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Loungin’ Around

I’ve finally paid a long overdue visit to the Menstuff Lounge. For those of you who don’t know, the Menstuff Lounge is a great place to pick up some awesome gifts, run by the people who put on those brilliant Menstuff hunts. There is a huge board in the middle of the room jam-packed with gifts from some super designers and all you need do is wear your Menstuff tag to pick them up. I’ve got a few of such gifts here to show you.

I couldn’t go past SF Design’s gift which is the gorgeous shawl-collared tuxedo you can see above. It’s simple and gorgeous, so easy to wear with minimal prims to fiddle around with and it even includes the shoes! Perfect formal wear.

You can also hit the beach in these colourful swim trunks from Shiki. They absolutely scream summer and look superb. They come with sculpted legs that fit really well along with a cute little string tie for the waistband.

For the last couple of items I picked up, I went with a couple of stores I hadn’t been to and I’m glad I did. The bright pink Fuuu shirt is from [AFFONSO] and definitely stands out in the crowd. Great little design on it and it comes with a sculpted shirt body and sleeves, all resizeable via script. You also get a yellow version of this cool top in the gift. The jeans are from Lash-Wear and are just the kind of jeans I like, dark blue denim with a super texture and terrific creases. The cuffs were also ones to wear right out of the box, no editing needed which always makes me smile.

These are just a small selection of gifts you can grab at the Lounge and, as I said, all you have to do is join the Menstuff group and they can be yours. It’s a good group to be in because you can keep yourself up to date on loads of stuff.

Get the gear here: Menstuff Lounge

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beach bum

You know how it is when you get an item of clothing that you just don’t wanna take off? Well that’s been me lately in last months MDL group gift…the deeelicious swimsuit…so pink & daring…once you get into swimwear..its kinda hard to get out of it…right? Anyyyywayy..here it and it’s still available in the group gift vendor, plussss…a new gift for August has just been released..this divine denim bag…lovely hold and lotsa sooper details…no join fee for this group…so sign up and grab the goodies ! I also got lucky on the normally un-lucky boards andddd won a great pair of metallic leggings in the midnight mania…investigate them while you’re there…

Go get a life: MDL


Curious Melons

A real team effort we have here. Zan found this pretty bikini from Curious Kitties, Faith took the picture and here I am doing the writing. Well, to be honest, I get the easy part because Zan’s provided the writing as well and so, without further delay, here she is.

I was so desperate to blog this juicy little bikini before Faith got her hands on it.  I’m not usually into cute prim bikinis but I just LOVE this one. It’s brightly coloured, fun and such a good fit and best of all when you move it moves well with you so no bits of yourself come popping out that shouldn’t. There are some other interesting free items to be had. Shoes with a unique flare to them, a black dress which is pitch black in colour, a fuzzy skirt, shoes etc and even a chest enhancer for those of us who are less well endowed(in Second Life).

No matter what your tastes are I’m sure you will either find something to buy or at least have fun looking as it’s a very interesting looking store.

Be Curious: Curious Kitties


Beach Cred

Even though in good old England its raining (again) I’ve got beach goodies to show you ! Yes indeedy-doo its Monday Mania at SF Design..Im prancing about in one of the chick items called “one piece swimsuit” and its deeliciously sweet…Steve is looking (or trying to look) broody & magnificent in the guys mania item ,which is a pair of swimming trunks in 3 lengths and shark-tooth ‘beach necklace’.(oo they have a prim piece if youre daring)…because chicks rock…we also get an added bonus of…

…a lucious bikini in light blue / lilac..its almost identical to one I have in real life..so I’m already loving it heaps ! If you have grabby hands about the hat Im wearing in photo one, it’s the June gift from SFD,totally wicked..you can change the hair colour & hat colour…perfect! Steve blogged the chaps version of the hat..so go gettit boys! Please note the Monday Mania items are only available from the special boards located in each guys or girls section. Monday mania is just 25L.

Also thought Id show off a bit in a couple of new releases…available for both girls & guys, the rather cool checked shorts & canvas belt, plus a new set of the “I-need-these” muscle tee’s…Just lurve the green version. The belt comes with re-sizers (or not) for that perfect fit..and the tee’s  come in every colour you could need !

Personal fav is this orange shade..not really orangey but more toffee Id say. Teamed up with a cocoa muscle shirt..its a stylish little beach ensemble. Shorts are only 100L per colour,muscle tee’s are just 50L each orrrrr a great big fat pack for 250L -steal!

Hop,Skip & Jump to: SF Design


Bathing suit..swimmers…..what do you call em?

Ohhh I’m on a roll with swimwear today..SO many gorjuss ones around at the moment..this ones called “Tabitha” and is a group gift from Monroe’s yay! Its shineyyy and silvery white and makes me feel SO sexy…(thanks Shandi Faith for giving me the heads up on this!) Just head on over to the store, join the group and voila..its all yours…

While I was there I noticed another gift hidden, its Monroes prize for the depraved summer nights hunt..youre looking for a bottle – I wont tell you where cause it was pretty easy peasy to see and it will also give you a chance to browse around the lulliness ! Great denim jeggings, with cuffs and a sweeter than sweet midriff top with lacey chest insert…

Go get sexy: Monroes

For the curious: Hair by curio,necklace photo one by Dark Mouse (remember me) basket photo two from Jill (now sadly closed sorry gals) manicure by Awesome Designs


For Dudes

The awesome 49 L Sale for Dudes has begun again and I’ve been busy collecting some of the gear you can pick up to show you all.

First stop was SF Design. The ‘Open Denim Jacket’ in black is the item you can pick up here. You can’t go wrong with a denim jacket and this one is gorgeous. Great texture and detail, this jacket comes with a collar, cuffs and the bottom part. Each of these comes in a regular version as well as one with a resizer script. The cuffs and bottom part of the jacket are especially great, I love the buckles attached to them.

Acid & Mala have a pack of three ‘Sugar Skull’ t-shirts you can grab for their sale item. It comes in dark, mid and light grey and across all layers for multiple wearing options. The creasing on these is fabulous, as is the skull design. Simple and cool, just the way I like my t-shirts.

The ‘Premium Sculpted Tee’ is what’s in store for you at Adjunct. With its black and teal colours, this is very easy to match with whatever you want to wear with it and look good while doing it. The sculpted sleeves and bottom fit easily and look wicked.

If you’re wanting to look your best by the water then the sale item at Zoobong is for you. The ‘Brady Swim Shorts’ are tremendously eye-catching in their bright aqua and I really like the pattern. You can wear these either on the underwear or pants layer and come with sculpted leg attachments and drawstring for the waist which all fit and look perfect.

Last but definitely not least is the ‘Grafton Outfit’ from *FIR & MNA*. This is sweater and shirt combo is absolutely gorgeous, I just love it. It features the ‘Durrow’ black shirt and the ‘Grafton Sweater’. Both the shirt and sweater vest can be worn by themselves if you wish but just look awesome when worn all together. The grey and black go together wonderfully and the sculpted attachments are fantastic. These include cuffs and collar for the shirt, a bottom part for the sweater vest and, of course, the cool little grey bow tie.

So there you have it, a great selection of items available for the 49 L Sale for Dudes. Each and every one of these are definitely a bargain at that price and well worth picking up. This sale runs until Saturday 28 May so go out and get them while it lasts. For more info and a full list of stores participating, you can go here: http://49lsalefordudes.wordpress.com/

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: SF Design
Picture #2: Acid & Mala
Picture #3: Adjunct
Picture #4: Zoobong
Picture #5: *FIR & MNA*

Skin by Zoobong (pre release)
Hair by MADesigns
Tattoo by Aitui
Facial Hair by Sacred
Poses by Diesel Works


It was a perfect day


It was a good day..it rained here…then the sun shone..and everything got misty and humid…we had the most beautiful sunset…ahhh what-a-day. To finish it off…Ive got some prettiness @ sunset…with beachwear…above is the new group gift from =blu= by blueshush..its incredible..so much in one little box..the vintage lime green bikini is delectable (you all know I lovvve greeen right?) it comes with a towel to sling over your shoulder..some sunnies..a bracelet and even a pair of slip on beach shoes..a fantastique gifty ! Take a look around the store while you’re there..some cuter-than-cute items !

Player was sporting a rather cool pair of jeans the other night, I asked him where they were from and he said Utopia..I really didn’t recall ever go going there *gasp* I know ! Sooo off we went to mooch about and I saw this deelicious bikini..as a gift..I naturally snaffled it up and I’m happy I did..its gorgeous…I might even have to go back and buy it in other coloursssss ! Fabulous texturing and..

It comes with this glitzy hip wrap…yumm..you’ll find the Ibiza bikini on the upper level of the chicks dept. Guys, go over and take a wander…seriously awesome clothing for you too!

Go get a pretty sunset: =blu=     Utopia

For the curious: all hair by Truth,poses by hate me eat me,skin by curio,lip gloss by glamorize