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Weekend Events & sales – Which am I doing?

Free swimsuit @ Viktory Dark

Great start to Saturday is a free gift from Viktory Dark as part of the Energy Weekend Price. This colourful swimsuit is all yours for free when you wear your Energy Weekend Price group tag ( free to join) Each week a number of participating stores have a free gift – so check them all out.

Listed below are the weekend sales events I will be looking at – see you there!:

Energy Weekend Price

The Saturday Sale


Beauty 60

Wanderlust weekend

30L Saturday

Viktory Dark

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Its Getting Hot In Here

New round of Tres Chic is on, Neve have this superb swimsuit called “lulu” – its super pretty and ever so chic ! Via the Hud you can pick & choose colours and patterns for almost every part of the piece – I went with DOTS – I love dots ! Mesh body fits including Legacy and free demo at the event.

In the latest round of Fameshed (which should have calmed down enough for you to get in!) Neve have this offering “bienvenidos” a cropped swim top and saucy little bikini briefs. All sorts of packs to decide upon which via their Huds can be fiddled with to your hearts content – you can really personalise this ! Fat pack available for ultimate flexibility. Mesh body fits including Legacy and a free demo at the event. Thanks Neve team ❤


Tres chic 

(Hair by Truth – old group gift)

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Better now than later.(10Ld Giftie).

A really nice pretty and subtle bathing costume and costs just the 10Lds it costs to join the Rir Life group.  Comes in a load of mesh bod sizes and I will update this post when I log back in but then again mesh bod or no mesh bod there will be a size to fit all and I’m pretty sure you will have an alpha already in your invent to use if you don’t have a mesh bod.

So this is the dream and this is the reality…

It was bound to happen when surrounded by snot nosed people, I haz a cold in the noze!  Sore throat, heedache, sweating, hot,  cold, streaming hooter you name it I haz it.  On the good side is that better now than in a few days time when I have a couple of days away and if I was to be really honest on a scale of 1-10 this cold barely scrapes past a 5 lol.  So I’ve nestled in for the day with all the supplies I need to hand, ie water, snot rags, cats, TV remote etc and I’m going to tough it out.

UPDATE.Forgot to mention nice strapping details on the back.  The mesh sizes are Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Lara, Physique and Venus.

 Rir Life Designs. (On the wall near the sofa, chairs in the back of the shop).

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Get it all and make a 75% saving!

Neve frilled bikini top & bottom NEW

I’ve been waiting to see if Neve released anything in the swimwear line – and hurrrah they did! What a vast collection it is, the bestest news (well, apart from the fact that it’s all über coolio) is it’s all very mix & matchy. You can buy one set/style in the fabric/pattern you want – four options in each pack for colour btw. Or you can buy a top then select a bottom you like.

Neve cinched one piece NEW!!

If you want thee ultimate in choice and variety – go for the whole collection. You can grab  fifty-four swim pieces – One Hundred and twenty texture options – for just $2000L !!

Neve strapped bikini top & bottom NEW!

I have to say the fit on my Slink Physique body is spot on – even with the higher cut derrieres , straps and fringes – nothing jars, nothing busts out or cuts in – totally fahhhhhbulous. Fits included in the packs are as follows:

Body Support:
Includes Maitreya Lara Fitted
Includes Belleza Isis & Freya Perky Fitted
Includes Slink Physique& Hourglass Fitted

Does NOT support Standard Sizing

Neve Peek bikini top & bottom NEW!

I really thought I would choose the “peek” collection as my go to swimmers , dead sexy with sweet hip ties, and I will prolly wear it quite a bit . Howeverrrrrr….

Neve Fringed bikini top & bottom NEW!

I went all la la about the “fringed” set! Fantastic selection of patterns and tones – the fringing really makes it POP! Thanks Neve team ❤

Neve Store

Neve market place

Neve Blog (photos of the whole lot)

Hair by Tableau Vivant



Beach Cred

Even though in good old England its raining (again) I’ve got beach goodies to show you ! Yes indeedy-doo its Monday Mania at SF Design..Im prancing about in one of the chick items called “one piece swimsuit” and its deeliciously sweet…Steve is looking (or trying to look) broody & magnificent in the guys mania item ,which is a pair of swimming trunks in 3 lengths and shark-tooth ‘beach necklace’.(oo they have a prim piece if youre daring)…because chicks rock…we also get an added bonus of…

…a lucious bikini in light blue / lilac..its almost identical to one I have in real I’m already loving it heaps ! If you have grabby hands about the hat Im wearing in photo one, it’s the June gift from SFD,totally can change the hair colour & hat colour…perfect! Steve blogged the chaps version of the go gettit boys! Please note the Monday Mania items are only available from the special boards located in each guys or girls section. Monday mania is just 25L.

Also thought Id show off a bit in a couple of new releases…available for both girls & guys, the rather cool checked shorts & canvas belt, plus a new set of the “I-need-these” muscle tee’s…Just lurve the green version. The belt comes with re-sizers (or not) for that perfect fit..and the tee’s  come in every colour you could need !

Personal fav is this orange shade..not really orangey but more toffee Id say. Teamed up with a cocoa muscle shirt..its a stylish little beach ensemble. Shorts are only 100L per colour,muscle tee’s are just 50L each orrrrr a great big fat pack for 250L -steal!

Hop,Skip & Jump to: SF Design