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Sundays perfect days for quickies (freebie).

The sun is out (and in and out and in again) so I’m heading off to my garden with my new sun hat and my latest book but I since it’s been a few days since my last Freebie and I have a Freebie Addiction that needs to be fed check out this quick post.


A very simple sweet rose textured mesh dress.  Comes in all the standard sizing and Fitmesh which is the one I’m wearing.  This comes from FA Creations and although I grabbed and ran as soon as I saw this I do remember from previous visits/blog posts that this is one of the shops where a lot of the items come with colour changing Huds as standard and since most items are reasonably priced in the first place it means you get much more for your Lindens. As it happens this dress does come 2 colour options this old-fashioned rose one and a blue and white chintz pattern.

OK the sun is out and so am I, have a great day and I’ll see you all  later.

FA Creations

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Run don’t walk! (Freebie).

I’m rushing this post so much that I’m only going to give you the LM to the Freebie and later on when I’ve got more time I’ll pop the link for the Non Free Group Gift and the Gacha win.

The reason I’m being so quick is I can’t see the Free Group Gift from Hilly Halaan on the Group Gift boards but it is in the Group History and since notices only last 14 days time it’s time to go grab it.


A sexy mesh corset which comes with some Appliers and the Lola Tango Applier but as you can see even the “boobless” look sexy.


I’ve dropped Faith a note so when she gets back from her Holidays, Lucky Cow, she knows to TP straight over to Cheeky Pea because like me she is in the VIP Group which if I remember correctly is….nope can’t remember how much it costs but this is one of those groups which pay you back in spades.


A mix of poses, single, couple and sexy..not tried the last 2.  In the first picture the book is propped up on your knee’s as one hand turns the page and the other holds your wine glass.


Promised Update.  Cheeky Pea does cost 500Lds to join but again Isla Gealach the owner of CP is really good at ensuring there is not only a new monthly gift put out but often esp at holiday times she give us whopping big gift cards.  I still have 500 on my account from Christmas time.  So if you’ve got some cash to splash have a think about it.


Hilly Halaan

Cheeky Pea

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Follow Us/Me Again.

I’m starting to feel the Romance, finally.  For the men out there in SL or RL FFS give your OH a clue as to what you would like or else don’t sulk if you get nothing! as for mine he’s going to get a lovely package of the yummiest Brownies ever and if he knows whats good for him he will SHARE.

I’ve just done some of the larger Romantic items from Follow Us but not everyone has either the budget, prims or simply just prefer their love tokens to be more subtle and everything you need is here.


A simple Champers bucket.  Look closely and you can even see the bubbles in the glasses in SL they actually float upto the top so sweet.  There is a black bucket version and one with a glass of pink Champers and the traditional colour.


However there is no reason why you should just look at whats available in the Valentine House as there are equally as sweet and emm cheeky items inside the Mainshop.  This very sauce beauty box full of toys will either make her/him giggle but then again maybe it might also give your partner some very nice ideas.  The lid opens and shuts which means you can keep this out on your bedstand or dressing table so the contents are descretely hidden until you click the lid.


There is a whole collection of trays in the main shop which again for those on a budget or prim allowance will be a delightful treat.


This is why I love blogging Follow Us items, there always seems to be something that makes me chuckle.  This tray almost looks practical enough to put in your home or office until you look more closely.  Just beside the Teddy’s foot is some Condoms LOL  If you check out the pictures in front the one of the toddler having a tantrum is a good reminder to use those condoms LOL.  The photos come blank which you can see in the 3rd one but I decided to try to pop some pictures in them to see how easy it was and yup trust me if I can do it then you can too.

Now I’ve gone back for another look around the Valentine home and Laurent83 Waco is so sneaky, trays of heart-shaped cookies, boxes of chocolates lots of stuffed Teddies and on and on and sneakily placed amongst all of this sweetness is a bit of cheeky rudeness.  A box of chocolates and a certain pleasuring object, etc.  So you can be as suggestive or as sweet as you wish.

For those of you on an even smaller budget then make sure to either think about joining the Follow Us group which only cost 40Lds and there are oodles of GG’s set out or log into Laurents Marketplace shop.  He has some lovely items starting from just a single Linden and there is one of the simplest but I think sweetest gift you can give to either sex, Scrabble words on the stand which spells out “I l♥ve you”.

Again you’re going to shop inworld make sure to wear your Group Tag to get 20% discount on the Valentines goodies.

Follow Us Mainshop&Valentine House

Follow Us Marketplace

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It’s simple. (freebies).

A lovely simple knitted dress from ur.favourite.  You do have to join the ur.favourite group but that’s free and you get not just this shade, beige, but also a lovely off white one.  I’ve had a little look around this shop and it has some delightful items in it.  Not cheap I’m afraid but sometimes to get a new and fresh design you have to pay but I’ve just gotten my RL Visa bill so I resisted and was more than happy with this lovely gift LOL.


Since I was already wearing this skin and even though I’ve already blogged it previously because it’s still available at Elysium it’s too good not to mention. You know how much of a PumeC fan I am but I’ve kept this skin as it’s such a lovely skin, comes with and without freckles and Appliers.  A keeper for sure.  There are other Free GG’s to be grabbed I remembered blogging the shoes but I’m not showing you them again just the skin but there is some lovely items out.


Another repost but this is just simply too good to miss.  I was clearing out my invent and came across the folder with the Fishy Strawberry gifts I had snagged and before I bin anything I always recheck it and although the red one in the pack is too Xmassy to be wearing now this white one is so pretty and so wearable at any time and not just Christmas.

ur.favourite one Dress.

Elysium Skin and other gifts.

 Fishy Strawberry Jumper.

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So Sad:-( (Dollarbies).


A simple post for a sweet and simple skin.  Found this skin called Nikole in a small shop in the sky called INSITU and doesn’t she look worried the poor thing.  Actually if you check out Gabby111996  Marketplace shop you will see that her skins all have a very wide-eyed little lamb look to them.  But make sure to pop into the in world shop as this Dollarbie skin and another skin and some other bits n bobs are only available there for you to grab.  There is also a Group Gift set out, you don’t need the Group to grab the Dollarbies, but I was so short of time I just grabbed the goodies and this first skin I tried on I decided to throw a pose and take a quickie.

What I did notice is that this skin is packed! You get 4 skin tone shades, full eyebrow options, SLink Hands/Feet, Azz, Lola Tango, and Lip Appliers!  and then I logged out LOL.  Just a real lovely find I think and of course it goes so well with my new Free hair from Argrace that I’ve just done a post about.

INSITU Inworld

INSITU Marketplace

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Kerching (2 Dollarbie).

DOH I’ve previously posted something as being a Freebie but it turns out that The Candy Cotton Hunt prizes are actually 2Lds, when you don’t hear the “kerching” when you spend money in SL and with it being such a small amount I didn’t notice.  Not that 2Lds is a big amount especially when you see the quality of the gifts.


This is Dollies offering for the Cotton Candy hunt.  Hint given, woo hoo, which makes it so easy to find.  Just plain cute.


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Wiggle it (free stuff)


As I was mooching around my new house (I haven’t actually bought it yet but when I get back inworld I’ll be popping back to grab it) not that I’m actually going to live in it but for me personally it will make an excellent prop house and it also feeds my addiction for Tiny Home’s.  So more about that in the next post.

This outfit especially the skirt is a WOW and especially since it’s FREE! I was rummaging in my invent and came across some old outfits I’ve blogged and because they was so decent I decided to pop back and see if there was anything new and loooookie.  A seriously sweet outfit but as much as I like the top it’s the skirt with its sheer underskirt, pleats and little bows it’s adorable.  But hold on because this comes with a HUD and you get a choice of colours!  All for nothing, nowt, nada, brilliant.

I’m also wearing one of Diva’s Free Group Gift hairs.  OK I have to confess I think this one may have been a Lucky Board win because I grabbed so many of Diva GG hairs I forgot which was a GG and which was a LB.  As it happens this one also comes with a long side pony tail but I liked it just like this.  Some of the hairs are limited in colours but some are complete fat packs so plenty of choices.  Special mention to the hidden hair.  You will notice in the area, upstairs, where the GG’s are there is one of those little TP doors if you go through it it takes you to a small room with another GG board and a full fat pack of hair.

And just for fun…


The sink in my,soon to be new home, has some fun AOs in it like this hair washing one with oodles of bubbles.


Snigger the toilet pose even has a drip dry wiggle to it.  I promise more on this home in my next post as it’s pretty unique.

PS when I went back to grab the LM I found a very well stocked Arcade Yardsale on the top floor so I had a good mooch around and then fell through the floor, lol, so decided to pop down to the ground floor to grab the LM for that as well.  Mens mesh GG’s are there to be grabbed but be quick as there are big signs up warning us that Muneria will be moving although the chances are these GG will move as well.

Muneria Group Gifts (Ground Floor)

Muneria Yardsale(top floor)