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I got inspired.(Freebie).

I will show you the freebie first as the rest is my happy waffling.

A FAB free dress from Amui.  You get a  6 colour hud with 4 plain colours and 2 textured ones and it’s this big and bold texture I love.  LOTS of sizes as well.

Now for the waffle.

This is my new “Home Sweet Home”.

Faith gifted me this “Rare” Gacha win a year or so ago and I’ve wanted to use it ever since but I’ve just not had the right setting/inspiration and then yesterday VOILA I found my inspiration and it’s all down to a simple wildflower lined path.

This is it close up and although I have edited the picture a tad this path system is just bloody excellent.  Low primmed, top quality texturing, different shapes ie corner pieces etc.  The fact that at 225Lds I consider it a bargain was neither here nor there as I would have snapped it up for twice that price.  I’ve rezzed the backbone of my garden now but I’m itching to get in and start rezzing even more cottagy flowers to my garden.

The shop the path comes from is called T-Spot which is a “Full Perm” shop but actually, it’s just like any landscaping shop in that you buy for your own use but if you decide you want to start selling then you have the Full Perm option.  Again I’m not sure about the TOS when it comes to reselling but you get the details inc.

I will put the shops inworld LM as well as the Marketplace link as I couldn’t for the life of me find where to purchase this item inworld, the seller uses the Caspervend system.  You really do need to see it inworld as even the seller in her MP description notes that it looks lighter in the MP pictures than it is inworld.

PS.  When I’m changing homes I delete my old house so I have the prims needed to rezz my new home and I just leave the decor items in situ so I can either move them into the new home or pack them way etc so basically look one way and you see my dream home look the other way a big fat messy mess to clean up lol.

Amui (Dress)

T-Spot (Marketplace)

T-Spot (InWorld) Check out the “New stuff boards”.

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

A big fat thank you. (10LD The Wash Event).

Sometimes when I find something is not only copy but MOD! My little heart skips a beat.  I don’t know if this is the seller being generous or an oversight but it can often get you more sales in the end.  For example, there was another landscaping item which I really would have liked but because it was linked and I didn’t want the other things it was linked to I didn’t buy it.

As you can guess by now this IS copy and mod but not only that check out the texturing!  Taken in my sim setting I think you can really see this is just great quality and at 10Lds a blinking steal!

I will actually also be rezzing some in that plant pot as well as it’s a perfect colour for the changing season.

But when I removed the pot and shadow it means the flowers and stems are only 1 prim.  There is the same plant but in a pink colour and some carnations in vases, some picture and actually I also bought the really cute bag from this stall but only to see if I could use it as a really nice decor item but it turned out to be 60prims so too primmy for me to use as a decor item but at only 10Lds I didn’t mind taking the risk and of course if you do like to wear bags in SL then I think you will like them.

UPDATE.  Of course this plant looks so fab it’s from “T-Spot” which is a full perm gardening shop and I’ve gotten many a plant from here as you don’t need to be a shop owner to buy goods from here.  I’ve left my AV stood in front of the NEW items board and once I’ve taken a break I will be back and shopping

PS.  As you can see from the title this is from “The Wash” event which when it first started was a case of everything on the carts was only 10Lds but over time the prices did creep up and although everything was still a bargain you had a mix of 10, 20,50Lds items now it’s reverted back to only 10Lds and as always a real mix of clothes, shoes and decor items to be found.

Dark Knight Decor(@The Wash)

T-Spot(full perm garden centre)