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UPDATED! Two Cats One Cup (Freebie).

Thank Goodness one of us haz smarts because, just in case you miss this in the comments, check out what Faith has found “if you type /1 skymenu you get more options! It rezzes a 1 prim star field that you can see out of the window , you can also close that window up from the menu – great find!”  Clever girl.

Yes that IS the name of this shop but don’t start to have  a panic attack because you don’t have to be an adult to visit the sim it’s on, although don’t go through the curtains if you blush easily.  It’s funny because I’m still in my cat suit and this is a shop for tails, ears, props and emm the stuff behind the curtains.  So this Freebie is a little bit of an odd item to have in this shop but I’m so glad I spotted it.  You will have to pay a Linden for it but the Linden seems to get sent back to you, it showed back up this morning.


Taken in my Nams setting so you can see the stunning colours.


I’m pulling a pose in the window and in front of me is a little lower section with these steps leading up to a larger area.


Low, low prim and screams minimalist or just waiting to be turned into your sci-fi dream.


However these pictures LIE!  I’ve used my AV to try to give you some sense of the sizing but I still seem to make this look like a pretty big build but when I zoom back….xxxskyboxuse5

…Yup this is a better indication of its real size and as you can see unlike most skyboxes the walls turn invisible and you can see in from the outside.

Doesn’t mean you couldn’t still use this as a stunning build for whatever you wish and even though a box rezzed around it would hardly stop anyone who wanted to cam inside it would give you a little bit sense of privacy BUT I know for a fact that Faith will be hauling her AV ass to pick this up because it makes such a perfect backdrop for pictures.  I might use this one a bit more instead of my handy pose cube when I want to show off shoes or something close up.

Just to save you hunting for it and missing it it’s on the wall in the entrance and it has a floating cube in front of it, there is a discount sale going on, and it’s just there…clear as mud.

Two Cats One Cup

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Cherry on the top (oodles of Freebies).


Not going to be able to do this excellent hunt much justice because RL has been so busy I’ve hardly had time to breathe but because it’s such a good one I wanted to get it posted as soon as I could.  Called “Where is the cherry hunt” and I will tell you where the cherries are, they’re EVERYWHERE! Oodles of cute square cherries each containing a lovely gift of clothes, tails, eyes etc.  The cherries are all scattered around a lovely Christmassy shopping sim and not only are they so abundant but every shop seems to have either Group Gifts or Lucky Boards out so in about 20 mins I collected 24 items and I probably missed a lot more.

Must confess that if I had had more time I would have modeled a pretty darned good outfit I found and a cute Kawaii dress but I’ve just grabbed and snapped these 2 skins as tasters. Both are actual group gifts (free to join) from Cubic Cherry and there is more to be had from them (LB Upstairs).  Love the cold wintry look of the first skin, it has sparkles splashed over it (the larger stars are placed by me to cover my modesty)

black skinAnother Group Gift from Cubic Cherry and there is also a third free skin which comes with Lola and Lush   This is a more futuristic skin.  I’ve not changed any of my settings to make the skin look better because I thought this is a great skin and stands up well to SL lighting.  The horns are actually a Cherry hunt items which I’m still wearing now.

Where Is The Cherry Hunt

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Check Out My Teddy Bear


Have to confess I’ve had these “teddies” in my invent for a very long time but fortunately Acid & Mala still has this cute/evil little number in stock.  Non Mesh so good for everyone.  I’m wearing the whole lot, teddies and ropes but have to say that I normally wear just the teddy bra and panties and with jeans it’s actually quite a fun/sexy look. You can either buy the whole look for 150Lds or separately for cheaper but of course at 150 for the whole lot that works out at a bargain price.  BTW if I turned around you will see I’ve got another cheeky teddy strapped to my a**.


Loved my visit to Acid & Mala because it has everything from the weird(octopus tentacles that come out of your ears, nose) to pretty summer dresses.  Even a hardened blogger like me found (and bought) a few new items for my invent and the glasses you see me wearing above is one of them.  You get 7 different ways to wear them. As normal on your nose on as shown on a string etc.  As usual I stuck to the safe black but you can choose from petrol blue, black, maroon, sky blue, magenta or purple.  150 Each.  Have to say I loved all those colours.

A big shop well laid out so set aside some time for a wander around and make sure to treat yourself and if your penny pinching (or Linden pinching) a big discount section.

Acid & Mala

Acid & Mala Marketplace