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Beach Life @ Shiny Shabby

Neve - Siren Swim @ Shiny Shabby

Tadah! Yes I’m scoping out the waters around our island – just incase Zan has decided to rez something scary (she does things like that!) I’m wearing the new swimwear from Neve “Siren Swim” currently on sale at Shiny Shabby.

Neve - Siren Swim - All Colors

Goes on as one outfit but the top and bottoms can be removed via the Hud, you can also add shine. Prettily high cut on the rear and plenty of choices of colour & patterns. Fits : Maitreya Lara & Maitreya Petite, Legacy & Perky.

Shiny Shabby

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Cheap @ The Pool

Now I’ve got my Maitreya mesh body I have had to restock my wardrobe – YES I was stupid enough to delete all the other mesh body sizes in ALL my packs of clothes and shoes durrrrr. (I’ve got a lot of them re-delivered but GAWD its taking ages to sort them out!) I wanted to take some pics of our new pool and realised I didn’t have any Maitreya swimwear *sobs*…so after a quick mooch of the market place, I found these super little swimsuits by Baw Waw – just $1L !

I grabbed two verrrry similar colours as it happens but there are a few more choices and all the same price. Mesh fits included: Belleza Freya & Isis, Slink Hourglass & Physique, Maitreya Lara. There are some cute t-shirts at $1L also.

Baw Waw

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Yasss, when I logged back in I, found that the missing balloon from my last post has been sent to me, because my IM’s were capped  I have a feeling that “AnnellyStone” the owner/creator of Merak has found out about the issue and has sent it out to everyone who has gone and tried to get the gift(s) she has set out in her shop.

Don’t worry I won’t mention my Balloon obsession anymore so check out the cossie.

I went back to the TRS Design shop to see if the denim dress that has become a go-to dress for me was still set out as a gift but it isn’t instead I found this as Junes gift.  There are other Free to join group gifts but I think this is the best for this time of year and it gave me a great excuse to head back to the super summery beach sim I love

PS Sorry forgot to double check and now I can’t log back inworld but I’m 95% sure this super bather comes in all the mesh and mesh bod fits.

TRS Design


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Its Bikini weather !

Citrus mesh bikini mix n match NEW!

Sooper glad that Citrus have released a whole Ocean of bikinis for us to get tangled up in . Seriously, there is a massive amount to choose from, patterns, plains and ohmaiiiiiLORD…different coloured strings to tie them up with, shhh I need to lie down and be fanned ! Anyyywayy, here Iam…always the glamour icon huh? I plumped for a flamingo covered bikini…great fit…no gaps…easy peasy I’m ready for the beach. I knowwwwww you’re dying to hear where I found the swimmin hat right? Welllll it was only 5L…and it made me  giggle so I got it…brilliant! It’s also colour change with the biggest array of colours you could wish for…a bargain if ever there was.

Citrus mesh workout gear FREE! Summer sandals with colur HUD FREE!

While you’re there slap up the group join board (its free) and grab yourself this workout set of jogging pants and crop top (there’s even a set for the guys yay!) and also these terrifico woven sandals, nifty little things, no messing with skin tones or alpha layers, feet in and you’re ready to choose which of the many colours supplied in the HUD…simple & perfect, a sure-fire keeper for moi. Thanks Sejher ❤

Citrus store

Citrus market place Store

WarHead swimming cap

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Day at the beach

Nothing beats a grand old day out at the beach does it? Steve and I decided to take it easy this morning..and lounge around…well..steve did while I snapped away and set up my new shed …This is the newwww SF Design group gift…fancy smancy huh? (small group join fee applies, SO worth it)

 For the boys there are these tantalisingly tight swim shorts…they have a slight sheen and fabulousss texturing…also a drawstring at the waist for added effect…for the girls….is this delicate hawaiin style print bikini…almost boy shorts bottom and a halter neck top…now the sooper clever bit is..the towels! They have an AO in them…dead cool…so you can pose around and look awesome…yay! Thanks Swaffette ❤ O.o ! btw…there is a summer sale on at SFD currently…for group members on knitwear items with the blue star ! You buy it and the 50% is paid back to you yay!

Onto my new  shed…I found it on the market place, by Katerina’s Attic & Homes…its only one Linden ! Lovely shabby chic looking building and could really be used for a multitude of things..Ive decided to use it as a boathouse by the shore…perfect for storing all my beach gear in!

SF Design

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Mesh for Monday

I missed last week’s Monday Mania but there was no chance on Earth that I was going to miss todays. Especially not after seeing what SF Design had out for their entry: two pairs of mesh swimshorts! So yes, you will need a mesh enabled viewer to enjoy these shorts, but enjoy them you shall.

These shorts have a great, crisp look to them, smooth yet well-detailed, they really look like swimshorts to me. As I said, you get two pairs of these in the one pack: one pair in white and one pair in a dark blue and both colours are awesome, featuring a sweet floral pattern on both legs. As for the all-important sizes, you get two different versions of the mesh for these: one normal sized and the other muscular. I went with the muscular first and found that it fit perfectly.

As always, these swimshorts will only cost you L$25 today and you can pick them up at this special price exclusively from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section. I think you’ll agree that it is a super bargain for two pairs of mesh shorts as cool as these…snap em up while you can.

Get the gear here: SF Design 

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The great cover up

Frighteningly often when Janie Marlowe of “Jane” releases something, I get this little voice in my head that says “ohhhhh I wish I had this in real life”…and she’s done it yet again! Fantastic concept…you get the lacey beach cover up for free, in 3 colours (even with a prim bit for those blessed with larger hip sizes) and thennn…you can choose from a huge selection of bikini tops & bottoms ! I looked high and low for a cover up like this in May for my rl holiday*foldy arms* and I couldn’t find it…

Sooooo I dithered about a bit…and really…I will prolly have to go back and get a couple more sets..I chose this top & bottom…of courrrse in chocolate because I lurve it so much… I suppose I’m a bit of a dullard but it went so nicely with the 3 tones of cream coverup…you could go for a more striking colour pallette than me! Boy shorts, strings..all sorts of kini bottoms..and soooo many choices of top..only 25L per item,cover up free…like my fabbo sandals? Yeah me tooo..I cant stop slipping them on…Pink label “Ariadne* in tortoise heaps of colour change options for the beads and nails…seems like Talena has moved store location again..I will post a link to her place when I get it !

Go get covered: Jane      lully sandals: Pink Label