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Too good to miss.(MP Bargains).

Blimey, I’m glad I came inworld to check out my new MP (marketplace) purchase because I also picked up some other super clothes from some other shops but I’m saving them now for tomorrow. As this offer is only for a limited time I’d suggest you check it out sooner than later esp as everything is reduced to 10Lds.

Due to an injury, I’ve spent more time in my SL gym than I have in my RL one lol.  My gym is actually a permament build on our sim and you’re more than welcome to use it even if it’s just for posing.

Comes with not just all the mesh and mesh bod fits but a hud to change the texture of shorts and top, 6 for both and my fav extra is that they are separates and so could be worn with other clothing.


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A Perfect Game

Faith mentioned the other day about the Retro Swap Meet going on down at The Wash and the fact that there was guy’s stuff up for grabs, well, I had to head on down and see what was what. In a stroke of luck, the first stall I ran into was artilleri’s. Their retro gear always rocks and what they have for sale here is no different. I picked up this funky red and black bowling shirt and Clubmaster sunglasses for L$10 each!

The *diamonds* bowling shirt is an awesome looking casual shirt that can be worn in different ways as it comes on all layers. It also comes with a prim collar that fits perfectly and has two attachment points (neck or chest). The Clubmaster sunglasses have a great retro look to them, super details and come in a funky brown and gold colour. You get three versions of these sunglasses corresponding to three different attachment points, very handy.

After stuffing these purchases away, I took a stroll around the rest of the Swap Meet and happened across this shirt from The Little Bat. I have to admit it’s a very simple top, no prims or anything like that, just the jacket layer (one for guys and one for girls). But…but…but it does have the Atari logo on it and when it comes to games systems, the Atari is the epitome of retro for me as it was the first one I ever had growing up, I loved that thing. There was just no way I wasn’t snapping this shirt up. Besides which, it is still a pretty well made shirt with some nice creasing and it being black, it goes with just about anything and, well…Atari!

Most of the items you’ll find at the Retro Swap Meet are L$10 and, like Faith said, some even less than that. The word bargain isn’t even in it. You definitely ought to take a trip and check it out.

Get the gear here: The Retro Swap Meet

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Monday Mania at SF Design is back for 2012 yay! Today they have this super pack of t-shirts for guys and girls.

They are called ‘plain’ but don’t let that throw you, these are some really good shirts. Personally I think a good t-shirt is worth its weight in gold as you can do so much with them.

These shirts come in five different colours: black, brown, red, purple and blue. They come on all layers so you can play around with them in whatever style you choose and like I said, they look really good, with nice creases and shading. I like the way the hem on the jacket layer is slightly uneven, giving it a cool look.

The female version of these shirts is a little different to the guys with a lovely scooped neck and a hint of cleavage (always good!).

As always, these shirts will only cost you L$25 for today only and you can pick them up at this price from the Monday Mania boards inside the men and women’s casual sections of SF Design.

Haiii its Faithless here ! I just had to mention the Moody Monday item from Addiction that I’m wearing in the pics..its the “wise owl” necklace…owls are SO in at the moment and this little fella is adorbs…for today at only 55L ! I personally love a long chain…its very flattering, especially if you’re a big boobie girly like moi! Also must mention the gorgeous new group gift from Karma…its two items really..a pretty wishing well that would grace any type of garden…plus a rug that you can use with it or elsewhere…the rug has some sweet poses for couples aww…

Get the gear here: SF Design

Wise owl necklace: Addiction Jewelry

Wishing well & rug : Karma

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In Between the Lines

I’ve found another little nugget of gold free from the marketplace, this awesome little black and white Scofield t-shirt from .:SU:.

Perfect for casual wear, this shirt comes on the jacket layer and features sculpted sleeves and body part. They are resizeable via script and look great. I don’t know what it is but I really like horizontal stripes on shirts for some reason and black and white colours always work for me.

Awesome looking, free and no teleporting hassles to contend with, this is definitely one shirt that’s worth picking up.

Get the gear here:

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Like Clockwork

I was checking out the marketplace tonight when I saw this cool-looking free t-shirt from Guarded Cross. I didn’t recognise the same so I decided to investigate the in-world store and wow, I found not one but a whole wall full of free t-shirts. I grabbed a few to show you guys here.

They all come on multiple layers and are really well made with lovely creases, designs and colours. As I mentioned, there’s a whole wall of shirts so you are spoiled for choice as well.

If you are looking for a t-shirt, you should definitely take a look at this store. Fantastic choices and awesome looks, you can’t go wrong.

Get the gear here: Guarded Cross

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Loungin’ Around

I’ve finally paid a long overdue visit to the Menstuff Lounge. For those of you who don’t know, the Menstuff Lounge is a great place to pick up some awesome gifts, run by the people who put on those brilliant Menstuff hunts. There is a huge board in the middle of the room jam-packed with gifts from some super designers and all you need do is wear your Menstuff tag to pick them up. I’ve got a few of such gifts here to show you.

I couldn’t go past SF Design’s gift which is the gorgeous shawl-collared tuxedo you can see above. It’s simple and gorgeous, so easy to wear with minimal prims to fiddle around with and it even includes the shoes! Perfect formal wear.

You can also hit the beach in these colourful swim trunks from Shiki. They absolutely scream summer and look superb. They come with sculpted legs that fit really well along with a cute little string tie for the waistband.

For the last couple of items I picked up, I went with a couple of stores I hadn’t been to and I’m glad I did. The bright pink Fuuu shirt is from [AFFONSO] and definitely stands out in the crowd. Great little design on it and it comes with a sculpted shirt body and sleeves, all resizeable via script. You also get a yellow version of this cool top in the gift. The jeans are from Lash-Wear and are just the kind of jeans I like, dark blue denim with a super texture and terrific creases. The cuffs were also ones to wear right out of the box, no editing needed which always makes me smile.

These are just a small selection of gifts you can grab at the Lounge and, as I said, all you have to do is join the Menstuff group and they can be yours. It’s a good group to be in because you can keep yourself up to date on loads of stuff.

Get the gear here: Menstuff Lounge

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Enduro Racer

Get on your bikes as SF Design has another fantastic piece of gear up for grabs for Monday Mania.

Today’s offering is the black leather vest and tee that you can see above. As with the newly released biker pants, the leather texture on this vest is gorgeous,very true to life. It comes in two versions: a short version and a longer version designed to be worn with the sculpted vest bottom which comes in 2 different sizes as well as one with an in-built resizer script so there’s absolutely no way you won’t get this to fit.

The white tee that comes with the vest can be worn by itself but of course just looks awesome worn under the vest and features a cool little enduro racer picture. The tee comes on the shirt and underwear layers as well as the pants layer for low-rise jeans.

This great set will, as always, only cost you L$25 for today only so run on down and pick it up. Remember you can only get it at that price from the Monday Mania board located just inside the casual men’s section of SF Design.

Get the gear here: SF Design