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Back to the Junction

It’s been such a long time since I’ve gotten my hands on some T Junction goodness, it’s awesome to be wearing them again!

I’ve got two new shirts here to show you, both of which are just perfect for this time of year.

If you find yourself like me, tongue-tied when trying to say the right words to your special someone, wearing either of these shirts should help with that immensely. Not only are the sentiments lovely but they have the look as well, just what you’d expect from a T Junction tee. Great creases and shading along with fantastic colours. They also come on every layer you could possibly want, but there’s still more. Right now, these tees are transferable so you can pick them up as a gift (there’s also a female version available) and they’ll only set you back L$100.

Head on down to T Junction today and pick up one or both of these romantic little tees and check out the rest of the awesomeness on offer while you’re at it.

Get the gear here: T Junction


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Epic T

Epic indeed. T Junction have a batch of newness out this week which features three sweet-looking men’s tees, two of which I’ve got here to show you.

The store may have changed but the quality has not. The colours are still bright, the slogans still eye-catching (sometimes eyebrow raising) and funny and they are basically just still awesome.

Of course, you don’t need me to tell you all that, you can see it for yourself by checking out these pictures. These shirts come on all layers so there are plenty of ways to wear them and they are oh so affordable.

Head on down to T Junction today and grab yourself something epic.

Get the gear here: T Junction

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Far From Normal

Maybe I am but that is beside the point because T Junction have new releases and I’ve got a couple of ’em here to show you. Cool, funny or maybe just a little rude, whatever your mood T Junction have the tee for you. The great colours and awesome design make them a definite favourite of mine.

There’s no need to be confused about how cool these shirts are. They come on all layers so you can wear them just about anyway you could want and they are so affordable. As you can see the new releases are brilliant and there’s also a third one you guys should check out as well. For you ladies, there are three new ones, too! Head on down there and add some more to your collection.

Get the gear here: T Junction

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Drop The Bomb

Yes indeed, as Faith mentioned earlier, along with the three new releases for girls, there are some for guys as well and I’ve got ’em here to show you.

Above is the male version of the F Bomb. I’ve got to say, the colours on these three shirts really pop. You will definitely stand out in these.

Relax, I’m hilarious. It’s a good thing that my shirt says it because you wouldn’t know it to look at me. I’ve said it before and will say it again, I’m always loving the slogans on T Junction tees, I haven’t come across one that I haven’t reacted to in some way yet.

This last one may be called “Zombies Ruined This Shirt” but I don’t think that they have, not enough to make it less awesome anyway. All these tops come on all layers, even the pants layer which means you can wear it untucked under a jacket or something, I love being able to do that! Run yourself down to T Junction and pick yourself up a couple of these shirts (before the zombies get a hold of any more).

Get the gear here: T Junction

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To a Tee

Hoooohaaaah new stuffage from T Junction always makes me a happy girly…above Im showing off in the “I’ve got your back” design..subtle and silly…I adore it (and of course its PINK)

Next up is the F Bomb…bright fire engine red…great logo…and as always comes on all layers with great shading & texturing…

Maybe my graphics card is lovin me extra hard this week ..or perhaps my new specs have kicked in…but Im sure these latest tee’s have a more marl effect texture? Whatever it is..I really like it…commmmme to the nerd side…great logo…fab tshirt…go mooch the store..luckyboards,discount area..guys dept is fantastic…which reminds me..Steve has some to show you also yay! thanks kalli x

Go get tee’d: T Junction


o.O how naughty

Are you ready for some more fabulous tees from T Junction? Faith and I got our hands on the latest releases tonight, one for each of us.

The boy’s shirt is an eye-catching red and called ‘My Other Ride’ and the slogan is that usual mix of just a little rude and funny that I always love. The girl’s is gorgeous grey titled ‘So, You’re an Internet Playa…’ As the slogan says, it’s very cute.

Both t-shirts are, as always, really well made with great creases and textures and each of them come on multiple layers so you can mix and match them to your heart’s content.

Head on down to T Junction today and pick yourself up some of these super tops. With their look and prices, you won’t regret it.

Get the gear here: T Junction

PS: Thanks Faith for the pic!

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You guys didn’t think that there were no new releases for us from T Junction this week did you? Well you’d be wrong if you did, I’ve got ’em right here to show you.

This week sees three new releases and I’ve got to say that they are just a smidge more risqué than the girls. But then, I like that kind of thing. It seems I cannot try one of these shirts on without some kind of reaction and it’s usually a chuckle. They are just too cool.

I don’t know this Haywood guy, not sure I want to, but he does have his own tee and it’s awesome. All of these t-shirts come on multiple layers so you can fiddle with how you’d like to wear them and with the brilliant colours, creases and shading, you should get yourself a couple.

Get the gear here: T Junction