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Earlier tonight, Faith took me over to Takarah to show me some of their guy’s gear and I have to say I was impressed. For just L$29 I was able to pick up the Hai Cardi and Bother shorts!

The above mentioned shorts are extremely cool, available in a selection of colours and have a wicked plaid pattern. They come with a pair of easily fitted, good-looking sculpted cuffs as well.

I loved the Hai cardi. Oh so simple, no prims to fiddle with but really well-made with a great texture and design, just wear it and go. There are also different colour options to choose with this and it comes on all layers.

If you’re looking for some bang for not much bucks, head on over to Takarah and check them out. I’ve got my fingers crossed they’ll release some more coolness for us guys!

Get the gear here: Takarah

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GO onnn

O.o… A new group gift from !gO! and yes its a meshhhy item..pretty lil tee in subtle pinks with a heart applique..awww love it ! You get two sizes to try out..give it a whirl, youll be a meshsmesh convert in no time..

I found these sweet valentine jeans at Takarah for just 1L…hearts dotted about on the skinny style legs..great prim cuffs that fit puuurrrrfectly..voila your day of lurrrve outfit has arrived !

heart mesh tee: !gO!

heart skinny jeans: Takarah

shoes 25L : DUH

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Grungy Mesh

Spotted this little darling on the market place, but if I were you I would pick it up at the inworld store as there are a few other items worth checking out..you will need a mesh enabled viewer for this..Im prefering the phoenix one at the moment…anyyywayy onto the dress…its gorgeously textured with a pretty shabby grunge print in blues & greens on a background of grey..its fit perfectly right outta the box ! Price is only 10L…so if you’re experimenting with mesh go grab it ! If you join the group there are two gifts awaiting your pleasure at the front of the store but honestly..everything is SO reasonably priced you’re bound to find a few other pieces to stash in your bag…

Mesh dress: Takarah