me of a Hawaiian shirt and you know how much I like those! This top comes on multiple layers and it also features a well-fitting black prim collar.

Fly the flag in the Americano tanktop from Boye. This top boldly shows the stars and stripes and comes on all top layers with a sculpted hem part that looks wicked.

Another tank! This time from [arnadi]. Cool and camouflaged this top gives you multiple layer options but the best part of this is the two different types of sculpted tank bottoms. The one I’m wearing above is kind of twisted and flared out while the other hangs straight down, each giving the tank a different look.

Yet another wicked haul of gear from the MENstuff Hunt and I think my prediction of this being the best hunt I’ve been in is panning out, I’m absolutely loving the quality of the items and I’m finding a bunch of new stores to visit regularly.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: Tres Beau (hint: Freebies, Freebies, Everywhere)
Picture #2: Geezer Garments (hint: It’s not upstairs nor downstairs really.)
Picture #3 & 4: [hate this] (hint: It’s dark and dusty behind this…)
Picture #5: watAnabe (hint: No need to pull the shirt out of the Cap… it’s just outside)
Picture #6: Boye (hint: Praise Lesus)
Picture #7: [arnadi] (hint: Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.)


Feeling “blu” ?

ooOOO Yipeee…I dashed over to =blu= so I could show you the new group gifties..yes thats right, plural. The ever generous blueslush @ =blu= has placed out three gifts for you to collect, above I’m wearing the burberry inspired bikini..

Theres also a pack of her new baggy shorts for you to try…two in the box, one plain and one with some roooodness on the back *laughs*..really well made…superb cuffs that I didn’t need to edit one bit (hooooray) plusss a set of bikini tops to wear with them..youre all set for a day at the beach babies (towel and sunnies both from previous group gifts)

Ohh so ok..while I was there I couldn’t resist this oh-so-sweet top..comes in a coupla other colour ways but I was lured to the pristine white…just 100L…verrrrry useful ! Like my necklace? It’s from MIAO but..I’ll tell you about it later (dontcha just hate having to wait? )

Go get beachy: =blu=